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Glass Shower Door Market Report

The glass shower doors market has been relentlessly expanding through the decades because of the skyrocketing demands generated by dealers and wholesalers that connect manufacturers to end users. And with frameless shower glass doors being a valuable addition to modern households, the economic impact it has for merchants remains boundless.

But given the size of the glass shower door industry, some dealers of framed shower glass doors may find it intimidating or baffling to strategize how they will start or expand their business pursuit. Having said that, this market report pertaining to the glass door market can be an insightful guide for those who want to be acquainted with the market condition.

Glass Shower Door Market Report 1

Table of Contents:

Ⅰ. Market Analysis

Ⅱ. Product Research

Ⅲ. Industry Overview

Ⅳ. Competition

Ⅴ. Other Factor



Ⅰ. Market Analysis

The fundamental element of this market report is the assessment of the performance the market players are displaying to cater to both the owners of residential housing units and the entire hospitality industry for commercial end users of glass interiors. This can give dealers and wholesalers a sneak peek of where they are headed to.

With the incidence of the global pandemic in the past years, most industries have taken a downturn in terms of their figures and performance. But for some, like the door market offering glass shower door products, the online space as a sales channel has catapulted their uphill direction as far as their economic and social affairs are concerned.

With the fusion of physical and online retailing, the following market indices below are reflective of the growth stage of the industry and the currently promising performance rendered by glass shower door vendors that can urge dealers and wholesalers can take note of.

Glass Shower Door Market Report 2

  1. Market Size

    Online reports revealed that from the U.S. alone, there had been a total market size of USD 3.188 billion in 2019. Of this, the country's southern region accounts the highest share from the said valuation. Relevantly, it is projected that the figures will further reach the range of USD 6.781 billion come the year 2030.

    On a broader lens, market estimation uncovered that the global market size for the shower door market is approximately at around USD USD 90.6 billion last 2020, considering other regional markets where units of glass shower compete.

  2. Industry Data

    The glass shower door market is capable of generating such a promising market size in the past year because of the rise in the demand by end users. But moreover, business acquisitions perpetrated by large key players have been a great strategic move for the entire glass door market to achieve rapid growth over the past years.

    Some of the notable acquisitions that occurred within the industry include Assa Abloy to Olimpia Hardware in 2020 and Allegion Plc to GWA Group Limited's door and access systems business unit.

    These actions have resulted in the further expansion of market segments and the distribution channel where dealers of shower doors made from tempered glass can offer their products to generate higher sales volume whilst maximizing the rising popularity of their items.

  3. User Group

    Like most fixtures offered in the global market, the items from the shower sliding system market has been demanded equivocally by residential owners and the tourism and hospitality industry as well. These key players either visit offline stores or engage with dealers through online retailing to seal the deal and acquire framed glass doors.

    Specifically, the shower glass door industry has been of great help in giving households an elegant and royal look that satisfies any individual end user. In the same manner, owners of commercial facilities can further stabilize the premiere condition of their properties with the installment of framed glass shower doors within the vicinity of its spaces. 

  4. Growth Rate Of Market

    From the U.S. alone, there had been an estimated growth rate of 7.5% from 2020 to 2030 according to market experts. This is also because end users from the country highly prefer the use of glass doors from their shower rooms and that the western region consists of market players with high median disposable income that dealers can leverage.

    Collectively, experts unveiled that there is a plausible 4.8% growth rate for the global shower door market after considering the forecast period of 2018 to 2025. And given the major factors propelling such direction for the industry, it is possible for this estimation to be reached if not surpassed after a few more years.


Ⅱ. Product Research

After delving deeper to the current performance of various key players of the glass shower door market and the major factors influencing the same, dealers and wholesalers must also consider gaining insights to the status of product development involving glass shower doors.

This can help them scale the necessary resources that must be expanded in terms of research and development so that they can remain at par with the rest of coastal shower doors and framed shower glass doors that will be offered by their competitors in the near future.

With the help of these information, they can permeate through the shower door market and ride the rising popularity of their market offer while maintaining a reputable brand for consumers.

Glass Shower Door Market Report 3

  1. Product Overview

    Glass shower doors are delicate yet rigid fixtures that provide enclosure to a shower room of a household or commercial space. Depending on the style to be employed, this can offer a huge variety to fit the dedicated space for the said door for the satisfaction of any end user.

  2. Product Demand

    According to HomeAdvisor, more than 50% of the American homeowners in 2019 have already spent their resources for bathroom remodels. Of the total renovations, 30% or 34.5 million citizens from the U.S. alone have demanded upgrades in their fixtures like glass shower doors in the said forecast period.

