SHKL has been a leading manufacturer of bathroom vanity, shower doors, and LED bathroom mirrors since 2004.

Shower Doors


SHKL is a leading manufacturer and supplier of shower doors and shower enclosures, frameless shower doors, framed shower doors, sliding shower doors, pivot shower doors, hinged shower doors, swing shower doors, folding shower doors, and walk-in shower doors.
SHKL glass shower door has 6mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm tempered glass, the tempered glass include clear tempered glass, easy clean glass, acid etched glass, frosted glass, coated glass, silk printing glass, filmed glass and our own patented technology glass include safety laminated glass, wired glass and inkjet printing glass.
SHKL shower door has different materials for accessories include aluminum, stainless steel & copper, and the finished include chrome, black, golden, brushed etc.
In regard to design, SHKL can meet all bathroom space needs; Shape design is included straight shape; square shape; diamond shape; curved shape etc. 
To solve the security problem, SHKL develop safety laminated glass shower door. SHKL is the only one company in the industry to independently develop and produce laminated glass, even if one of the glasses explodes spontaneously, the debris will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents, and ensures personal safety. SHKL is your best choice of shower door products.
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The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.
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Shower Doors Product Series

As a professional Glass Shower Door manufacturer, we have a full series of shower door, such as Wheel, Framed Shower Door, Frameless Shower Doors and Bathtub Screen series.
Sliding Shower Doors with Rolling, Single or Double Sliding Doors.
Frameless Shower Doors Series, with Sliding or Hinge Door Design.
Framed Shower Doors Series, with Sliding or Hinge Door Design.
Bathtub Shower Doors, with Sliding or Hinge Door Design.
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The Basic Knowledge Of Shower Doors

The shower door is a door of the shower room, the majority of them are glass doors. Shower room: separate shower compartment, modern homes are becoming more and more demanding in terms of bathroom facilities, and many families want an independent bathroom space, but due to limited sanitary space in the living room, bathing facilities can only be placed in one room with sanitary ware. Shower cubicle makes full use of a corner of the room, and the shower range is clearly delineated by a fence to form a relatively independent shower space.
glass shower door

1. Functions

Today, shower door have become an important part of the bathroom space, It has the following main functions.
A. Wet and dry separation function
Home decoration is becoming more and more gorgeous and noble, a large number of solid wood doors, wood flooring, closet applications, requiring washrooms to distinguish between dry and wet areas, in the wet area to complete the shower space. So the biggest function of the shower door lies in the role of waterproof.
B. Function of keeping warm
Due to the widespread use of natural gas or gas water heaters, the bathroom is required to be well ventilated, and the shower can effectively block the cold air, and the hot steam forms a wrap around the body when bathing, thus playing a role in keeping the body warm.
C. Decorative function
A set of atmospheric and beautiful shower door can make the whole bathroom style more coordinated, play a good decorative role in home improvement, highlighting the owner's personality and extraordinary taste.

2. Shower Shape

SHKL provide multishaped of shower door such as Return (Rectangle), Arc, Corner (Trapezoid) and Inline (One Shaped)
If you have other shape of shower door request, please don't hesitate to contact us~!
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3. Frame Type

The frame type design is a feature of shower door, we have Framed, Semi-Frameless and Framelessframeless doors is most popular.
The complete style to help you improve your shower door business, or if you have other frame type idea, welcome to send us inquire now~!
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4. Open Style

For the shower doors open style, we have Swing, Sliding, Rolling, Fold.
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5. Glass Finishes

As a professional shower doors manufacturer, SHKL offer various glass styles to customers. For sure, the most common one is clear glass.
Please contact us now if you have other request~!
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6. the Roller of shower doors

Roller is the most important of the sliding shower doors, only a reasonable structure and excellent material roller can guarantee the service life of the product. SHKL shower door from beginning to end focus on the perfect combination of roller and track, SHKL shower door all the force roller all use imported stainless steel closed bearing package rubber, the roller after 100,000 times the continuity, destructive fatigue resistance push and pull test. Roller is not easy to wear, no false position, small gap without wobble. Even under the conditions of brutal use roller will not derail, to achieve absolute safety.
The roller of low grade shower door does not have innovation consciousness on research and development, always copy.

