SHKL has been a leading manufacturer of bathroom vanity, shower doors, and LED bathroom mirrors since 2004.

LED Bathroom Mirror


SHKL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of LED bathroom mirrors, smart LED mirror frameless LED mirrors, framed LED mirrors, backlit LED mirrors, and LED mirror Cabinet.
SHKL LED Mirror can be used in household, hotel or salon that play the role of illumination, make up or decoration etc.
The common functions are Dimmable, CCT adjusting, Anti-fog, Bluetooth, Magnifying, Touch sensor & Motion sensor switch, Digital Clock, etc.
SHKL has two production lines for lighted mirrors cabinet and LED mirror. Lighted mirrors Cabinet can be made by Aluminum, Iron or wood materials.
LED Mirror has different designs, such as frameless led mirror, framed lighted mirrors and backlit mirror etc.
They are produced in dust-free and constant temperature workshop and has obtained whole mirror CE & ETL certification with IP44 waterproof grade.

SHKL LED Bathroom Mirror Product Series

As a LED mirror manufacturers, we have a full series of lighted mirrors, such as Frameless, Framed and Acrylic series.
Frameless LED mirror without metal framed. A frameless LED mirror is a modern and stylish lighting solution that seamlessly integrates the functionality of a mirror with the energy-efficient illumination of LED lights. These mirrors are designed to provide both practical functionality and aesthetic appeal, making them popular choices for various spaces in homes, offices, hotels, and other settings.
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SHKL's framed LED mirror seamlessly merges the timeless elegance of a framed mirror with the modern functionality of LED lighting. This innovative combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the mirror but also provides efficient and adjustable illumination. Framed LED mirrors are versatile additions to various spaces, offering a perfect blend of classic design and contemporary technology.
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SHKL's acrylic LED mirror similar with frameless LED mirror series, but with acrylice cover around the edge of mirror, LED strip invisible, make the light softer.
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The Basic Knowledge About LED Mirror


What is LED Mirror, the difference between LED mirror and bathroom mirror is that the previous one has an integrated led lights inside, also with the useful functions.

The following will introduce you to several important parts of the led bathroom mirror, there are Functions, Electrical parts, Mirror, Mounted Structure, Installation, Certification and Package.

LED Bathroom Mirror

1. Function

As a led mirror manufacturers, we always pay attention to the changes in the industry, actively respond to customer needs, always at the forefront of the industry, therefore, our bathroom mirrors has the most comprehensive features in the industry. The common functions are Dimmable, CCT adjusting, Touch sensor & Motion sensor switch, Anti-fog, RGBW led lighted, Magnifying, Digital Clock, Bluetooth etc.
CCT & Dimmable Adjusting
An acute sense of touch switch, short touch (1s): dimming from 10% to 100% and cycle. Adjustment temporary CCT & brightness, create a comfortable bathroom atmosphere according to daylight.
LED mirrir Anti Fog
The anti-fog function, it could clean and drying surface of mirror in 15 seconds, you don't need pat dry the mirror yourself. Short-press anti-fog button <1s to turn on the anti-fog, white is ON, blue is OFF.
LED Bathroom Mirror Digital Clock
LCD digital clock display, simple design, 180°High-definition display, not dazzling. To avoid echo, display will refresh in 30mins. SHKL Smart Mirror with a clock, know your needs and your time, give you live rhythm of life.
LED Bathroom Mirror Motion Sensor
Move hand over the sensor<50cm, the light will be turned on/off. We could setting the on the side or front of the mirror just following your require, Let's enjoy the fun from smart led mirror.
LED Bathroom Mirror Magnifying
3X, 5X or 10X magnifying in one mirror, two function for one mirror convenient to use, also magnifying help you see more clearly and easier make-up.
LED Bathroom Mirror Bluetooth System
The multifunction system has: Light on/off+Defogger+Volume adjusting+Date/Time adjusting+Dimming+Bluetooth module(Connect with your mobile phone, play the music, enjoy your music party in bathroom when showering).
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2. Electrical Part & Mirror

About The Electrical Part

led lighting Strip

SHKL used CRI80+ /CRI90+ or higher (if you require) LED lights strip with UL&CE listed for bathroom mirror. High CRI value will restore natural color, help you put on best makeup. Certified LED lights strip ensures more reliable quality.
led lights
LED Driver
About The Electrical Part


We adopt famous brand high quality LED driver with different certifications for different market. For North American, we used UL approval driver also with metal box cover the driver. We have quality assurance product wish you have the best using experience.
LED Driver
About The Mirror

