SHKL has been a leading manufacturer of bathroom vanity, shower doors, and LED bathroom mirrors since 2004.

Strategic Cooperative Real Estate Project (bathroom vanity set, shower doors, Led bathroom mirror).
Estate Project
The Long-term Partner Real Estate Project
Location: China   QTY: More than 10,000sets/year   Type: Real Estate
1.5Million USD/Year
SHKL has many Real Estate long-term partners, there is 3-5 engineering projects per year. Products include: bathroom vanity set, shower doors, Led bathroom mirror and other wooden furniture.
We provide jobsite measurement, 3D design solutions, material recommedation,cost estimate, production, logistic service and jobsite installation.
Our strong design capabilities, intelligent production systems, mechanized production lines, product quality assurance and intimate after-sales service are important reasons why customers choose us. 
Strong design ability 
As leaders in the sanitary ware industry, we are always observing the changing world around us, looking for artistic inspiration in time and space, and creating new life concepts in the passing of time. Seeking innovation and change are the essence of SHKL. We endow products with original cultural connotations and style characteristics through ingenious designs. In continuous communication and thinking, we strive to use colors and material beauty to match a comfortable home. Demand, in repeated scrutiny and consideration, we have injected the vitality of the brand into every cell of the product, creating a vibrant lifestyle and a desirable bathroom space experience. 

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Intelligent design system
To become a long-term partner of well-known real estate developers, and to provide stable supply of products for their projects every year, high-efficiency production capacity is essential. SHKL intelligent production system emerges spontaneously, they include: KUJIALE space design system; TOPSOLID intelligent production system; ERP management system.
The biggest feature of the whole system is to ensure high production efficiency.

The production process of regular products:
1. We directly send product BOM data and production instructions to TOPSOLID intelligent production system.
2. TOPSOLID decomposes the BOM data and produces barcodes for each part of the product.
3. Each production process through scanning code to complete fully automation production.
4. Parts assembly.
To customize the product, you only need to use the KUJIALE space design system to complete the design before step 1, and get the product's BOM information.
bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity
High-quality supplier (higher cost performance)
For the mechanized production line, we have many advanced production equipment.
The raw materials of bathroom cabinets, from cutting, sealing and arranging holes, are all done by machinery.

bathroom vanity
CNC cutting machine maximizes the cutting accuracy, thus avoiding the inaccuracy of manual cutting, ensuring the good rate of products, and the structure is stronger and more durable. SHKL's cutting machine can cut 3-5 sheets at a time. The production efficiency is greatly improved. There is almost no sawdust splashing, and the working environment of workers is also greatly improved.
Edge banding:
SHKL adopts mechanized edge banding, which greatly increases the banding speed to 20 meters per minute. If calculated according to 50 cm per board, SHKL's edge banding machine can complete the edge banding of 100 boards in 1 minute.
bathroom vanity
bathroom vanity
Drilling holes:
These holes are used for later installation of screws to fix the board or adjust the height of the laminate by screws; it can also be used to combine different boards. SHKL even uses machines to complete the screw holes in order to make the holes more precise and make the products presented to customers more perfect.
Cutting, edge banding, and drilling are the three most basic processes in the bathroom cabinet production process. The use of mechanized production equipment greatly shortens the production cycle of the product. At present, it only takes 15 days to complete the manufacture of lacquer-free bathroom cabinets.
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Quality adhering is our DREAM
As almost 20 years brand of sanitary ware, the credibility is means SHKL must provide zero defective product, even though the highest standard materials, we sitll follow strict test flow to do the selection.

Adhering the concepts that inside quality equals outside, all process strictly control, from cutting, assembly and lacquer to finished product and packaging. We have QC did full inspection across each process to ensure the best quality control.

For us, these products we made is not only going to delivery to your house, but also our DREAM of quality adhering. 
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Intimate service
If our core advantages and products are the magic weapon to attract customers, then considerate service is the key to long-term cooperation between customers and us.

In addition to professional technical support services and 24 hour online services, we can also provide on-site service, installation supervision, and on-site installation guidance services after the project is completed and accepted.

Our professional sales team will also keep in touch with you and keep an eye on your order status. 

bathroom vanity

3D Rendering

bathroom vanity
Finshed plan
bathroom vanity
3D Rendering
bathroom vanity
Finshed plan
bathroom vanity
3D Rendering & Finshed plan
bathroom vanity
3D Rendering & Finshed plan
bathroom vanity
3D Rendering & Finshed plan
bathroom vanity
3D Rendering & Finshed plan
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Customized Service
1.Demand discussion
Customer Provides & discusses demand details with us
2.Engineering drawings & 3D Rending
SHKL provide engineering drawings & 3D rendering bathroom space picture with all products
Customer confirms and arranges deposit
SHKL arrange mass production and delivery
5.Installation guidance
SHKL provide installation and maintenance guidance
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