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LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL

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With the demand for intelligent living and the development of urbanization, the sanitary ware industry is booming.


Table of Contents:

LED bathroom mirror is one of product line from SHKL.

SHKL’s Product Feature.

Product Series


Acrylic Framed

Metal Framed


Mounted Construction


Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Bathroom Mirror




LED bathroom mirror is one of product line from SHKL

SHKL was established in 2004. It is a new-type enterprise based on the bathroom vanity industry and developing into related kitchen and bathroom fields. So far, it has become a comprehensive group company integrating design, research and development, production and marketing. At present, because of SHKL offer one stop purchase service, also, mirror as an important product for bathroom, therefore, mirror become one of mainly product line of SHKL. 

SHKL offers exceptional LED lighting creations, representing a fusion between innovative solutions and aesthetic vision. We are proud to present you with a wide range of residential and commercial LED bathroom mirror. Our commitment to form, technology and precision defines our brand.

Let's start with the product and come into SHKL step by step. And view what kinds of mirrors can be provided by SHKL?

SHKL’s Product Feature.

SHKL's LED bathroom mirror has practical variety of feature, there are three design series; randomly multiple functions combine in one mirror; three mounted constructions; obtained certification. We will introduce one by one below.

Product Series

Three series: Frameless, Acrylic Framed, Metal Framed.

LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 1
LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 2
Acrylic Framed
LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 3
Metal Framed


Frameless designs are best for modern style. Clearer lines highlight a larger surface, the LED strip are set into the mirror directly increasing brightness of whole bathroom space. We can see that the frameless backlit mirror is the future of led smart mirrors.

Acrylic Framed

Acrylic frame is installed in the back of mirror, the main feature hides the LED strip, looks more safety and top grade. The lighting pass through acrylic, make it is softer.

Metal Framed

The framed designs are best for classic style. We recommend a framed LED mirror, if your bathroom contains classic elements, we offer you frame of aluminum alloy or stainless steel in gold or black, ivory white, rectangular or round or oval shape. Meanwhile, we can also offer the customized service, the frame can be painted to suit your space.


Satisfy your different functions requirement:

Except the common lighting function, we also provide options functions such as: Bluetooth, Magnifying, Anti-fog, CCT & Dimmable adjusting, Touch & Motion sensor switch, Digital Clock.

LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 4

1. Bluetooth system

The multifunction system has: Light on/off+Defogger+Volume adjusting+Date/Time adjusting+Dimming+Bluetooth module(Connect with your mobile phone, play the music, enjoy your music party in bathroom when showering).

2. Magnifying

3X, 5X or 10X magnifying in one mirror, two function for one mirror convenient to use, also magnifying help you see more clearly and easier make-up.

3. Anti Fog

The anti-fog function, it could clean and drying surface of mirror in 15 seconds, you don't need pat dry the mirror yourself. Short-press anti-fog button <1s to turn on the anti-fog, white is ON, blue is OFF.

4. CCT & Dimmable Adjusting

An acute sense of touch switch, short touch (<1s): on/off, adjust the CCT (color temperature); long touch (>1s): dimming from 10% to 100% and cycle. Adjustment temporary CCT & brightness, create a comfortable bathroom atmosphere according to daylight.

5. Touch & Motion sensor switch

Touch switch, just as its name implies, use your finger touch button, then the mirror light will on/off. The functions (Lights on/off, CCT & Dimmable adjusting) will variable according to touch time such as short touch (<1s) or long touch (>1s). The actual experience will be according your function set.

Motion sensor switch, move hand over the sensor<50cm, the light will be turned on/off. We could set the on the side or front of the mirror just following you require; Let's enjoy the fun from smart led mirror.

6. Digital Clock

LCD digital clock display, simple design, 180°High-definition display, not dazzling. To avoid echo, display will refresh in 30mins. SHKL Smart Mirror with a clock, know your needs and your time, give you live rhythm of life.

Mounted Construction

There is has three mounting structures, there are screw hole, hooker and aluminum strip hanger, elegant design and easy hanging. Whatever which structures all are available horizontal and vertical installation, please feel free to install according your own vanity and bathroom integrated design. 

LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 5
Screw hole
LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 6
LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 7
Hanger Strip

1. Screw hole

As picture display, there are screw holes punching on the back frame, clean and simple design. Hammer screws on the wall and hanging up on it, easy mounted design. In regard to screws, SHKL will attached for each mirror with 3pcs tapping screws(5x50mm) and 2pcs "L" type tapping screws(5x70mm) (we recommend). 

2. Hook

The hook parts fixed on back of mirror. The first hammer screws on the wall as well like above mentioned, and hanging up on screws. The "V" shaped hook design will be easier find local of screws where fixed on wall compare with screw hole construction. 

3. Hanger Strip

The aluminum hanger strip will be fitting on back of mirror, the other one mounted hanger strip fixed on wall, then hanging up the mirror on it. People prefer this mounting construction than above two, because the mounted strip is bigger stuffs, you could easier find the hanging position, but, by comparison with above two mounted constructions, you need to find wall screws position, especially mirror block your view when you hold up mirror.

These three construction, each has its advantages, but, whatever which construction you choice, just ensure the screws or mounted hanger strip fixed on keel of wall, that's important point for North American market.


1. Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

Storage-type smart bathroom mirrors are generally composed of 1 or 2-3 mirrors. The rear side of the mirrors is equipped with storage cabinets or under the mirrors. It has a good storage function, suitable for putting cosmetics or bathroom supplies. It can also save bathroom space.

2. Bathroom Mirror

The flat type is no different from our ordinary mirrors, except that it has more functions, the mirror surface is also one-piece, and there is no cutting line, which is relatively beautiful.


There is became an electrical product when the bathroom mirror with lights, so, there is very important to choose safe and reliable products. SHKL can provide with different certifications for different market, we have ETL listed for North American, CE listed for Europe and Asian. In regard to product, the electronic parts with CE/UL/SAA, whole mirror with CE/ETL.

LED Bathroom Mirror Purchase Ultimate Guide from SHKL 8


Above all, this article introduces the basic situation about SHKL products features. We hope it can help you understand the SHKL bathroom led mirror. If you are looking for reliable providers, SHKL will be your ideal choice! We provide various LED bathroom mirror products, including frameless, acrylic and framed total three series. We welcome you to visit our website or contact us for more information!

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