Mirror Advantage

SHKL used environmentally friendly materials for all of bathroom mirror product, without heavy metal primer with good protective effect. Prevent oxidation and rust, improve the mirror definition. SHKL led mirror is composed of 6 layers, they are: 1.Finishing coat, 2.Base coat, 3.Metal palladium layer, 4.Silver coating, 5.Purification layer, 6.Glass.
LED Bathroom Mirror

3. Mounting Structures of LED Mirror

SHKL currently has three mouting types optional. There are screw hole, hooker and aluminum strip hanger.  All structures available horizontal and vertical installation, please feel free to install according your own vanity and bathroom integrated design. These three construction, each has its advantages, but whatever which construction you choice, just ensure the screws or mounted hanger strip fixed on keel of wall, that's important tip for North American market.         
LED Bathroom Mirror Screw hole
As picture display, there are screw holes punching on the back frame, clean and simple design. Hammer screws on the wall and hanging up on it, easy mounted design.
LED Bathroom Mirror Hook
The hook parts fixed on back of mirror. The first hammer screws on the wall as well like above mentioned, and hanging up on screws. The "V" shaped hook design will be easier find local of screws where fixed on wall compare with screw hole construction.
LED Bathroom Mirror Hanger Strip
The aluminum hanger strip will be fitting on back of mirror, the other one mounted hanger strip fixed on wall, then hanging up on it.
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4. other details you need to know

Lighted mirrors is needed to connect the wire to the electricity, especially in the process of home decoration, so please pay special attention to the following issues.
The manufacturers always provide two wiring options, hardwired or plug. Moreover, we also provide customized service, just send us inquire, let us know your project details, we will provide the best solution.
Wiring Optional
The method of connection is depend on hardwired or plug you choose, SHKL offer hardwired or plug, supports to wall switch or plug in directly, please confirm the way you need. Standard wire length out of the backside is 50cm(20 inch), or you have other require please let us know.
LED Bathroom Mirror Accessories
To ensure a smooth installation, hence, we will provide enough install fittings, the normally are 3pcs expansion screw, 3pcs tapping screws(5x50mm) and 2pcs "L" type tapping screws(5x70mm)(we recommend).
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5. About Certification For LED Mirror

Because the bathroom mirror integrated with LED lighting and other electrical functions, it need to be connected to the power, it belong to the electrical products, and a qualified electrical products must approval by electrical certification before sold in the market.

Some led mirror manufacturers trying to reduce cost by using some poor quality and non certified electric components, which has higher risk. 

And SHKL's LED mirror has obtained overall CE & ETL certification for whole lighted mirrors, also with IP44 waterproof grade, all of these electrical parts approval by UL or CE.
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6. About The Packaging Of LED Mirror

To ensure that the mirror is intact and task lighting not break during transportation, SHKL uses honeycomb cardboard to pack the lighted mirrors, which minimize the risk of transportation breakage.
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LED Mirror Customized Manufacturing

As a professional LED mirror manufacturers, we can provide professional customization guidance, also because we have a complete industry chain and a strong R & D team, we can provide customization services about LED bathroom mirrors that are common in the market or special features, helping you to become a first-class bathroom mirrors distributor.

Step 1. Choose Shaped & Dimensions

Confirm the shaped, design and dimension of your vanity mirror. In regards to shaped, there are square, round and other for options. Dimension 600-1500mm (24-60in) or other are available.
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Step 2. Choose Functions You Need

Regarding functionality, we can provide options for features commonly found in the market. The common functions are Dimmable, CCT adjusting, Touch sensor & Motion sensor switch, Anti-fog, RGBW led lighted, Magnifying, Digital Clock, Bluetooth etc. Or if you have other ideas, we would love to build a new lighted mirrors product for you, help you take the lead in the market.
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The Cooperation Process of led mirror

(SHKL Service Process)

As a professional led mirror manufacturersIn order to service our customer well, In order to service our customer well, we have a completed service system and process. A completed service process can help customer save a lot of time. All of cooperated customers are satisfy to our service and have a long term and stable cooperation relationship. 
1. Demand Communication
Provide us with your exact requirements.
2. Solution Provide
SHKL provides different solutions and quotation.
3. Confirmed
Agree with one proposal and sign a sample Invoice.
4. Sample Production
Frameless series (7-10 days)
Framed series (15 days).
5. Sample Confirm
Approval the quality of the sample.

6. Sign A Contract
Transfer deposit.

7. Order Production
Proceed production ( 35 days for frameless mirror and 45 days for framed mirror ).

8. Provide Promotion Materials
SHKL designer provide product 3D rending picture , video, etc. to customer.
9. Order Inspection
Excute 100% inspection.

