SHKL has been professional in producing bathroom vanity, shower door and LED bathroom mirror since 2004.

SHKL's dream
Why can I persist in the sanitary ware industry for 18 years? Because I want to create the first brand and superior quality products in the sanitary ware industry, and accompany customers every day, every spring, summer, autumn and winter, every day of happiness, sorrow and joy. SHKL will always accompany customers.
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"I like that SHKL products can accompany customers every day.''
Why should I make bathroom products? Because the first thing we do after we wake up every day is to wash in the bathroom. From the moment we walk into the bathroom is the beginning of the day, it will affect our mood and mental attitude of the day.

I hope that through SHKL's products, everyone, including our employees, our customers and every user, will feel happy and joyful every morning, so as to welcome the daily struggle and a better future.

I hope that after a day of hard work, my customers will come home in the evening and use SHKL products to relieve their fatigue and say "I am good enough" to themselves in the mirror.
''I think SHKL is not only bringing products to society, but also become a century-old company.''
I hope that SHKL employees work with their dreams and serve customers with passion every day, so as to realize our dream
To become the first brand in the sanitary ware industry.
Let global elites gather in SHKL and set a new benchmark for the sanitary ware industry.

The Origin And Culture Of SHKL
In China, there is a very famous story "The Romance of the Three Kingdoms", in which Guan Yu, who combines "loyalty, righteousness, and courage", is my spiritual pillar.
I hope that my company and my brand SHKL can also be like Guan Yu. Treat people upright.
Do not deceive customers, do a good job of products and services heart and soul, and be an enterprise with integrity to customers, employees, partners and society.


I want to help customers do better, help employees continue to grow and shoulder certain responsibilities to customers, employees and society.
I must bravely pursue the dream that both my customers and me agreed with,, and constantly seek innovation on the road of pursuing dreams, not afraid of difficulties, and maintain the original intention.

"S" is the first letter of the Chinese character "" pronunciation SIN, which means heart in English, which means that the enterprise serves attentively and the manufacturers work together to provide consumers with the most intimate products;

"H" is the first letter of the Chinese character "" pronunciation HAI, English means SEA, because the company is engaged in the sanitary ware industry and is related to water. Treat others diligently, and everyone in the company must serve the society and family with a broad mind;
"KL" is the abbreviation of KALAN, which is the pronunciation of the Chinese character "伽蓝". It is Guan Yu's pseudonym. The culture that Guan Yu left to the world is Loyalty, Righteousness, Courage and Responsibility, implying the cultural concept of a humanized brand.
"I hope SHKL can leave a deep impression on you, let SHKL products accompany you, start a beautiful day and eliminate the fatigue and unsatisfactory of the day!"
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Just leave your email or phone number in the contact form so we can send you a free quote for our wide range of designs!
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