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It's so proud that SHKL has servicing a lot of wholesalers, project contractors and designers and finishing many success projects. SHKL's professional and experience can help you solve different problem, ensure the success of each project.

Custom Bathroom Vanities New York Hotel Project
This client is a very professional engineering company with a strong design team. What we have to do is to make the customer's design into reality. After we got 3d rendering approved, we started the sample fabrication. The production process of the product was very complicated, there were many customized accessories, and the production time required was very short. After multi-departmental collaboration, we finally made a perfect sample within the time limit specified by the customer. 
Location: USA. New York
QTY: 106 sets
Type: Hotel Project
Jun 21 2018
One Stop Bathroom Solution Project
This was one of project of SHKL one stop bathroom solution. At the beginning, the customer just asked for the bathroom cabinets. From our communication and company profile, the customer learned about the scale and strength of our company, knew that we were very professional in producing panel cabinets, and could also provide design solutions. Therefore, the customer asked us to send proposal for all the products we produce. After many comparisons, the customer found that we were very timely in following up, and we were able to provide timely feedback, and can provide suitable solutions according to his budget, so the customer was very relieved to hand over this order to us. SHKL one-stop customized service, as long as you put forward your needs, we will provide solution to you. 
Location: Canada
QTY: 310 sets
Type: Hotel Project
Jan 13 2017
Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity 5 Star Hotel Project At Israel
Customer from Israel belong to Middle East loves China culture, they would like to pursue high-end and classical style product because of going to build 5 star hotel, good product with high-end hotel, the perfect combination.

High-end Classic Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity with two features, Tenon construction and Carved crafts. Tenon, assembly each parts without screws but sturdy and no less, most application for wood buliding, wood furniture. Carved, it's challenge for master experience and skill. SHKL is exactly professional in this area, we have structure master and carved master are over 10 years experience. So the customer send us this project. 
Location: Israel
QTY: 520 sets
Type: Hotel Project 
Feb 15 2017
Laminated Glass Shower Doors 5 Star Hotel Project 
This was a villa project. The customer's selection of materials was mainly high-end, and the customer emphasized that it must be safe and reliable, because he had experienced the glass explosion in the shower door before, which cast a shadow on this aspect, and wanted to find 100% safe products. We immediately recommended SHKL's Laminated Glass Shower Doors. The customer decided to place the order after we made a test onsite to prove it is 100% safe. The customer was also very satisfied with the performance of the product, and promised to look for SHKL to cooperate in future projects. Knowing your needs is the basis of the cooperation and providing satisfied products to you is our consistent pursuing.
Location: Thailand
QTY: 110 sets
Type: Villa Project 
May 07 2017
Strategic cooperative Real Estate Project
SHKL has many Real Estate long-term partners, there is 3-5 engineering projects per year. Products include: bathroom vanity set, shower doors, Led bathroom mirror and other wooden furniture.
We provide jobsite measurement, 3D design solutions, material recommedation,cost estimate, production, logistic service and jobsite installation.
Our strong design capabilities, intelligent production systems, automative production lines, product quality assurance and intimate after-sales service are important reasons why customers choose us. 
Location: China
QTY: More than 10,000sets/year
Type: Real Estate
1.5Million USD/Year
Shower Door Hotel Project In India
The customer contacted us through the Internet, after reading our website and our factory information, he recognized our ability and sent us the drawings. After mutual understanding and communication, the customer needed custom shower doors. After analyzing the drawings, we sent the proposal back to the customer, and the customer was satisfied with our proposal and confirmed the order immediately afterwards. The whole order processed smoothly because when you do business with a professional company, you will feel comfortable.
Location: India
QTY: 230 sets
Type: Hotel Project
Nov. 01. 2022
Bathroom Vanity Hotel Project In USA
After we got 3d rendering approved, we started the sample fabrication. The production process of the product was very complicated, the client pursues every detail to be exactly the same as the rendered picture and prefer a more affordable cost. After the multi-departmental collaboration, we finally made a perfect solution and gain the client's approval eventually, and finished the sample within the time limit specified by the customer. 

With a high commitment to the sample, we completed the mass order and organized the shipment on time and smoothly. We have helped the client to win a very good reputation and connect with their customer more strongly.
Location:  USA. New York
QTY: 175 sets
Type: Hotel Project
Jul. 21. 2022
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PRODUCT: Bathroom Vanity, Led Mirror & Mirror Cabinet QTY: 106 Sets
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PRODUCT: Bathroom Vanity, Led Mirror & Mirror Cabinet QTY: 310 Sets
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PRODUCT: Solid Wood Bathroom Vanity QTY: 520 Sets
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PRODUCT: Laminated Glass Shower Door QTY: 110 Sets
case5-2 1631172467535
PRODUCT: Bathroom Vanity, Led Mirror & Mirror Cabinet QTY: More than 10,000sets/year
PRODUCT: Shower door QTY: 230 sets
Bathroom Vanity Hotel Project In USA
PRODUCT: Bathroom Vanity QTY: 175 sets
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