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Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity 5 Star Hotel Project At Israel
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity 5 Star Hotel Project
Tenon and Carving Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity Project
Location: Israel   QTY: 106 sets   Type: Estate Project
This case introduced how tenon and carving technology use for solid wood bathroom vanity, that is not only Tenon construction and Carved crafts introduce, but also the craft and culture resonance and inherit between SHKL and customer.
The Tenon is Wisdom of the Ancients, SHKL Tenon Crafts
SHKL exactly know Tenon is a soul of China solid wood bathroom vanity, between a tenon and a base, a turn a fold, are condense the essence of thousands of years of Chinese traditional furniture culture. Because of national complex in the deep heart, SHKL keep insisting that use this kind of Tenon construction for new China style bathroom vanity and keep inheriting. Of course, the craft inheritance determination is strengthened again because of customer with same faith.

In order to presented the best Tenon craft, SHKL's craftsman is accurate measurement in the process, ensure each parts assembly without the slightest error. The strong history traditional craft arts use for explain product, invariably reflect Tenon construction is durable、long life and craft value. Tenon construction perfect assembly without gap, it's a great wisdom implication of the ancients.

The whole design of Tenon connection is without single screw, concave and convex combination make each parts fastness assembly, create a clever and high resilience frame, make whole match natural and seamless.

Tenon is crystallization of manufacture of China furniture, SHKL has responsibility and proud of inherits this craft, satisfy customer's traditional craft needs, let us keep insisting these kinds of craft wisdom.
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity
Carving Crafts, Create Romantic Artistic Conception for Vanity. 
SHKL is intention to create traditional carving crafts, make this carving crafts work in bathroom vanity design, the carving where cabinet are consciousness of craftsman, the full of vitality carving design is create scenery line on cabinet. Exquisitely crafted handcraft, the texture is clear and the pattern is vivid, paint evenly and shiny, there are essence of traditional craft.

SHKL make carving being an art with faith of the craftsman. These products of this case we made are not only going to deliver to our customer, but also stand for culture and faith transfer.
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There are total 20 steps production process for solid wood bathroom vanity, these steps can be classified into three types, there are wood working process, coating process and assembly. 
Solid Wood
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The Craft And Culture, Resonance And Inherit  
These Tenon Carving solid wood bathroom vanity delivery to our customer on time, customer is great satisfaction in our Craft after received.

This case seems simple hotel case, but actually is culture inherit. Because of SHKL insisting (Tenon and Carving), customer whom with same culture and aesthetic pursuit found us, it's resonance and inherit. SHKL wish inherit the culture and traditional craft with customer, towards the dream together! 
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity
Customized Service
1.Demand discussion
Customer Provides & discusses demand details with us
2.Engineering drawings & 3D Rending
SHKL provide engineering drawings & 3D rendering bathroom space picture with all products
Customer confirms and arranges deposit
SHKL arrange mass production and delivery
5.Installation guidance
SHKL provide installation and maintenance guidance
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