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Bathroom Solution

Bathroom is a room for people to take a bath, according to the needs of different people, there can be different designs. If equipped with the right bathroom furniture and bathroom equipment, it can make the whole bathroom space more beautiful and practical.
why choose SHKL bathroom solution service
SHKL one stop bathroom solution is a complete service system, we provide not only the product design but also bathroom decoration design. You can enjoy the bathroom one stop purchasing and customize service from SHKL. 

                    <span style="text-align: left; background-color: rgb(13, 13, 13,0.1);">One Stop Bathroom Purchasing</span>
You can buy not only SHKL own products but also outsource relative bathroom products with competitive price in SHKL

                                                                                <span style="text-align: left; background-color: rgb(13, 13, 13,0.1);">More Convenient For You</span>
You can save the time of evaluate different factories and no need to adapt to the different working style of different factories, and better control the quality and supplier management

                                                            <span style="text-align: left; background-color: rgb(13, 13, 13,0.1);">High Efficiency High Quality</span>
SHKL’s intelligent production and systematic management can ensure you the delivery time and products quality
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You can get considerate service include design, drawing, 3D rending, production, delivery, guidance etc. in SHKL
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One Stop Bathroom Solution - celebrity design
Bathroom Solution - Reflect
The overall color scheme is light gray as the basic color, and the recent non-white haze creates a comfortable and quiet space experience.
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The considerate service Process
Over the years, we have worked with clients in many countries around the world, constantly improving our processes in order to make our services more enjoyable for our clients.
1. Provide your bathroom plan drawing and product demands.

2. Designer builds the bathroom space by SHKL system KUJIALE according to your plane drawing.

3. Show all products on the bathroom space and export HR 3D rendering for checking and confirmation.
4. Transfer SHKL own product data from KUJIALE design system to SHKL TOPSOLID intelligent production system.
5. SHKL TOPSOLID system split BOM and issued production instruction according to the design solution.
6. Form QR code by SHKL production machine according to the TOPSOLID production instruction.

7. Each production process through scanning code to complete fully automation production.

8. QC team checking all products strictly under quality standards.

9. Arrange strong packaging for the qualify products.

10. Combine with ERP digital warehouse management, so that all of our storage in and out of warehouses are orderly.
11. Loading according customer instruction.

12. Provide installation and product maintenance guidance.

Our all order management and production process is under control by SHKL ERP management system.

SHKL is the only one company that get through the above systems and realize intelligent production and provide complete one stop bathroom solution.

Our smart systems, technology and service can help you have a good purchasing journey that you no need to worry the design, quality, delivery time, after-sales service etc. 
To provide better bathroom solution services, we are constantly upgrading and optimizing our hardware systems in order to provide better bathroom solution services. So far, we have design system, production system and order management system respectively. Because of our complete production system, our customers are willing to cooperate with us for a long time.

                    KUJIALE DESIGN SYSTEM
SHKL KUJIALE design system not only can provide you product design but also bathroom space design, you can have a good way to attract your clients to buy the products and It's good for project bidding

SHKL TOPSOLID intelligent production system can ensure the quality of products and improve productivity, it can let you have stable quality products and market opportunity

                    ERP MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
SHKL ERP management system can manage order effectively and reduce any trouble caused by improper operation. Each product has a unique ID, effective source tracking in case of quality complains
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one stop bathroom solution cases
- what we finished
We finished many cases, whether small bathroom and tiny bathroom, small space or larger space, please feel free to leave your new bath project to us, we are fully confident to complete the mission!
3D Rendering
Finshed plan

3D Rendering
Finshed plan
Finshed plan

3D Rendering
Finshed plan

3D Rendering
Finshed plan
Finshed plan

3D Rendering
Finshed plan

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