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Frameless Shower Door


Frameless shower door design is contracted, less metal parts, easy to clear maintain and long lifetime. Although the price higher than framed shower door, but frameless shower door make the bathroom space brighter after installation, the savior of the smaller bathrooms. Therefore, frameless shower door with many advantages, it has slowly become pupolar choice for bathtub doors and shower screen, also bacame first choice for home improvement. As leading of shower door manufacturer, SHKL always committed to offers the best shower door to worldwide customers, welcome to inquire for the latest price, we are the best choice of shower door company.
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Why Choose SHKL Frameless Shower Doors

Our mission is to be the premier shower doors manufacturer by providing best-in-class customer service and superior asset quality/value. We will provide a competitive advantage to our partners and a superior value to our customers.

1. We selected premium Sheet Glass

The quality of the sheet glass is affected by the refining equipment, technology and process of the sheet glass factory. Poor quality sheet glass often vapor bubbles, pinholes, black spots, white spots and foggy (poor permeability), etc. The poor quality sheet glass will increase the risk of glass explosion. SHKL frameless shower doors selected XYG's sheet glass, it special grade, usually for optical instruments. The high quality sheet glass has a great guarantee for the subsequent tempering processing, as well as the quality of the finished product.
Tempered glass

2. Our Tempered Processing Is Leading Of The Industry

The best tempering temperature of the shower glass is 695 ℃, which requires the tempering furnace to have a strong temperature control. All of SHKL shower door tempering by advanced Swiss tempering furnace, to ensure accurate temperature control, uniform tempering coefficient, safety, strength and other indicators to reach the top level of the industry.
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3. Rich Glass Optional

After 20 years of development, SHKL has become a leading company in the shower door industry, offering various of shower glass types to customers worldwide.
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Rich Experience In Market

The Technology Of

Laminated Glass Shower door Is Our Patent

Furthermore, in order to solve the pain point of the industry, the tempered glass self-explosion, SHKL even made laminated glass shower door, the perfect solution to the problem of tempered glass spontaneous explosion to cause harm to people. (Tempered glass self-explosion index is 0.3%)
Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which one or more layers of organic polymer EVA are sandwiched between two or more pieces of tempered glass after special high-temperature process, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together. It is with high impact strength and safer than normal tempered glass.

Even if one of the glasses explodes spontaneously, the debris will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents, and ensures personal safety.
Laminated Glass

4. Top Quality Materials For Hardware

In regard to materials of hardware, we can offer copper, stainless steel and aluminum.
Our frameless shower doors selected #62 copper, #62 copper is one of the copper alloy, #62 is the mark, the higher mark is the higher copper content, but more expensive. Hardware is important parts and necessary  use #62 copper or higher copper content. Also, plating is another factor that affects the quality of copper parts. All plating parts (including plastic parts) of SHKL frameless shower doors must ensure seven layers of plating. Also, SHKL's plated parts pass the acidic salt spray test (24 hours) (above the international standard), its surface will not black spots, blistering, delamination and other undesirable phenomena.
stainless steel
Stainless Steel
All of our frameless shower doors are selected 304 stainless steel, corrosion resistance and strength are better than other manufacturers which selected 201/202 stainless steel.
aluminum profile
SHKL shower door is made of high quality aluminum ingots, and through 2000 ℃ processing add 5% of titanium, copper, magnesium, silicon, sodium and other elements to smelting, and softened at 1000 °C, extrusion by self mould in finally, the hardness around level 13-14, moderately hard and tough. The tensile strength, bend strength, extend rate and other important rating are better than national standard.

5. Reliable Adhesive Strip

There are two main materials of adhesive strip used in SHKL shower doors.
Hard rubber part using international high-quality PVC raw materials, its high hardness, clamping glass strength is greater, not easy to fall off, and aging resistance is far better than normal PVC materials.
Soft rubber part of EVA polymer material, the EVA is non-toxic environmental protection, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, usually used for refrigerators, and the sealing of autoclaves.
After high and low temperature extreme test, SHKL shower doors adhesive strip guarantee 10 years service life.
Our shower doors not only using transparent adhesive strip, but also gold and silver.
shower door adhesive strip

6. Durable Base

shower door base
SHKL use the best stone base in the frameless shower door industry.
1. Strong and fall-resistant - will not break even if thrown from several metres high.
2. Richer color - Pure white, black and other regular colors are all after polished and more glossiness. Furthermore, we added variety of patterns such as rosin yellow and Cang Shan ink.
3. Processing: marble powder, resin and rubber as raw materials, after extrusion, baking, spraying, polishing and other processes, it doesn't break easily and fade.


SHKL was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. With 4 production bases total 150,000M2 workshops and over 900 workers. It takes bathroom vanity, led bathroom mirror and shower doors as its flagship and drives the development of related industries, including faucets, showers, toilet etc., forming a diversified industrial pattern. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing. Our products export to more 50 countries, with more than 1,000 exclusive shops worldwide.

SHKL is the leading enterprise in sanitary ware industry. It’s our goal to bring innovative designs and quality products to our valued customers. After almost 20 years of hard working and persistence, we leads the industry in quality, fashion and styling, extravagates with outstanding customer service care, has the exceptional experience and rigorous quality standards to ensure the end products to exceed your expectation. If you are looking for frameless shower doors, SHKL is the best choice for you.

With 20 years of experience
We have a more than 900 workers
More than 1,000 exclusive shops worldwide
Factory 150,000 square meters
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shkl shower door supplier

Our Cases - what we finished

So far SHKL have cooperated with 200 companies from industries . Although they differ from industry and country, they choose to work with us for the same reasonwe offer high-quality frameless shower doors and service at more competitive prices.
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FAQs For Frameless Shower Doors

Read these questions to get more information about the products and the industry and thus get inspiration for your project.
Framed vs. semi frameless and frameless shower doors.

Pros: More stability, easier to install, variety frame design option, more cost-effective, no leakage.

Cons: Limited range of motion, harder to maintain, an outdated design.

Semi frameless:

Pros: Modern design and unlimited possibilities, catering to market needs that need a half framed and frameless.

Cons: More chances for leaks.


Pros: Simple, modern and generous, with a strong sense of design, easy to clean and a greater feeling of space.

Cons: More chances for leaks too.

Does frameless shower doors more expensive than other type of shower doors?
Indeed, frameless shower doors is more expensive than other type such as framed and semi frameless shower doors.

But, the size of glass door is the factor too, the popular size is 60 inch on the market.

How to maintenance for frameless shower door?
Frameless doors is easy to maintain, it not like other glass door with other accessory easy to soak water, and they needs to maintain too. You just need to keep frameless door clean.
How long does it take to complete an order of frameless shower door?
Sample: 10 days.

Regular order.

Does SHKL provide customize service of frameless shower door?

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