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Laminated Glass Shower Doors 5 Star Hotel Project
Laminated Glass Shower Doors 5 Star Hotel
Laminated Glass Shower Doors Hotel Projects at Thailand
Location: Thailand   QTY: 110 sets   Type: Villa Project
This was a villa project. The customer's selection of materials was mainly high-end, and the customer emphasized that it must be safe and reliable, because he had experienced the glass explosion in the shower door before, which cast a shadow on this aspect, and wanted to find 100% safe products. We immediately recommended SHKL's Laminated Glass Shower Doors. The customer decided to place the order after we made a test onsite to prove it is 100% safe. The customer was also very satisfied with the performance of the product, and promised to look for SHKL to cooperate in future projects. Knowing your needs is the basis of the cooperation and providing satisfied products to you is our consistent pursuing.
Importance of Product safety
The main material of the shower door is tempered glass. Due to the limitation of the product process, the self-explosion rate is as high as 0.3%, and it cannot be completely avoided. If the tempered glass explodes spontaneously, the flying fragments will harm human body. Because the customer has experienced the spontaneous explosion of the glass in the shower door and knows the hazard of the glass spontaneously exploded, so he attached great importance to the safety of the product and found us to seek a solution.

We recommended our unique product technology, the laminated glass material for shower door to the customer. After the customer fully understood the safety performance of the product, he immediately placed the order.
Laminated Glass Shower Doors
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SHKL laminated glass technology 
Laminated glass is a composite glass product in which one or more layers of organic polymer EVA are sandwiched between two or more pieces of tempered glass after special high-temperature process, the glass and the intermediate film are permanently bonded together. It is with high impact strength and safer than normal tempered glass.

Even if one of the glasses explodes spontaneously, the debris will be stuck to the film, and the broken glass surface remains clean and smooth. This effectively prevents the occurrence of debris piercing and penetrating fall incidents, and ensures personal safety. 
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Confident products, customer's trust
In order to verify our product technology, we gave a sample of laminated glass for customers to test when we delivered the goods, and guided customers on how to verify that the glass is laminated glass.
Laminated Glass Shower Doors
In this way, customers felt that we are a serious enterprise who solve problems for customers, and take the initiative to relieve customers' doubts in advance. The customer was very satisfied and promised to cooperate with us for future projects. 
Finished Plan
Laminated Glass Shower Doors
Customized Service
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5.Installation guidance
SHKL provide installation and maintenance guidance
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