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Bathroom Cabinet Market Report

Table of Contents

The huge advancement reflected on the bathroom vanities market growth is an economic hotspot that appears to be promising for merchants and dealers. Despite the current challenges imposed by socio-economic events like COVID-19, the demand for bathroom vanities from the global bathroom cabinets market has sustained its momentum recently.

Since the pioneers of the global bathroom vanities market consider market trends in their operations, it resulted in a positive dynamic as evidenced by wooden cabinets dominating market. But considering the facts and figures, wholesalers must determine the condition of the competitive landscape so they can know how they can maximize such a growing demand.

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Table of Contents:



Ⅰ. Market Analysis


To analyze the bigger picture of this bathroom vanities market report, it is vital to assess the macro environmental factors, market presence, and key players that influenced cross border investments within the global market over the past few decades.

Unlike other industries that are confronting troubles lately, the situation remained positive for the bathroom vanities market as it showed an uphill trend as far as the market dynamics are concerned. The global pandemic only paved the way for online channels to be maximized in completing sales transactions, but the demand for the product has only gotten better.

Specifically, the following indices support the positive assertion concerning wooden cabinets dominating market globally.

  1. Market Size

    Concerning the forecast period of 2021, reports revealed that the market size for the global bathroom cabinets market is valued at USD 36.34 billion, as the Asia Pacific region contributed 32% of which in the said year that helped the entire market to spur market growth collectively.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 2
  2. Industry Data

    Government initiatives, a surging real estate industry, and other upcoming projects coercing demand like developing infrastructure facilities triggered the market growth for the bathroom cabinets market worldwide on an industry level since they all trigger the ultimate users of bathroom vanities to create the need to afford such fixtures.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 3
  3. User Group

    Mainly, the market segment of the user groups within the global bathroom cabinets market includes residential and non-residential end users. Apart from the rising housing development projects, utility services that need vanity units also expand which equitably served as growth factors for the entire industry.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 4
  4. Growth Rate of Market

    Experts say that as far as the forecast period of 2022 to 2030, the compound annual growth rate for the global bathroom cabinets market is projected to be at around 7.6%, which is a promising figure considering the socio-economic turmoil affecting global trade in the past few decades.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 5


Ⅱ. Product Research


With continuous innovation being one of the key drivers for a successful economic pursuit, research and development budgets must be prioritized to ensure that merchants can keep up with the fast-paced demands of end users.

Thus, having effective product research is an elemental scheme for dealers and wholesalers to achieve a larger market size.

Here are some of the details that are pivotal in studying the product concept of bathroom vanities.

Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 6

  1. Product Overview

    Bathroom vanities are beautiful and durable furniture pieces that come as either a single or double unit. Mostly dominated by the wood segment, this item can be integrated with sinks, cabinet doors, and countertops to accommodate the needs of various end users.

  2. Product Demand

    From the latest figures, it was unveiled that the demand for bathroom vanities was influenced by rising housing development projects. In the U.S. alone as of 2019, there are 32,000 households with one and one-half bathrooms and 296,000 residential properties with two or three bathrooms, which spur market growth for the entire industry.

  3. Product Technology

    As part of key trends to increase market revenues and bathroom cabinets market growth, dealers must be acquainted with the fact that technology meets products like bathroom vanities. Specifically, they make use of chromo lights, built-in sounds, and aroma diffusers for the benefit of specific industries like that of hotels and resorts.

  4. Product Design

    The product design, which positively triggers market growth, is influenced by the variety of raw materials used to assemble the final output. Trend watchers started noticing that customized countertop materials like stone, ceramic, glass, wood, and metal primarily provide for the wide array of designs that manufacturers can infuse to their product.


Ⅲ. Industry Overview

  1. Industrial Size

    As per 2019 in the U.S. alone, there have been 903,000 residential households and 2,254,673 commercial properties that equally create demand for bathroom cabinets as part of the bathroom facilities. But this is just the tip of the iceberg, as developing economies remain intact with the said industry making the figures go even higher.

