SHKL has been professional in producing bathroom vanity, shower door and LED bathroom mirror since 2004.

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There is a mature system from research and development to market launch. Design comes from life, and quality approved by details. Our core values encourage us to innovate continuously, and we promise to provide solutions that adapt to the market and have competitive prices with professional and efficient services to continuously meet customer needs.

20 Years Old - Heart Surging | SHKL Sanitary Ware 20th Anniversary Celebration and 2024 SHKL National Dealers Summit Successfully Concluded
2024 06 04
Discover the secrets to lasting beauty in your bathroom! Explore water-resistant features for durable, stylish vanities. Click for expert insights!
2024 05 28
Discover unique bathroom vanity ideas that blend creativity and functionality! From floating designs to repurposed treasures, transform your space with these inspiring concepts.
2024 05 22
Discover SHKL’s highlights from the 2024 Canton Fair! Explore our elegant bathroom vanities, innovative designs, and the perfect blend of style and functionality.
2024 05 17
Discover the perfect bathroom vanity supplier! Local charm vs. global allure—pros, cons, and expert tips for smarter sourcing decisions. Dive in now!
2024 05 15
Discover the secrets to choosing the best bathroom vanity suppliers! From quality to customer satisfaction, unlock the key to your dream bathroom makeover.
2024 05 07
Discover the secret to stunning bathroom vanities! Explore how manufacturers prioritize client needs, offer customization, and build trust. Click to read more!
2024 05 06
Discover how technology is revolutionizing bathroom vanity manufacturing, from automated systems to smart features and sustainable materials. Embrace the future of design!
2024 04 25
Unlock the magic of personalized LED mirrors! Explore design trends, collaboration benefits, and branding strategies for a luminous space makeover.
2024 04 24
Unlock precision beauty secrets with magnifying LED mirrors! Discover expert tips, real-life testimonials, and debunked myths for flawless grooming and makeup. Click to level up your beauty game!
2024 04 17
Discover the secrets to safely installing LED mirrors in wet areas! Explore tips, guidelines, and product recommendations for a stylish and secure bathroom experience.
2024 04 12
Discover expert strategies for conquering bathroom vanity shipping challenges! From protective packaging to tech solutions, sail towards logistics success!
2024 04 08
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