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One Stop Bathroom Solution Project 
One Stop Bathroom Solution Project
Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets Project 
Location: Canada   QTY: 310 sets   Type: Hotel Project 
SHKL one stop bathroom solution, include floor plan analysis, selection and 3D rendering, it's one-stop service, you just only send us draft and tell us your idea, we will follow the rest. 
Drawings analysis
This was a customized order for the whole bathroom.An overall design was made according to the customer's floor plan. The size of the space affects the size of the selected product; the structure of the apartment type determines the placement and installation of the product. But these problems can be easily solved by SHKL. We have skillful customized design team with more than 10 years of experience who can provide a variety of solutions.

From design to product selection, to 3D effect presentation, all were completed by SHKL professional design team. In order to ensure the good quality , we have a set of intelligent systems and a relatively complete process. To know about details of SHKL one stop bathroom solution , please check page SHKL solution
Item selection
In addition, customers requested the bathroom cabinets was modern design; materials should be environmentally friendly and durable;  After taken these factors into consideration, we recommened several regular models that meet the requirements. The choices were: KL810751, KL810753, KL810754, KL810756. The materials of these products were Moisture-proof particle board with melamine finish, which were economical and environmentally friendly, waterproof and durable; What's more, wall mounted cabinets will not hide dirt and are easier to clean; the most important thing is that these collections have various sizes to fit different suites to ensure the uniformity of the design of the whole project.

Finally customer choose KL810754.
bathroom cabinets
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3D Rendering 
After selecting the product, the next step is to do the rendering We use Kujiale design software to complete the entire design.

Design Concept:

The narrow and long space is reasonably designed with functional partitions, and each functional area is laid out on both sides, so that it is not crowded.

The product is simple but not out of style, unique design, without dazzling color modification, but has a noble temperament, which makes you shine and is deeply attracted by it. Elegant design, taste construction, deepen home art while sublimating the mood of life
bathroom cabinets
bathroom cabinets
bathroom cabinets
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Quality adhering is our DREAM
As almost 20 years brand of sanitary ware, the credibility is means SHKL must provide zero defective product, even though the highest standard materials, we sitll follow strict test flow to do the selection.

Adhering the concepts that inside quality equals outside, all process strictly control, from cutting, assembly and lacquer to finished product and packaging. We have QC did full inspection across each process to ensure the best quality control.

For us, these products we made is not only going to delivery to your house, but also our DREAM of quality adhering. 

Product becomes a reality 
We made safty package as always and delivery the products to our customer on time. They installed the bathroom vanity smoothly as per our intallation manual.
Of course, SHKL team is keep ongoing support, waiting for customer next project. 
bathroom cabinets

3D Rendering

bathroom cabinets
Finshed plan
Customized Service
1.Demand discussion
Customer Provides & discusses demand details with us
2.Engineering drawings & 3D Rending
SHKL provide engineering drawings & 3D rendering bathroom space picture with all products
Customer confirms and arranges deposit
SHKL arrange mass production and delivery
5.Installation guidance
SHKL provide installation and maintenance guidance
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