    Of this, the largest regional market globally is that of Europe, with over 25.96% share in 2021. Furthermore, the wood segment accounted for a 34.58% share in the same year as far as market revenues are concerned.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 7
  2. Lifecycle

    Like other industries, the global bathroom cabinets market also has four phases in its life cycle: the introduction, growth, maturity, and decline phases, respectively.

    At the onset, dealers like you introduce your market offer and brand to the industry. By aiming to generate moderate growth and prioritizing a good balance between premium pricing and price affordability, you can start getting exposure. More than the economics of it, improving the quality and functionality of your product gives you a great start.

    And with the growing demand for key players in different factions of the market segment and developing economies, the growth stage for bathroom cabinets ensues. This is where distributors must highlight the significance of conducting market analysis and bathroom customization so they can continue to attract high remodeling demands.

    Soon enough, the maturity phase comes through where only moderate growth is rendered by dealers of bathroom cabinets. This is where you have reached the peak of potential sales and cross border investments from customers worldwide.

    And if the momentum is left unattended by the team behind the brand, dealers of bathroom cabinets may fail to keep up with remodeling demand from residential and commercial end users of such fixtures. If this occurs, the decline phase is bound to happen.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 8
  3. History Of Development

    The astounding bathroom vanities market growth started as wood segment accounted for washstands as the main fixtures in the bathroom of households and commercial spaces. Similar to a typical table, it served as a repository of water pitchers that end users can maximize to wash their faces and hands.

    As years passed by, other key market insights unveiled that cabinets dominating market revenues are key investment pockets for dealers and wholesalers. Soon, vintage bathroom vanities are introduced, triggering middle income economies investing to give ample focus on this promising product line.

    This product idea introduced a dry sink in the fixture, which eliminates the possibility of having a huge amount of water from spilling all over the bathroom floor. Also, it has a larger storage size which makes sense to serve its purpose of being a bathroom cabinet.

    Now, modern vanities infused with smart designs and technology have flocked the global bathroom cabinets market. With a surging real estate industry and upcoming projects coercing demand, cabinets dominating market revenues have reached the attention of the global community to instigate more sales transactions between dealers and consumers.

    Now, one can browse along merchants from North America, Middle East, and other emerging markets in Asia Pacific like South Korea displaying a market growth positively inclined into success as far as the global bathroom cabinets market is concerned.

    In the future years, it is expected that developing economies remain invested in terms of research and development since the market is continuously producing customization demands to achieve satisfaction. Specifically, technological components and more rigid materials for production will play crucial roles in creating bathroom vanity units soon.

    Thus, on the spectrum of dealers and wholesalers, it is important that they continue with the improvement of their market research skills so they can grasp and act upon market trends with full clarity.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 9
  4. Profit Model

    Like others in the manufacturing industry, the bathroom cabinet market makes use of a production model as its profit model. By definition, it entails the creation of a specific product that will be offered to end users through a sales transaction. To make it possible, they turn raw materials into finished goods with their distinct processes to add value.

    But additionally, the profit model works in this industry once dealers and wholesalers master the process of customization and formulation of a variety of designs. To satisfy the market, vendors of bathroom cabinets need to be capable of producing items that fit the needs and desires of end users.

    Consequently, the brand image of the dealers will be affected positively, since they will be known to be a reputable team that can produce functional yet aesthetically pleasing bathroom cabinets that can be a great addition to anyone's residential or commercial space.

    After the finished product is assembled by the manufacturer, these beautiful and durable furniture pieces are then sold to wholesalers and dealers who buy them in bulk. Consequently, they resell such bathroom cabinets to end users globally who are clamoring for a remodeling demand for their respective households and commercial spaces.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 10
  5. Upstream and downstream supply

    For the upstream supply of the global bathroom cabinets market, the production process is fundamental. Relevantly, the parties involved are those that own the raw materials needed to achieve the finished output and the manufacturers that will expend their operations to transform these raw supplies into a value-added product.

    On the other hand, dealers and wholesalers dominate the downstream supply of the global bathroom cabinets market. They coordinate with the manufacturers about the bathroom cabinets that they will purchase in accordance to the recent market trends and the industry's market share where they strive to earn profit for themselves.

    Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 11


Ⅳ. Competition


Given how promising the entire bathroom cabinets market is, it has influenced cross border investments which led to the formation of a rigid competitive landscape. With developing infrastructure facilities arising from one end to another as supported by government initiatives, members of the private sector are maximizing this economic hotspot in the market.

Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 12

  1. Competition Pattern

    To understand the competition pattern of the bathroom cabinets market, what needs to be done is to determine the four major considerations when dealing with industry rivalry and competition: barriers of entry, bargaining power of dealers, bargaining power of end users, and threats of substitutes.

    Primarily, the barriers of entry for the bathroom cabinets market is the network of connections that a dealer has with manufacturers. If you want to outstand others within your league, you have to make sure that your group of network for producers of various bathroom vanities is huge enough for you to win the top of the game.

    Moreover, the bargaining power of dealers rely on the skills that they have in coming up with commendable finished goods. If they offer personalized units due to customized countertop materials that they have, then they can leverage with their uniqueness so end users will be enticed to seal the deal with them.

    Adding up, end users also have a leverage on their part. After all, a sales transaction won't be settled without them consenting to it alongside the merchants. Thus, being a dealer with a commendable brand that drives potential market closer is necessary if one wants to attain victory in their operations despite such a fierce situation.

    And lastly, the threats for substitute is another crucial point of consideration for dealers within the bathroom cabinets market. If one tends to produce bathroom vanity unites that come without any unique selling proposition, chances are consumers will choose other options that are more functional and worth their money.

  2. Industry Impacts

    With the recent competitive landscape for the bathroom vanities market, dealers must also understand the corresponding impacts that these circumstances bring to the entire industry.

    Starting operations in terms of distribution and retail of bathroom vanities is not without the risks. Since the rivalry is now fierce amongst merchants, an aspiring dealer must provide an element of uniqueness in the products that he endorse to the market so he can get the attention of end users and generate demand from the market.

    Aside from achieving a fair price for the exchange, dealers must also prioritize the quality of the items being outsourced from manufacturers to keep the market satisfied and interested with their brand.


Ⅴ. Other Factor


Going beyond the economic part of the bathroom vanities market as an industry, there are also other factors that dealers and distributors must consider when they are eyeing to enter the competition and make a brand of their own.

Bathroom Cabinet Market Report 13

  1. Region Layout

    China, the largest producer of bathroom vanities, enjoys their abundance in resources to perform mass production of items. Considered as the world's factory of various supplies, other developing economies are also inclined with Chinese suppliers since they offer bathroom cabinets at lower prices.

    But for some countries with high import duty rate like the U.S., it can be difficult to build networks from Chinese suppliers since they have to price the items at a higher level to accommodate the expenses that they have to spend to get their hands on the product.

    Relevantly, dealers must be strategic in choosing where they will establish their business since the geographic location of each region or country has its positive and negative consequences to the future of the brand.

  2. Economic Level

    Also, the economic level of the environment where one dealer plans to start operating can have a major impact on the fate of the business. If economic indices like the inflation rate are high, then chances are the materials and other components of production will be expensive, causing them to struggle in finding the right suppliers.

    Also, dealers must consider the economic capability of potential end users within the area. They must assure that it matches the affordability of their items and that a shift in pricing strategies won't cause an abrupt turbulence in the market demand.

  3. Population Distribution

    Lastly, the demographics of a certain market can be crucial in the conduct of one's business. If there is a low population distribution over an area, it means that the demand for products like bathroom cabinets will be low. And unless the brand is well-known, it can be difficult to expand and reach more end users of the product.




For dealers and wholesalers of bathroom cabinets, the dynamics of the entire market is continuously heading into forming a much steeper direction. This means that as time passes, more intensive analytical procedures by must be executed to ensure a higher market share and a much stronger connection with the end users of the items that you offer.

Specifically, considering where and how you should start or expand your target market is one of the most crucial steps to make your brand more dependable and reliable for the majority of the market. By taking into account the findings of this market report, you have more chances of launching your business activity with bathroom cabinets successfully.

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