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How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide

For dealers and wholesalers of bathroom vanity units, customization plays a crucial role in terms of generating sales and building a remarkable brand name. Offering custom bathroom vanities designed to address the preferences of end users is a strategic step to clinch the confidence of the market.

So if you are wondering how you can make this happen with your product, here is a complete guide of producing unique bathroom vanities with a personal touch.

How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 1

Table of Contents:

Ⅰ. Composition Of The Bathroom Cabinet

Ⅱ. Choose A Suitable Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturer To Do Customized Services For You

Ⅲ. Bathroom Cabinet Customization Guide

    1. Choose Material Of Main Cabinet
    2. Color Customization, Surface Finish
    3. Choose Your Washing Part
    4. Choose Your Hardware Parts
    5. Different Packaging Of Bathroom Vanity

Final Thoughts


Ⅰ. Composition Of The Bathroom Cabinet

To make the top-selling custom bathroom vanities, you have to be familiar with the specific elements that make up this fixture.

  1. Main Cabinet

    The main cabinet serves as the primary structure of the bathroom vanity, where other supporting compositions are attached.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 2
  2. Countertop

    The countertop is the space above bath cabinets that can be used as a platform for the sink of the bathroom vanity and a supplementary space for other ornaments that can be attached with the said fixture.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 3
  3. Basin

    The basin or the sink serves its purpose of catching the water from the faucet and directing it to the pipe that leads to the drainage system.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 4
  4. Side Cabinet

    The side cabinet, which works as a hidden storage in bathroom vanities occupying a functional space, adds convenience for the benefit of the end user.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 5
  5. Mirror/Mirror Cabinet

    The mirror or mirror cabinet, which is typically used as a medicine cabinet, is among the elements that form part of the bathroom vanity top.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 6
  6. Shelf

    The shelf of typical and custom bathroom cabinetry provides additional space for toiletries and other stuff that the user may want to place in the bathroom.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 7
  7. Accessories

    Accessories boost the aesthetic value of the bathroom vanity and the entirety of the bathroom's internal layout.


Ⅱ. Choose A Suitable Bathroom Cabinet Manufacturer To Do Customized Services For You

Navigating the right supplier is pivotal in grabbing the best custom bathroom cabinetry to offer to your market. Here are the following considerations you must assess in doing so:

How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 8

  1. Enterprise Strength

    The financial performance of a custom bathroom cabinetry manufacturer directly depicts its performance in the market. If the supplier is economically affluent, it follows that it has satisfied the demands of its market.

  2. R & D Capabilities

    Strong research and development (R&D) capabilities serve as an edge of a customized bathroom vanity manufacturer since it allows them to be adaptable to the needs of the end users.

    • R&D Team

      The R&D team of the manufacturer must be involved in determining the recent cabinet door styles to create more variations in custom vanity units and reach a larger portion of the market.

    • R&D System

      The system of the manufacturer's R&D function must be organized to effectively collate the latest trends for custom vanity products and produce a broader range of products that will be offered to dealers and wholesalers.

    • Frequency of Product Launches

      If the manufacturer launches more customized bathroom vanities per month with variations, it goes to show that they are relentless in improving their R&D function of their company.

  3. Customization Process Complete or Not.

    The degree of customization applied on bath cabinets and vanities indicate the professionalism exhibited by the manufacturer in attending to the demands of their market.

  4. Reputation

    The overall reputation and social image of the manufacturer and its products like bath cabinets and vanities speak much about their overall performance in the industry.


Ⅲ. Bathroom Cabinet Customization Guide

After determining the right supplier of bath cabinets based on the mentioned considerations, here are the concrete actions that dealers and other sellers must note.

  1. Choose Material Of Main Cabinet

    First, the material of the main cabinet to be used must be determined since it will be the mainframe of the fixture where other compartments and accessories will be dependent on. If you want to learn more about this, you can check our previous articles.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 9
    1. Solid wood

      By default, solid wood is sturdy and a good choice of material for furniture like vanities and storage pieces like cabinetry for the large and small bathrooms. But over time, it can be affected by the moisture causing its expansion or contraction.

    2. Plywood

      Plywood is a commendable material of the main cabinet since it has a greater durability compared to solid wood. Moisture within the bathroom does not affect this material, causing the sturdiness of the vanities or cabinetry concerned.

    3. MDF

      MDF has a smoother surface compared to other materials and is available at a lower price. However, being wet for a long period of time can cause the material's disintegration.

    4. Particle board

      Particle boards can be economically beneficial as a material with its low cost but can also sag especially if countertops above the primary storage of the fixture are heavy.


  2. Color Customization, Surface Finish

    After selecting the material to be used on the bathroom vanity to be customized, the color and the surface finish of the furniture since it can make or break the style of the piece.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 10

    A. Different materials with different surface processes

    1. Solid wood

      1. Transparency Lacquer

        Transparency lacquer is a surface finish distinct for bathroom vanity and cabinets made using solid wood. Once coated on the material, it is easy to dry and maintains its transparent glow with the furniture.

      2. Paint

        About the paint for solid wood cabinets and storage space, oil-based or latex paint are suggested. The former has durability against moisture but can be harder to use, while the latter appears to be the complete opposite of the same.

    2. Plywood And MDF

      1. Paint

        When using plywood and MDF, latex paint is the commended material to coat the color of the vanity because of its ease of use. Concerning durability, epoxy paints can be used as well.