There are three low grade roller in the market:
A: Carbon steel roller——Easy to rust, brittleness and corrosion. Generally, the outer bearing is black and covered with white glue. Please pay attention to identification.
B: Zinc alloy roller——Brittle and easy to wear, the black or blue color glue cover the surface, this glue is not resistant to friction and easy to fall off, but the advantage is small sound when pushing and pulling.
C: Bronze bearing with glue——This kind of roller is common and easy to identify, the middle part is brass, there are steel balls between the copper bearing and the outer glue, the roller gap is large, the dust is easy to infiltrate, and finally the steel ball stuck or increase friction and lead to the damage of the glue off the roller.  
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7. The hardware of shower door

The generally hardware of shower doors are Handle, Hinge and Pull rod.
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In regard to material of hardware, SHKL was adopted 62# Copper and 304 Stainless Steel.

Copper parts  —— 62 copper is one of the copper alloys, 62 is the standard, the higher the standard the higher the copper content, but also the higher the cost, such as the big bend in the shower door, it is necessary to use 62 copper or higher standard, otherwise the toughness is not enough bending easy to produce cracks or fractures. Another factor that affects the quality of copper parts is the quality of plating. All the plating parts of SHKL shower door (including plastic parts) must ensure seven layers of plating, the first layer of alkaline copper plating, the second layer of rubber copper plating, the third layer of acid copper plating (The purpose of plating three layers of copper with different properties is to clean several times and to trim and fill the tiny pinholes on the surface of the copper parts.), the fourth layer is plated with semi-gloss nickel, the fifth layer is plated with full-gloss nickel, the sixth layer is plated with nickel front (Because the surface of such element as nickel is honeycomb, it must be plated again with two layers of nickel of different nature in order to correct the concave points with each other, so as to avoid quality problems such as black spots and pinholes on the surface of the product, Nickel is a high-cost material, at $32,000/ton), and the seventh layer is plated with chromium to prevent corrosion and maintain brightness and improve hardness and wear resistance. The surface is also treated with electric paint, which is more wear-resistant and less likely to be scratched. SHKL's electroplated parts pass the acidic salt spray test for 24 hours (Exceeding the national standard of enterprise standards), there will be no black spots, blistering, delamination and other undesirable phenomena on its surface, The main product series that widely use copper parts are: 65, 66, 67, 73, 80.
Low-grade shower door more often use lower standard copper alloy fittings, and the quality of plating does not meet the requirements of the national standard, and even more far from the plating quality of SHKL, There are also many manufacturers in the selection of materials with zinc alloy, aluminum alloy or plastic parts. Zinc alloy weather resistance is poor, the service life of zinc alloy handles on windows and doors generally breaks within two to three years or so, and the aluminum alloy and plastic grade is lower. In the design structure of the accessories, all the wall fixing clips and glass clips of SHKL shower door can be adjusted back and forth to correct the error of the wall construction, and the low part of the glass and the side all use waterproof rubber strips with, one is good waterproof effect, the other is to protect the glass, prolong the service life of the product. But low-grade shower doors is purely patchwork, product structure is not rigorous, jerry-built, poor waterproof effect, and short product life.
Stainless Steel
SHKL stainless steel shower door is 100% using 304 stainless steel, its corrosion resistance and strength is much higher than other brands widely used 2 series of stainless steel (201, 202, etc.)

SHKL stainless steel shower door all use 304 mirror grade stainless steel material, through repeated polishing (rough polishing, fine polishing, fine polishing), no fingerprint sealing oil treatment, the surface completely reach 10K mirror effect.

64 series using the process is the best peer, 304 stainless steel as raw material first repeated polishing, mirror effect, 3D engraving, and then through the vacuum ion plating coloring treatment, each time only a very small number of processing, it's precious!
stainless steel shower door

8. Adhesive Strip

At present, the shower door industry mainly adopts PVC material as the raw material for the adhesive strip and magnetic strip. There are two main materials used in SHKL shower doors——The hard rubber part is made of international high quality PVC as raw material, its hardness is high, the clamping glass is stronger, not easy to fall off, and the aging resistance is far better than the use of ordinary PVC material adhesive strip. Soft rubber part using EVA polymer material, EVA material non-toxic environmental protection, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, widely used in electric refrigerators, autoclave sealing treatment. And SHKL shower doors new products using the rubber strip is not limited to the traditional transparent or frosted rubber strip, while the industry's first gold and silver rubber strip, making the product more unique and selling points.  Tested by the high and low temperature limit, the current SHKL shower door adhesive strip can effectively guarantee 10 years without cracking!

