SHKL has been professional in producing bathroom vanity, shower door and LED bathroom mirror since 2004.

Sliding Shower Door


Sliding shower door is one of the more popular shower doors, it is different from the traditional shower door, open and close the door does not take up extra space, smooth and easy to access, it can make full use of bathroom space, convenient and comfortable to use; it is subjected to reasonable structural design, smooth and bright lines and other advantages and has attracted the favor of many home improvement consumers. As professional shower door manufacturer, SHKL always committed to providing the best shower door to worldwide customers, if you looking for wholesale shower door, we are the best choice of shower door company.
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Silding Shower doors customization

If you are a bathroom designer, building contractor, or wholesaler looking for a professional shower doors manufacturer to build a custom shower doors for you, you have come to the right place!

1. Choose Shower Shape

Confirm the door shape depend on your design, project or order requirements.
Select the frame type to start the first step of customization!
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2. choose Door Styles

We offers frameless shower doors, semi frameless shower doors and framed shower doors.
Now, you have selected the frame style, please continue to the next step.
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3. The Roller Of Shower Doors

The feeling of sliding shower doors use is mostly from the roller. A high-quality rollers, in addition to extension lifetime of shower door, but also provide a smooth sense of pushing and pulling, thus improving the product level. There are currently big size rollers and small size rollers on the market, please choose according to your customized needs.
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4. Materials & Finish

The common materials currently used for shower doors are Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Coppier (including profiles and hardware)
About finish are Chrome, Sand finish, Brushed nickel, Hairline finish, Electroplated black, Matt black, Polished silver, Polished stainless steel, Smoke gray (including profiles and hardware finishes)
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5. Choose Glass

SHKL as a professional shower doors manufacturer is offer various glass styles to customers. 
Also, laminated glass shower doors techology is SHKL's patent, we are the only shower doors manufacturer in the industry who masters the production technology of laminated glass (bulletproof glass). It completely solves the problem of shower room explosion during usage. 
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The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation


SHKL was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. With 4 production bases total 150,000M2 workshops and over 900 workers. It takes bathroom vanity, led bathroom mirror and shower doors as its flagship and drives the development of related industries, including faucets, showers, toilet etc., forming a diversified industrial pattern. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing. Our products export to more 50 countries, with more than 1,000 exclusive shops worldwide.

SHKL is the leading enterprise in sanitary ware industry. It’s our goal to bring innovative designs and quality products to our valued customers. After almost 20 years of hard working and persistence, we leads the industry in quality, fashion and styling, extravagates with outstanding customer service care, has the exceptional experience and rigorous quality standards to ensure the end products to exceed your expectation.

With 20 years of experience
We have a more than 900 workers
More than 1,000 exclusive shops worldwide
Factory 150,000 square meters
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SHKL Sliding Shower Door Manufacturer

Our Cases - what we finished

So far we have cooperated with 200 companies from industries. Although they differ from industry and country, they choose to work with us for the same reasonwe offer high-quality products and service at more competitive prices.
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Frequently Asked Questions for Shower Doors

Read these questions to get more information about the products and the industry and thus get inspiration for your project.
How many type of glass thickness?
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.

10mm and 12mm glass thickness are common size.

Does glass door safety?
Even use the high-quality original glass, with strict tempering processing, but tempered glass still has risk of explosion. According to statistics, the probability of tempered glass explosion is 0.3%.

In order to reduce the injury of tempered glass explosion to people, the current most optimal solution is laminated glass material. Laminated shower glass door is SHKL's patent

Framed vs. semi frameless and frameless shower doors.

Pros: More stability, easier to install, variety frame design option, more cost-effective, no leakage.

Cons: Limited range of motion, harder to maintain, an outdated design.

Semi frameless:

Pros: Modern design and unlimited possibilities, catering to market needs that need a half framed and frameless.

Cons: More chances for leaks.


Pros: Simple, modern and generous, with a strong sense of design, easy to clean and a greater feeling of space.

Cons: More chances for leaks too.

Big roller vs. small roller, which is better?
Actually, there is no such saying as which is better. Good or bad is depend on design, materials and cost of roller.
Hinged vs. sliding shower doors, which one is best glass door for you?

Pros: Easy to clean and maintain, larger opening and more safety.

Cons: Not suitable for small bathroom space, water probably spill out.


Pros: Good solution for small bathroom space, save space, high practicality.

Cons: Hard to clean tracks, limited entry space.

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