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7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity

In the bathroom decoration, the bathroom vanity plays a vital role, satisfying people's daily tasks such as washing, making up, storage and so on. As a furniture that we will use it every day, which woods and the surface treatments of woods is necessary to draw our attention.

7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 1

And we have introduced the analysis the materials of the woods in the previous article, now we will introduce the different surface treatment methods of woods, as well as their appearance, performance, and price.

7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 2

Table of Contents:

        1. Transparency Lacquer.
        2. Paint
        1. Paint
        2. Melamine Treatment
        3. Veneer Finish
        4. Thermoforming Finish
        1. Melamine Finish.


Ⅰ. Two Surface Finish For Solid Wood

The solid wood generally has two types surface finishes method, one is transparency lacquer, the other is paint.


7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 3
1. Transparency Lacquer.
Generally, if we want to preserve the texture of original solid wood, we will choose transparency lacquer treatment.
And generally the expensive woods will use this treatment, such as ash,American walnut, Oak and so on. It not only can preserve the texture of solid woods, but also protect the woods.



7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 4
2. Paint.
It is generally used for the cheaper solid woods and doesn’t need to show the highlight of the texture, but can choose the color you prefer.
In general, solid wood bathroom vanity usually lacquer, because it can prevent the solid wood from contacting the external environment, isolate the external air and dust, extend the service life of the solid wood board, and make the touch of the solid wood smoother.



Ⅱ. Four Surface Finish For Plywood And MDF

7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 5
1. Paint.
Both types of plywood and MDF can be sprayed the paint with different colors, and you can choose the colors for you plywood bathroom vanity or MDF bathroom vanity.
These are the high-end products with relatively high cost.
7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 6
2. Melamine Treatment.
There are different colors and designs of melamine paper, and require edge banding with PVC, no need to paint again.
7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 7
3. Veneer Finish.
There is two type veneers include natural veneer or artificial technology veneer.
Actually, we will paint with transparency lacquer that can protect the veneer surface and keep it smoother.
7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 8
4. Thermoforming Finish.
Due to the high requirements of the flatness and adsorption force of the board, only MDF can be choice as the base board, which production process is simple, the five sides are formed by thermoforming, the back is pasted with similar color melamine, don’t need to seal that makes the production simple and fast.


Ⅲ. Surface Finish For Particleboard

7 Surface Finish of Wood Bathroom Vanity 9
1. Melamine Finish.
As the particleboard has a rough surface, the price is relatively cheap, and the price of lacquer is relatively high, so people generally do not use lacquer, but choose more economical and environmentally friendly melamine paper veneer as a mainly treatment for the particleboard. This board is mainly used in cabinets, wardrobes and bathroom vanity.


Advantages and disadvantages of Lacquer processing and Melamine processing

Advantage of Lacquer:

The advantage of lacquer processing products is that it has a long service life and a high grade. As the board is painted, the color is bright, and the gloss is also high.

The lacquer can isolate from the outside and block the air and dust from the outside, thus prolonging the service life of the board. However, the products of the lacquer processing are complicated, and the production details and requirements are so high, so the relative cost is relatively high.


Advantage of Melamine:

The advantage of melamine processing is that it is environmentally friendly; affordable and short production cycle.

Since the melamine board is veneered with melamine paper and has no lacquer, the melamine processing is a relatively environmentally friendly surface treatment.

Moreover, the melamine board protective film also plays a role of protection against moisture. The disadvantage of the melamine board is that if the PVC edge is not sealed, water will easily enter, which will cause foaming of the board. But the melamine processing is cheap and easy to produce.



The above 7 kinds of bathroom cabinet surface finish has been introduced for you, which is the best choice in your mind, please tell us, we come to produce for you~!

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