Adhesive Strip

9. Base

SHKL uses the best quality stone base in the industry.
1: High strength and fall resistance - will not break even if thrown from a height of several meters.
2: Richer color - in the current stone base based on the addition of rosin yellow, Cang Shan ink and other kinds of patterns. Conventional colors such as pure white, pure black, etc. all after the surface polishing, so the gloss is higher, more beautiful appearance.
3: Process - mainly using marble powder, resin, rubber and other raw materials after extrusion, baking, spraying, polishing and other processes to make, no fracture, no color loss.
4: Packaging - Stone base can be packed directly with the shower door, without breaking and saving shipping cost.

The Production Process of SHKL Glass Shower Doors

Shower door are made up of two main parts: the glass and the profile. Here is a detailed description of how glass and profiles are manufactured by us.

1. The Glass Process of Shower Door

About Glasses

Glass is a non-crystalline inorganic material made of quartz sand, soda ash, feldspar and limestone as the main raw materials, which is fused, shaped and cured by cooling. It has the transparency which is difficult to have in general materials, and has excellent mechanical and mechanical properties and thermal properties. And, with the development of construct needs, it need to develop in more other functional. Deep processing of glass products can have the function of controlling light, regulating temperature, preventing dry sound and improving architectural art and decoration, etc. Glass is no longer just a lighting material, but also a structural and decorative material for modern buildings.

Principle of tempered glass: It is processed by tempering furnace at high temperature to form a compressive stress layer on the surface of the glass, the glass itself has a high compressive strength and will not cause damage. When the glass is exposed to external forces, this pressure layer can partially offset the tensile stress and prevent the glass from shattering, although the inside of tempered glass is in a large state of tensile stress, but the internal defects of the glass do not exist and will not cause damage, thus achieving the purpose of improving the strength of the glass.

Tempered glass is much more flexible and stronger than ordinary glass, a piece of tempered glass of 1200mm×350mm×6mm can have a bending deflection of up to 100mm after the force is exerted, when the external force is removed, the original shape can still be restored, while ordinary glass bending deformation can only have a few millimeters.

The quality of the original glass is affected by the refining equipment, technology and process of the original glass flake factory, and its quality varies. Poor quality of the original flake often appears vapor bubbles, pinholes, black spots, white spots and foggy feeling (poor permeability), etc.

Tempered Glass Process

After the glass sheet is purchased and returned to the factory, it can be tempered in the tempering furnace through the process of opening (cutting), edge polishing, drilling, silk-screening (printing logo), cleaning, etc. The best tempering temperature for shower glass is 695 °C, which requires the tempering furnace to have a strong temperature control capability. All the glass of SHKL shower doors is tempered by Swiss imported tempering furnace to ensure precise temperature control, uniform tempering coefficient, safety, strength and other indicators reach the top level of the industry.

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Low-grade shower door glass uses low-quality raw sheets such as architectural raw sheets whose raw sheet purity is low, low light transmission, vapor bubbles, impurities, and also affects the tempering quality of the glass.

In addition low-grade shower door in addition to the original piece of poor, but also mainly exists in the glass deep processing plant (glass factory) equipment, technology, techniques, management and other aspects of poor, such manufacturers of low production costs, but poor quality.

Poor quality tempered glass not only affects the aesthetics of the product, but also has a very low safety factor, such as uneven tempering, but once broken particles are large, with sharp sharp corners, which is extremely damaging to humans. The potential dangers are even greater with semi-tempered or even non-tempered glass, so we recommend that customers choose a product with quality assurance when purchasing a shower door.

The certifications of SHKL shower doors glass:

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Rich Experience In Market
The Technology Of Laminated Glass Is Our Patent
Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which one or more layers of organic polymer EVA are sandwiched between two or more pieces of tempered glass after special high-temperature process, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together. It is with high impact strength and safer than normal tempered glass.

Even if one of the glasses explodes spontaneously, the debris will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents, and ensures personal safety.