    And with the rising household income of homeowners from the rest of the regional layout of the shower glass door market in recent years, it is more likely for the said figures to increase rapidly.

  3. Product Technology

    Ever since glass shower doors have replaced the traditional materials that can be used to make enclosures, the attention to the quality of materials used has been pivotal with glass being delicate in nature. Having said this, accessories are infused with the surface of the glass shower door to further ensure the safety of its end users.

    Given the influx of demand for the product, supplementary components such as rollers, hinges, pivots, and bases are being used to stabilize the glass shower enclosure. This also calls for the use of a strong glass type like advanced tempered glass materials that cannot be easily shattered by an outward force.

  4. Product Design

    Glass shower enclosures vary in terms of its built and functionality. With respect to the design of the shower door, dealers can purchase frameless shower doors or framed glass shower doors from dependable suppliers depending on the preferences of their target market.

    Furthermore, frameless glass doors can be further classified depending on how it can be operated once opened or closed. They can offer a door type like sliding, swing, or fold glass shower enclosures or any combination thereof to achieve the preferences of any end user.


Ⅲ. Industry Overview

  1. Industrial Size

    The given figures for the glass door market size for North America is just the tip of the iceberg. The Asia Pacific region has dominated the global industry with an estimated size of USD 44,042.4 billion for interior doors in 2021, where shower glass doors are a part of. This is also followed shortly by Europe and the Americas.

    Glass Shower Door Market Report 4
  2. Lifecycle

    Dealers within the shower door market start their business pursuit by drivers that affect the industry. In this case, the rapid urbanization globally and the rise of certain sectors like the tourism and hospitality industry can give any dealer a commendable target market.

    As evidenced by current events, a brand offering shower glass doors achieves growth as various opportunities are presented for the market. From 2016, 76% of the renovation sector accounted for bathroom remodeling during the year where the said fixtures are instrumental, according to Housing Innovation Association.

    There will be challenges such as the cyclical fluctuation of material costs and labor availability from indefinite periods of operations. On the onset of the global pandemic, these exact issues were raised within the glass door market and have been resolved with the efforts of dealers who devise ways to cut back on costs of their processes.

    But for some dealers, they have met the maturity phase of their businesses where they struggle to make ample demand to match their production. And once the momentum is not revamped, chances are that the entity will meet an absolute decline from the heating competition in the market.

  3. History Of Development

    After the global recession from 2007 to 2011, various sectors like the real estate industry are striving to make a comeback in the global scene. This drove the general door market to rise to the occasion since fixtures like glass shower doors are essential in the rehabilitation of commercial spaces.

    After 5 years, there has been a moderate growth that was observed in the said industry. The conflict concerning the glass material is that it is delicate in nature, which prompted dealers and wholesalers to make use of hardware components to further ensure the quality of the product and the safety of its end users.

    With modern home and building designs blossoming, the door type which used tempered glass has been favored to be the next trend for interior doors such as that used in shower rooms. And from hereon, the shower door market has capitalized on glass type of fixtures until 2020.

    As the global pandemic emerged, the rise of laminated glass shower doors followed through. A way of elevating the use of tempered glass, this kind of material is built by joining two layers of glass with the aid of a layer of resin. This has been supported by research as an efficient material for delicate fixtures like glass doors.

    Currently, market experts believe that customization will play a vital role in the changes that will occur for the glass door market. The use of more water-resistant hardware components, as long as more peculiar and spatially convenient designs, are anticipated to be the next trends that will resurface to the entire shower door market.

    Glass Shower Door Market Report 5
  4. Profit Model

    Production model is the illustrative profit model embodied by the shower door market globally. Primarily, the raw materials used to make shower glass doors can affect the profits to be generated from the products. Dealers must devise cost-effective means to outsource the said components to have authority over the prices of their items.

    Moreover, the brand reputation can be a direct determinant of the dealer's profit from business. A dependable brand can attract a bigger range of target market who want to avail of the goods offered by the said wholesalers.

    But for new entrants in the market, building a good reputation for the brand cannot be done overnight. That is why introducing services like customization of shower glass doors can be beneficial for one to have an edge over his or her market competitors.

  5. Upstream and downstream supply

    The upstream supply of the shower door market involves the suppliers who shall transform raw materials into fine pieces of glass shower doors that can be beneficial to other market players in the sector.

    Consequently, the downstream supply involves the participation of dealers and wholesalers who will make transactions with commercial and residential end users of shower doors.

    In particular, there are two main distribution channels for this type: offline and online distribution channels. While some entities strive to earn profit with the help of their physical stores, others leverage the online space available. Some of the key vendors of glass shower doors include CERA Sanitaryware, Jaquar, Masco Corporation, and Aston.

