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Can You Replace Bulbs In The Light Mirror

Ⅰ. Lead In

With the development of the times, ordinary bathroom mirrors have evolved into mirrors with lighting functions. At the same time, with the popularity of LED light sources and LED light sources, the considerable advantage of the light mirror inside the light source from the original halogen bulb / fluorescent tube also evolved into an LED light source. But, can you replace the light when it broken? This is exactly what we are going to discuss.

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Ⅱ. Different Types Of Light Mirrors

"Can you replace bulbs in the light mirror?" Before we answer this question, we have to figure out how many types of the light mirrors are on the market? 

1. Hollywood mirror - the vanity mirror, there are bulbs around the mirror. It's usually used to make up performers.


2. Fluorescent tube mirror - the first type of light mirror and relatively simple design.


3. LED mirror - the latest light mirror, the principle is an LED strip build inside the mirror.


Ⅲ. The Solution For Different Types Of Light Mirrors

  1. Hollywood mirror - you can replace the bulbs one by one until your expectations.
  2. Fluorescent tube mirror - It's hard to tell because it is up to the structure of the mirror, but you can, in most cases, just don't break up the mirror because it is usually complex for this type of mirror.
  3. LED mirror - you can't replace the bulbs. Because the LED strip is stick on the mirror, and connected to inside of the driver, you can't replace all parts if you are not engineer.

Ⅳ. Conclusion

Whether you can replace the bulb depends on which light mirror you have, so troubleshoot that problem before taking the next step. However, I believe many of you are considering future use and maintenance, so you already know the answer by browsing the above.

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