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13 Popular Led Mirror Designs

The integration of led lights and wall mirror has paved the way for the creation of modern led mirror, which has seemingly taken the lead in the current market. This presents a vital economic opportunity dealers and wholesalers. These fixtures help beautify every corner of the household to which they are attached, giving added value on the said property which attract a potential customer.

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 1

What helps dealers to generate sales from this modern product is its mere functionality. Unlike the traditional wall mirror, lighted bathroom mirrors present a more convenient way of seeing reflections because of the light bulbs installed around its surface. But more than its use, there are a few more factors that boost the marketability of any lighted mirror.


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Choosing the Right Led Mirror For Yourself

13 Latest Design Trends for Led Mirror

    1. Frameless Backlit Mirror
    2. Frameless Backlit Halo Mirror
    3. Frameless Led Built-in Mirror
    4. Frost Acrylic Framed Led Mirror
    5. Framed Led Mirror
    6. Belt Hanging Led Mirror
    7. Magnifying Led Bathroom Mirror
    8. Ice Led Mirror
    9. Infinity Led Mirror
    10. Hollywood Mirror
    11. Loudspeaker Design Led Mirror
    12. Bucciano LED Mirror
    13. Led Mirror with Special Edge Design

Final Thoughts


Choosing the Right Led Mirror For Yourself

The design of lighted bathroom mirrors vary in size, shapes, and the positioning of the led lighting. Although some led mirrors are installed in the living room, most users tend to put a wall mirror inside the bathroom, which is crucial for the led lighting of the fixture.

For safety purposes of the electrical component, dealers must consider offering mirrors with either backlit or overhead lighting. They may also search for led mirror units with touch sensor to give further convenience to the customer. Also, they may opt for a led mirror with a dimmable light to give their buyers the option of adjusting the intensity of the illumination.


13 Latest Design Trends for Led Mirror

Now that the impact made by the aspect of design on sales is made clear, here is a list of 13 led mirror design trends you may consider offering to your customer in the future.


1: Frameless Backlit Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 2

Frameless backlit mirrors divert from the conventional design of a bathroom mirror. With led lights installed at the back of the product's surface, its frameless design gives the lighted mirror a sleek and smooth finish. This wall mounted glass mirror is perfect for bathroom and vanity space where ambient lighting is needed.

Aside from its impeccable design, what makes this modern frameless backlit mirror a great offer for dealers is its dimming feature, which makes the fixture an energy efficient unit. It also has other optional functions like a bluetooth speaker and a defogger which may further suffice the preferences of potential users of a led lighted bathroom mirror.


2: Frameless Backlit Halo Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 3
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 4
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 5

Most fitting as bathroom mirror units, these frameless backlit halo mirrors take on a rectangular, circular, and oval forms. With the led lighting installed at the back of these lighted mirrors, they come in a frameless style to accentuate and illuminate the reflection of the user who's taking a glimpse of themselves in its surface.

The design of this lighted mirror introduces a defogger which makes its function as a bathroom mirror more beneficial for users. Moreover, it has a motion sensor which eases the use of the led lights at the back of the mirror. And with its waterproof surface, its lighting component will not be compromised by any water splash.


3: Frameless Led Built-in Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 6
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 7
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 8

These frameless led built-in mirrors appear with a sleek style with the positioning of its led lighting component. This rectangular lighted mirror has its led lights installed at the facade of the mirror's surface. With a frameless design, this led lighted bathroom mirror also features a motion sensor, defogger, and a dimming option for its users.

Compared to most lighted mirrors prominent in the market, these frameless led built-in mirrors are a great fit as a bathroom mirror since they can elegantly enhance the facial features of its user. This is because the lighting designers positioned the led lights at the front to further brighten the reflection compared to led mirrors with a backlit lighting.


4: Frost Acrylic Framed Led Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 9

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 10
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 11
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 12

This frost acrylic framed led mirror gives a twist on the design of the typical framed mirror. Its led strip is unviewable because it is embedded within the transparent frame of the fixture which adds up to the neat appearance of the lighting mirror.

Also, this design comes with a defogger, a dimming feature, and a motion sensor which concurrently aid in the ease of use. These make this unit a commendable bathroom mirror product because any accumulating droplets due to the moisture level of the room won't be a problem for its user.

Compared to other modern led mirrors, this led lighted mirror further ensures the safety of its user. The brilliant idea to use an acrylic frame and enclose the led strip in it is much like hitting two birds with one stone. The style itself addresses the security issue of the led lighted mirror while offering a higher level of lighting for the entire face of one's reflection.


5: Framed Led Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 13

Contrary to the ordinary, this framed led mirror infuses a modern approach to the fixture by securing the lighting of the glass with an aluminum frame around it. The design also comes with modern features such as motion sensors, a dimming feature, and defoggers to name a few.

An ideal bathroom mirror, this led lighted mirror adds a greater level of security for the surface of the mirror without putting the lighting component in a compromising position. Unlike frameless led lighted mirrors, this design is furnished to prevent any accidental pressure to cause the breakage of the glass material used.