2. The Aluminum Profile Process of Shower Door

Selecting high quality aluminum and the way to compare aluminum:
A. Most of the aluminum profiles with poor quality have color difference, lines, sand eyes, etc. on the surface after oxidation.
B. High-quality aluminum profiles with good hardness, few impurities and glossy cut sections.
C, Low-grade shower door aluminum profiles cut unevenly with burrs, force pinch aluminum profiles are soft.
D. As a single bar material for pull-ups to prove its weight-bearing capacity.

In the structural design of the aluminum profile, the all of new products of SHKL are use adjustable glue-free design, can effectively correct the wall construction error, and no glass glue can also be effectively sealed. Against the wall side material also uses decorative cover design, an additional aluminum, to seal the screw hole position, the details are better, more beautiful appearance, better support, screws are not easy to rust.
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The Oxidation Process Of Shower Door Aluminum Profile
Step 1: Material selection
 Purpose: To distinguish different aluminum oxidation colors: brushed, bright silver etc.
Step 2: Polishing
Purpose: To remove oil from the surface of aluminum, make aluminum profiles brighter and stronger adhesion of the oxide layer.
Step 3: Racking
Purpose: To distinguish different oxidation color requirements and prepare for the next step of the process.
Step 4: Clean
Purpose: To clean aluminum by low concentration of nitric acid, phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid to further remove surface grease and make the oxidation better effect.
Step 5: Oxidation
Purpose: to make the aluminum surface coloring, and the formation of dense oxide film, strengthen the surface brightness of aluminum, and make it stronger corrosion resistance (Note: SHKL shower aluminum oxide film thickness of 12-15μ, much higher than the other general brand 8-10μ).
Step 6: Sealing
Purpose: To convert the oxide film from a large molecule structure to a small molecule structure to enhance the effect of oxidation.

The Cost Factor For Shower Doors

As a professional manufacturer of shower door, in addition to making products that satisfy our customers, we also need to provide a set of services the customers are comfortable with. Therefore, our quotation is meticulous. For next, please read below several factors that affect the price.
Glass thickness
The currently common glass thickness of shower door products are 6/8/10/12mm.

Because the thicker the glass is processed, the higher the cost (the processing process is more complex and time consuming, in addition to the higher cost of manual lifting).

So the thickness of the glass is affecting the price.

Color of glass
If you don't want the color of Clean, the color of the glass can be changed, the common change colors are: gray glass/tea glass/blue glass. Other colors are also available.
Easy-clean Glass
Easy-clean glass has many names (nano glass, self-cleaning glass, technology glass, super clean glass). It is a general term for a special coating applied to the glass surface, making it difficult for dust or dirty liquids (including liquids containing water or even oil) to adhere to the surface of the glass, or to be washed off by water relatively easily, so that the glass surface is very easy to keep clean.

Currently, there are single-sided easy-clean treatment and double-sided easy-clean treatment, and the prices of both are different.

Glass explosion-proof film processing
The current glass explosion-proof film has: transparent film, mirror pattern film.

Tempered glass is existed the risk of explosion, so in order to reduce the tempered glass explosion on the human body made injury, usually will use the film processing, but film processing, is not the safest way to deal with. So we recommend SHKL's laminated glass.

Glass screen printing process
General screen printing white or black, can also screen printing two-color black + white, generally not recommended to do with color (blue / yellow) because of color deviation.

The current screen printing types are: clean glass screen printing (single color), clean glass spray white oil/black oil, white screen/dual color.

Glass sanding process
After the toughening is completed, a frosted surface is formed by machine polishing, thus achieving the effect of blocking the line of sight.

Currently available: single-sided sanding, double-sided sanding, process sanding.

Glass masking process
After the tempering is completed, the frosted surface is formed by chemical potion corrosion, thus achieving the effect of blocking the line of sight.

At present, there are: single-sided sanding, double-sided sanding, process sanding.

Glass coating
Coated glass is coated with one or more layers of metals, alloys or metal compounds on the surface of the glass, which provides good thermal insulation properties.

What is the difference between the effect of coating and screen printing?

Plating is mirror coating, silkscreen is a pattern printed on the glass surface, without reflection.

Aluminum profile color change
Bright silver, matte silver, sand silver, brushed are the basic colors, no additional charge.

The following colors require additional charges, other colors, please consult customer service.

