SHKL has been professional in producing bathroom vanity, shower door and LED bathroom mirror since 2004.

SHKL History

2022 is an important year for SHKL
 Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out!
☆  SHKL 18th Anniversary
☆  Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening
In May, SHKL attended in KBS in Shanghai and showed many new designs and our core technology safety laminated glass for shower door industry, it leading the industry trend.
☆  Shanghai / KBS
In a tough market environment, SHKL undertook its social responsibility and achieved growth against the trend. In the face of the severe pandemic and trade war between China and United States, SHKL constantly improved itself and achieved good results, re-planed the company's development strategy for a better future. At the same time SHKL was awarded “Environmental management system certification”, “2020 China top 10 sanitary household brand consumer trust title”; Product topped “2020 China red design”.
☆ “Environmental management system certification”
 “2020 China top 10 sanitary household brand consumer trust title”
 Product topped “2020 China red design”
SHKL attended the KBIS exhibition again and won the best booth award, its brand influence has been established. SHKL developed more than 800 exclusive shops in the world.
☆  KBIS  / 800 Exclusive Shops
In January SHKL participated in KBIS in Orlando, FL, USA In February, SHKL started the production of LED bathroom mirror. And adopted France TopSolid smart production equipment realized full automatic production. SHKL brand was constantly improving, promote and lead peers to achieve integrated bathroom customization. The chairman and the brand were recognised accordingly. SHKL chairman was awarded "the backbone of Chinese sanitary ware for 30 years" award, and SHKL brand was honored "Guangdong Famous Brand ", "National High-tech Enterprise" and other honorary titles.
☆  KBIS / Orlando, FL, USA
☆  "Guangdong Famous Brand"
☆  "National High-tech Enterprise"
In January SHKL participated in KBIS in Orlando, FL, USA. In April, SHKL participated in ISH, Frankfurt. SHKL received the title of ''High-tech Enterprise'' and won the honor of “Guangdong Top Brand”. And the 8th branch company was found.
☆  KBIS / Orlando, FL, USA 
☆  ISH, Frankfurt
☆  ''High-tech Enterprise''
☆  “Guangdong Top Brand”

In 2016, SHKL practiced in DUBAI BIG 5 Exhibition again, it’s influence was significantly expanded in the Middle East countries.
☆  BIG 5 / DUBAI
SHKL signed with Mr. Aref Fourat, a famous Swiss designer, setted up European R&D center, and continuely expanded the scale of factory. SHKL purchased 100,000 square meters of commercial land to build workshops in Qingyuan, Concentrate on the production of plywood bathroom vanities and LED mirrors. At the same year, SHKL won the honor of Top Ten Shower Door Brands of China. In the same month, SHKL attend Dubai BIG 5 exhibition and 117th Canton Fair.
 Uropean R&D center
 117th Canton FairGuangzhou, China
☆  BIG 5 / DUBAI
☆  Top Ten Shower Door Brands

In Oct. SHKL participated in the 116th Canton Fair. Meanwhile, SHKL was officially listed in the Guangdong Financial High-tech Zone Equity Exchange Center.
☆  116th Canton Fair / Guangzhou, China
In 2013, the shareholding system reformed, production and sales were separated and multi-company strategy was carried out, total 5 branch companies.
☆  Total 5 branch companies
In October , SHKL was elected as the president unit of Foshan Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturer Alliance. At the end of the year, it was awarded the title of Top 20 Brand Enterprises in China's Sanitary Ware Industry. SHKL attended KBS in shanghai again and showed our one stop bathroom solution and won visitor's favor.

☆  KBS / Shanghai, China
☆  the president unit of Foshan Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturer 
☆  Top 20 Brand Enterprises in China's Sanitary Ware Industry
SHKL established "SHKL Business School", "SHKL Mutual Aid Foundation", launched "ERP management" to promote staff growth, customer service was comprehensively upgraded. SHKL was awarded "China Top 10 Sanitary Ware Brands", "Top Ten Bathroom Cabinet Brands", "The Most Innovative Household Brand", "Foshan City Integrity Enterprise" and "Chinese Sanitary Ware Industry 20 years Outstanding Branded Enterprises" ,etc.
 "SHKL Business School"
 "SHKL Mutual Aid Foundation"
☆  "China Top 10 Sanitary Ware Brands"
☆  "Top Ten Bathroom Cabinet Brands"
☆  "The Most Innovative Household Brand"
☆  "Foshan City Integrity Enterprise"
☆  "Chinese Sanitary Ware Industry 20 years Outstanding Branded Enterprises"
In July 2010, SHKL entered into E-commerce era. And won the honorary title of "China's top 10 bathroom cabinet brands" for two years
 ☆  "China's top 10 bathroom cabinet brands"
In March, SHKL attended ISH in Frankfurt. In May, SHKL and ACOE attended KBS in Shanghai. In September, the representative of SHKL went to Guizhou poverty-stricken mountainous areas to support the public welfare activities of education.
 ISH / Frankfurt
 KBS / Shanghai, China
 Public welfare activities of education
SHKL participated in Dubai BIG 5 Exhibition and the second brand ACOE was founded.
☆  BIG 5 / DUBAI
 ACOE was established
SHKL expanded its production capacity and establish the production line of shower door. SHKL moved to new factory, which covers an area of more than 40,000 sqm with more than 500 employees. This year SHKL was honored as No.1 Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Brand in China.
☆  New factory more than 40,000㎡
☆  No.1 Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Brand in China
SHKL attended KBS in Shanghai. SHKL brand was famous nationwide. In the same year, SHKL was approved ISO9001-2000 certification and started cooperation with overseas agents.
☆  KBS / Shanghai, China
SHKL start customization production mode, realize the two-way development of standard products and customization, the upgrade of service that let SHKL became the leader in the bathroom cabinets industry.
☆  Customized production model
May 24, 2004 SHKL was founded and aim to create the NO.1 solid wood vanity brand in China. SHKL was the first company who produced solid wood bathroom cabinets in China.
☆  Established in 2004

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