6: Belt Hanging Led Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 14

This belt hanging led lighted mirror presents a cool way of displaying a mirror in style. Unlike frameless mirrors with installed lights, it comes with an aluminum frame that surrounds the surface of the fixture. With a fair size that can complement the layout of bathrooms and any other room, it has a belt at the back to easily hang and install it across the wall.

Most lighted mirrors are fixated on the wall to secure its sturdiness. However, this design breaks free from the conventional and offers mobility for its users. This allows them to bring this lighted mirror anywhere in the house and brighten their faces even at night from the place where they put or remove their makeup.


7: Magnifying Led Bathroom Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 15

The modern design of this lighted mirror takes on a wall mounted mirror with a led lighting component in front of the mirror's surface. With an aluminum frame to secure the glass material used in the fixture, this vanity piece is equipped with a magnifying piece at the lower right side which gives its users a nearer view of their face.

Perfect for bathrooms or vanity spaces, this piece is among the lighted mirrors with a modern design. Since it is equipped with a smaller glass with a cool magnifying effect, users can easily create their daily routine for their skin and any preferred makeup look since they can give further attention to the smaller details of their faces.


8: Ice Led Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 16

A part of the collection of modern lighted mirrors with a secured lighting mechanism, this ice led mirror offers a framed wall mounted fixture that illuminates any space in the room where it is installed. With an ice pattern around its frame, it gives off a cool mood to the light produced by the led lights.

The material used for the frame of the mirror blends with the smooth finish of the glass material, together with the ice pattern around it. And to further accentuate the unique design of this fixture, the lights emitted by the led strips embedded within the frame makes all the sides of this mirror bright and clear.

This concept is great when sourcing for mirrors with lights for the bathroom, since the electric component of the piece is safeguarded by its actual design. Furthermore, it helps users to get further brightness from the mirror compared when using one with a backlit feature for its lighting component.


9: Infinity Led Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 17

This infinity led mirror is among the few pieces of lighted mirrors with an exquisitely modern design. With a rustic base to support the surface of the fixture, it supports a pair of mirrors facing each other with a led strip patterned on its form in the center.

Once turned on, its electric features make an illusion of infinite mirrors in one view which explains the name of this design. Also, this mirror can be a great choice of decor in any room or vanity space because it has a bright and striking appeal which illuminates and radiates brightness from any certain spot.

The style of this item is unique in itself, but its stand-out feature is that it secures the pair of mirrors used to make the actual fixture. Being a two-faced mirror piece, this can also be a mobile product which may come in handy since its size can be customized.


10: Hollywood Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 18

Suitable for dealers attending to the needs of customers who groom themselves more often, this hollywood mirror has been the iconic representation of lighted mirrors. Commonly used as a vanity mirror in every personal space, this mirror is studded with light bulbs around its surface.

This mirror can be mounted on the wall on a fixated position or be used as a table top fixture for mobility and convenience. Moreover, this piece comes as it is without the need for any assembly once sold to interested buyers.

This hollywood mirror is the best product of choice when the primary concern is the brightness since the light bulbs attached around its surface illuminate the smaller details of one's face when fixing a make up or hair, for instance.


11: Loudspeaker Design Led Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 19

This led mirror with a loudspeaker design takes the surface of the fixture on an embossed form to accentuate the piece. With a thin frame to secure the lighting component, the circumference of the mirror serves as the source of illumination for the product.

This lighted mirror is suitable for bathrooms because of the uniqueness of the design. Since the mirror is embossed, the led light source is more exposed compared to that of backlit mirrors which offers a brighter reflection of the subject.


12: Bucciano LED Mirror

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 20

With a defogger feature, this bucciano led mirror comes with a small fixture attached on another layer of lighting component. But to give it a cool finish, the two elements have an asymmetrical alignment. This causes a crescent illusion of the led mirror design to be formed by the fixture and the led lighting.

Given the design of this lighted mirror, this piece offers a more intensified level of brightness from the light source. Also, unlike other led lighted bathroom mirrors that can be installed, this fixture can also serve the purpose of being an elegant decor that one may hang around the room.


13: Led Mirror with Special Edge Design

13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 21
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 22
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 23
13 Popular Led Mirror Designs 24

This led mirror design offers a more vibrant illumination for dealers and wholesalers of the said glass fixtures. The led light source, where the mirror piece is attached at the center, emits a wide array of shades apart from the typical bright white tone. Moreover, the pattern of the led strip enclosed in the glass surface can vary to create different shapes.

This vanity piece can also be a commendable decor because of the striking colors of its led light source. It has the ability to create an uplifting ambiance on the space where it is situated, which is ideal for make up preparation and the like.


Final Thoughts

More than a plain decor, led mirrors create a bright spot in vanity spaces and bathrooms. These fixtures, when working properly with its full features, can help reflections to be seen and appreciated easily.

However, the intricacy of choosing a variety of led mirror designs for the part of wholesalers and manufacturers must be addressed. The efficiency of the electric component, along with the coordination of the piece's elements, must be considered before a led mirror becomes visually marketable.

Functionality and style must go hand and hand when deliberating on the specific products to be sourced and put on sale. Otherwise, the economic opportunities within the industry will not be maximized. Thus, considering these modern designs for led mirrors will be of great help in making the most out of what these brilliant fixtures can offer!

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