10. Packaging & Storage
Package your goods and keep them in our large warehouse waiting for shipment.

11. Balance Payment & Delivery
Arrange the loading after received balance payment.

12. Guidance Service
Provide product installation and maintain guidance.

The Company Introduction,

Give You A Clear Understanding For SHKL

About Us

SHKL was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. With 4 production bases total 150,000M2 workshops and over 900 workers. It takes bathroom vanity, led bathroom mirror and shower door as its flagship and drives the development of related industries, including faucets, showers, toilet etc., forming a diversified industrial pattern. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing. Our products export to more 50 countries, with more than 1,000 exclusive shops worldwide.

SHKL is the leading enterprise in sanitary ware industry. It’s our goal to bring innovative designs and quality products to our valued customers. After almost 20 years of hard working and persistence, we leads the industry in quality, fashion and styling, extravagates with outstanding customer service care, has the exceptional experience and rigorous quality standards to ensure the end products to exceed your expectation.


Production Bases



900 +


1000 +

Exclusive Shops

SHKL LED Mirror Production Base

We have a high degree of manufacturing depth, short lead time and flexibility in every sense. We have more experience and hardware than other led mirror manufacturers. If you have a new idea that you want to bring to reality or an existing design that needs improvement, we look forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you.
LED Bathroom Mirror Dust-free Workshop
We have four led mirror production workshops, all of which are dust-free, all workers must strictly comply with the system of dust-free workshop production operations.
LED Bathroom Mirror Dust-free Workshop
We have four production workshops, with excellent task lighting and clean working environment, with such an excellent production environment, please feel free to leave your orders to us.
led mirror Burn-in Test
Our led mirror products have strict quality control gatekeepers, all lights must be tested for 24-48 hours aging before packaging.
LED Bathroom Mirror Assembly Line
We have more than 10 production lines, each position is professionally trained to work, and each worker has more than 2 years of experience.
LED Bathroom Mirror Cutting
We have our own bathroom mirror manufacturing workshop, from cutting to polishing, all done in our own factory, from the supply chain, to reduce the cost, to provide you with more competitive prices.
LED Bathroom Mirror Edge Grinding
Edge grinding workshop. We will treat the sharp edges all of the bathroom mirror before it can be transferred to the next process.
LED Bathroom Mirror Laser Printing
We have laser production equipment, can print any logo on the led mirror, help your products more impact.
LED Bathroom Mirror Warehouse
With our large enough warehouse and flexible production capacity, you don't need to worry about your inventory.
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Professional Service Team

Continuous product innovation & product quality are very important, but so is service. Our service team is consisted of designer team, marketing team, sales team, corporate business school & aftersales team. They always adhere to the company core values of gratitude, integrity, pragmatism and innovation to serve customers. They use their own professional to bring convenience and value for the customer, help them solve any problems.


After your understanding of us as above, if you want to cooperate with us, perhaps you will have the following questions.
What specification of SHKL led mirror? And advantage?
Thickness of led mirror: 5mm, 4mm, 3mm

Shape of led mirror: Rectangular shape, round shape, oval shape, Square shape or Irregular shape.

Type of mirror: Copper free mirror, silver mirror

Which brand of LED chip we use for SHKL mirror led light?
Our LED chip is Epistar, if you have another request, please let us know.
What CRI (color rendering index) of SHKL led mirror?
Normally, we provide 80RA, 90RA or higher, please contact our sales.
What is the lumen of SHKL mirror led light?
5050: 9W, 60pcs/M = 850LM

2835: 9W, 60pcs/M = 800LM

2835: 16W, 120pcs/M = 1350LM

What is regular color temperature of SHKL mirror led light?
2700K, 4000K, 6000K, we also made CCT adjusting from 2700K to 6000K.
What is the voltage of SHKL led mirror?
Difference country difference voltage standard. Europe: 220V-240V, North American:120V
Can customize color of framed of lighted mirrors?
Yes, we can customize the color you need. Please send us color sample, and we might charge the extra cost.
What certificate of led mirror does SHKL obtained?
What is MOQ of SHKL lighted mirrors?
MOQ>10pcs for each item, MOQ>50pcs for whole order.
In regard to printing of package of lighted mirrors, what is the MOQ for black & white color only? And how about more than two color?
In regard to printing of package of lighted mirrors, because of difference size and complexity of print for each case, please contact our sales to know more.
What is the lead time for lighted mirrors?
Frameless: sample order and order quantity less than 10pcs, lead time = 25 days

Framed: sample order and order quantity less than 10pcs, lead time = 35 days

If order quantity up to 40’ container, lead time = 45-50 days

How long is SHKL lighted mirrors warranty?
Two years

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