      2. Melamine Treatment

        With a two-level layer, melamine is suggested for plywood and MDF since one can further customize the vanity's pop of color and has a wipe clean surface for the cabinets.

      3. Veneer Finish

        Common for MDF and plywood, a veneer finish takes on the design of a thin layer of wood glued on the surface. To make it suitable for interiors, a special polish is made to make it more appropriate on dry, small spaces.

      4. Thermoforming Finish

        Given the surface of plywood and MDF, thermoplastic sheets are coated on the material used to add gloss on the finish of the vanity.

    3. Particle board

      1. Melamine Finish

        To further solidify the strength of the particle board, melamine finish is a great addition to the surface of the cabinets. It is water-resistant and thermally fused on the said resin coating.

    B. The features of different surfaces

    Among the surface finishes mentioned, the compatibility of the material used for the cabinets and storage spaces and the coating used will determine the overall marketability of the vanity units.

    Assessing the pros and cons of each pair, the solid wood with a paint coating stands out because of the intact combination between the mixture and the material for the fixture.

    C. Further details

    If you want to learn more about the surface technicality of the bathroom vanity, you can take a look at our previous articles.


  3. Choose Your Washing Part

    After solidifying the style of the main cabinets, the parts of the vanities' sinks must be selected to boost the functionality of the bathroom vanity being designed.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 11
    • Combination Type

      The style of the fusion between the sinks and the cabinets can vary depending on the functionality desired by the market and the appropriateness of the style for the bathroom's layout.

      1. Integrated basin

        For integrated basins, the sinks are assembled intact with the cabinets without any separating surface.

      2. Countertop+above counter basin

        For this type, the cabinets have a countertop surface above where the basins are positioned.

      3. Coutertop+under counter basin

        A countertop surface is assembled atop of the cabinet with a sink attached below the material used to separate the storage space of the fixture.

    • Countertop Materials

      Marble, quartz stone, artificial stone, and wood panel are the typical materials used to build the countertop of the vanity.

    • Basin Materials

      For the basin attached on the vanity, the common materials used include porcelain, ceramic, marble, glass, and artificial stone.


  4. Choose Your Hardware Parts

    The penultimate step is attaching the hardware parts to conjoin the elements of the cabinets and other attachments that complete the style of the furniture.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 12
    • Hardware Components

      1. Hinge

        Hinges are used for the smooth movement of the cabinet's door when being opened or closed.

      2. Guide rail

        Guide rails add up to the convenience of using vanity units in the bathroom. Manufacturers install them to facilitate easy motion when pulling or pushing the door of the cabinet's layers.

        • Different Guide Rails Analysis

          1. Steel Ball Guide Rail

            Installed on both sides of the drawer box, a steel ball guide rail does not introduce a soft close and push to open function for the vanity unit and is commonly used for cheap products.

          2. Sliding Soft Close Guide Rail

            A sliding soft close guide rail is installed at the drawer box's bottom part which aids in a soft close and push to open function for mid to high-end bathroom vanity.

          3. Sliding Box Guide Rail

            Suitable for high-end products, a sliding box guide rail has a great quality and a luxurious finish.

      3. Handle

        The handle makes it easier for the exterior surface of the cabinet to move along the direction that the user is giving ample force to.

    • Hardware Brands

      • BLUM and DTC are the common brands known for producing quality hardware parts for vanity units used by dealers worldwide.


  5. Different Packaging Of Bathroom Vanity

    Lastly, the packaging of the vanity is the last yet crucial thing to consider when providing customized services to ensure the retention of the quality from the warehouse to the user's door steps.

    How To Custom Bathroom Vanity - Ultimate Guide 13

    How many type of packaging?

    Two types of packaging are widely supported by dealers which include:

    1. Pre Assembled Pack

      This type of packaging works by completing the build of the vanity first before covering it with the packaging material and transporting the same.

      This type of packaging works best for classical flooring and bathroom vanity units that may make use of paint as the main coating of the surface.

      The benefit of doing this type of packaging is the ease on the end of users who purchased it via shopping. Upon receipt, the product is ready to use and prepared for display on the allotted space for it.

      However, this type of packaging can be costly since a pre-assembled vanity unit is typically huge in size, requiring manufacturers to use more packaging materials to ensure its safety.

    2. Flat Pack

      Contrary to the former, it transports the elements of the vanity unit in a single shipment unassembled.

      The product that fits best for this packaging are vanity units with a melamine finish, since the coating has attached itself on the surface already which allows the materials used to be free from any smudges.

      The advantage of flat pack packaging is that it consumes lesser space but has a greater quantity of shipments because of the vanity elements' partitions.

      However, this can affect the quality of the entire product once delivered since a broken element can ruin the entire fixture and may cost the user more to assemble it properly.

    How to choose packaging type?

    • Sales Channels

      The role of sales channels is significant in this part since each shipment courier can provide dealers with a variety of options about the mode of transporting the unit and the materials used to protect the same.


Final Thoughts

Planning to customize and produce bathroom vanities designed with variation is an intricate process. More than considering the cabinet door styles and the form of hidden storage to be added on the fixture, there are numerous other considerations that must be noted for dealers and wholesalers.

By ensuring the right suppliers, materials, and styles of bathroom fixture while considering the space of the room and other preferences of the user, rest assured that you can gravitate more sales and engagement from the entire market.

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