    To add up, huge online selling platforms such as Amazon, Overstock, and Alibaba extend their reach to accommodate the end users of the said fixture. These fairly contributed to the high-grossing market size of glass shower doors in recent years.

Ⅳ. Competition

Tackling the factors affecting the current market size of the entire glass door market, it is also relevant for dealers to get to know the competitive landscape within the industry. This can help them formulate an effective scheme on how they can offer a unique selling proposition and the preferred doors type segment of their target end users.

Glass Shower Door Market Report 6

  1. Competition Pattern

    Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the means of transactions for any dealer and end user, the barriers of entry for an indirect sales channel like online platforms is low since wholesalers are given utmost convenience when it comes to access to e-commerce to further improve on their reach and distribution channel.

    Aspiring dealers must take on the challenge brought about by the bargaining power of existing key players in the market. Some of the notable ones, such as Basco Manufacturing Company, Aston Global Inc, and Coastal Shower Doors, offer utmost customization for their products to continue generating demand from their markets.

    Similarly, dealers must be vigilant with the bargaining powers of an end user. The rise of the hospitality industry, as evidenced by its 1.7% increase for domestic travel rate in the U.S. alone in 2019, has given economic opportunities for wholesalers of frameless shower glass doors since their products can be installed and be beneficial for commercial use.

    Concerning substitutes, there isn't a surging trend that may phase out shower glass doors. However, dealers must ensure that the quality of the material and other hardware components to be used are rigid to maintain a competitive pace amongst other key players in the market.

  2. Industry Impacts

    Given the current competition pattern, it can be asserted that the rapid urbanization in areas globally and the rise of particular sectors like that of the real estate industry and healthcare and hospitality industry have a collectively high impact on the market for shower glass doors.

    From North America alone, 68% of the population reside in urban areas in 2018. With modernized styles for shower rooms in households, they have the power to seal the deal once they are satisfied by the product design.

    In context, dealers and manufacturers must take advantage of the current market trends for styles of fixtures being installed in households and conduct market analysis on the product designs with high satisfaction rate for homeowners so they can figure out points of improvement to the products that they bring and offer to end users.

    Also, this calls for dealers of shower glass doors to be attentive to the demands of both residential and commercial end users of their products. In fact, a research from McKinsey & Company revealed that 72% of consumers include customization in the significant factors that prompt their decision to make purchases from dealers of a certain product.


Ⅴ. Other Factor

After giving ample emphasis to the economic and technical aspects of the shower door market, dealers of frameless shower doors must also give adequate attention to other incidental factors that can be just as significant as soon as they operate and serve their target market.

Glass Shower Door Market Report 7

  1. Region Layout

    With the Asia Pacific region being the highest contributor in terms of the market size of shower doors, China has been the powerhouse in terms of supplying the glass type that forms the said fixtures. This is why dealers and manufacturers extend their efforts to accommodate potential suppliers from the said country and conduct a bargain with them.

    Having said this, dealers of glass shower doors must take the location of their business into consideration as it can have a magnified effect on their revenues. And since busy schedules restrict people from engaging into direct sales, wholesalers have the freedom to have their operations with the aid of an indirect sales channel like e-commerce.

  2. Economic Level

    Consumer spending led the advancement of the glass door market through the years. Thus, the purchasing power of the market is among all these factors which can be vital for the success of any dealer.

    For instance, the given valuation for the North America shower glass door market size has reached that certain level since dealers and wholesalers of shower glass doors in the area are transacting with homeowners with an increasing disposable income that can afford to set aside budget for bathroom renovations and upgrades.

  3. Population Distribution

    Moreover, the demographic profile of a certain location can be a make or break factor for the brand of a dealer and his/her growing personal income. Specifically, a target geographic market with a small population is not a cost-effective choice for the business since only a low turnover rate can be expected.

    From the previous example, since Texas and Florida are some of the states in the U.S. with the highest shares in the distribution of households last 2021, it follows that the southern region of North America shower glass door market can generate more demands in fixtures like glass shower doors.



Like most industries globally, that of the shower glass door market entails fervent attention to various economic and social affairs that dealers must attend to. Instead of instantly launching a brand of their own, it is necessary for them to be acquainted with the current conditions of the market they are headed to.

With the help of this insightful market report, aspiring dealers and wholesalers of frameless glass doors and similar items can be guided on the necessary industry analysis they must carry out so that they may end up with an exemplary performance that will serve as an ideal pattern for the succeeding generations of glass door merchants and enthusiasts.

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