Silver to checkered

Silver to gold

Silver to rose gold

Stainless steel color change

Chrome to gold

Chrome to rose gold

Shower door with extra shelves
There are two types of shelves with different prices as follows:

Standard single shelf

Door shelf

Wooden rack packaging
Wooden rack packaging, refers to the carton packaging in addition to an extra layer of wooden frame, in order to protect the safety of the product, to avoid damage made in the process of transportation.

About The Packaging Of Shower Doors

Furthest reduce broken during the transportation as much as possible, also passed drop test.
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The Cooperation Process Of Shower doors

(SHKL Service Process)

As a professional shower door manufacturer, In order to service our customer well, In order to service our customer well, In order to service our customer well, we have a completed service system and process. A completed service process can help customer save a lot of time.All of cooperated customers are satisfy to our service and have a long term and stable cooperation relationship. 
1. Demand Communication
Provide us with your exact requirements.

2. Solution Provide 
SHKL technician provide production drawing and quote, accept EXW, FOB, CIF.
3. Confirmed
Confirm the plan.

4. Sample Production
Regular shower product (15-20 days)

5. Sample Confirm
Further communication and confirmed order details.

6. Sign A Contract
Deposit payment for bulk order (T/T).

7. Order Production
Arrange the production by our smart production machine.
Regular order (30-35 days).

8. Provide Promotion Materials
SHKL designer provide product 3D rending picture , video, etc. to customer
9. Order Inspection
Arrange products 100% inspection by our professional QC team.

10. Packaging & Storage
Packing and arrange warehousing by ERP system, keep all products in and out in orderly

11. Balance Payment & Delivery
Arrange the loading after received balance payment.

12. Guidance Service
Provide product installation and maintain guidance.

The Company Introduction,

Give You A Clear Understanding For SHKL

About Us

SHKL was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, China. With 4 production bases total 150,000M2 workshops and over 900 workers. It takes bathroom vanity, led bathroom mirror and shower door as its flagship and drives the development of related industries, including faucets, showers, toilet etc., forming a diversified industrial pattern. It is a comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating R&D, design, production and marketing. Our products export to more 50 countries, with more than 1,000 exclusive shops worldwide.

SHKL is the leading enterprise in sanitary ware industry. It’s our goal to bring innovative designs and quality products to our valued customers. After almost 20 years of hard working and persistence, we leads the industry in quality, fashion and styling, extravagates with outstanding customer service care, has the exceptional experience and rigorous quality standards to ensure the end products to exceed your expectation.


Production Bases



900 +


1000 +

Exclusive Shops

SHKL Shower Doors

Production Base

We have a high degree of manufacturing depth, short lead time and flexibility in every sense. Whatever your need is, we are happy to help. If you have a new idea that you want to bring to reality or an existing design that needs improvement, we look forward to an opportunity to discuss it with you.
Shower Doors Workshop
15,000 square meters, over 15,000 sets output per month, and production capacity is kept growth, meeting your order requirements while delivering on time, grow your business.
Laminated Glass Workshop
We are the first manufacturer of laminated glass shower enclosures in the industry, so please trust our R&D capabilities that will surely help you improve your business.
Large Machine Production Equipment
Profile bending machine, machine production, not only can improve efficiency and improve production accuracy.
Large Machine Production Equipment
Profile bending machine, machine production, not only can improve efficiency and improve production accuracy.
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Professional Service Team

Continuous product innovation & product quality are very important, but so is service. Our service team is consisted of designer team, marketing team, sales team, corporate business school & aftersales team. They always adhere to the company core values of gratitude, integrity, pragmatism and innovation to serve customers. They use their own professional to bring convenience and value for the customer, help them solve any problems.


After your understanding of us as above, if you want to cooperate with us, perhaps you will have the following questions.
What glass thickness of shower doors we provide?
6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.
Can customize shower door product?
Yes, please send us your drawings or requirement details.
Key competitive advantages of SHKL's shower door?
Professional test equipment; Laminated Glass Technology; Professional technology team.
SHKL's shower door target market?
Mainly export to North America, Europe, Middle East market.
HS code of shower door.
7610 9000 00; 7308 9000 00.
How long does it take to complete a sample order?
Do you accept the third party inspect goods on site?
Can you stamp the customers' own logo and their own package?
Yes, of course acceptable.
Can I purchase just the hardware for this shower door?
Yes, hardware is available for individual sale.
How long is SHKL shower door warranty?
Two years
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