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How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide

Custom led mirror is a growing trend in the consumer market in recent years. This is because of the convenience brought by the product's functionality--scanning the reflection of the face or a particular subject in an illuminated manner, just like taking advantage of a natural light. Hence, dealers and wholesalers must maximize this economic opportunity to render growth.

With an ability to make a room feel larger, lighted mirrors offer such an amazing feature with the aid of its led lighting. But despite being a fanciful fixture, assembling a vanity mirror of superior quality is harder than it looks like. So if you are wondering how to make the perfect custom backlit mirrors, here is the best guide that you'll ever need:

How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 1

Table of Contents: 

Ⅰ. Composition Of The Led Mirror

Ⅱ. Choose A Suitable Led Mirror Manufacturer To Do Customized Services For You

Ⅲ. Led Mirror Customization Guide

    1. Choose Design & Dimensions
    2. Choose Functions You Need
    3. Choose Led Strip Type
    4. Choose Driver
    5. Confirm the Structure
    6. Plug or Hardwire

Final Thoughts


Ⅰ. Composition Of The Led Mirror

Before going to the details, the first thing that must be taken note of is the familiarization of the elements that make up a vanity mirror with an installed led lighting. This will help dealers and manufacturers to know which components must be prioritized when the sourcing process begins.

  1. Mirror

    Considered as the base of the fixture, the mirror serves as the centerpiece of backlit mirrors since it is where the reflection of the face is displayed.

  2. Electrical System

    The electrical system of custom backlit mirrors is what separates it from other typical fixtures--this brings the illuminating feature of lighted mirrors into the next level.

    How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 2
    • Led Light

      The led light serves as the natural light source for lighted mirrors which makes the subject's reflection clearer.

    • Led Driver

      A crucial component of the electrical system, led driver serves as the regulator of the led light which supplies the light source for custom lighted mirrors.

    • Function Module

      A function module is a device containing led emitters. This sets itself apart from traditional led bulbs since they can be installed and give illumination to pieces with narrow surfaces like the back portion of lighted mirrors.

  3. Hardware Parts

    The hardware parts of lighted mirrors solidify the glass structure of the said fixture. They also complete the functionality of the mirror with a led lighting installed within it.

    How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 3
    • Frame

      The frame serves as the enclosure of the glass surface of the mirror. Also, it serves as the base where the function module and the entire electrical system will be installed.

    • Wire & Plug

      The wire & plug serves as the backbone of the electrical system of lighted mirrors. They regulate the flow of electricity on the entire circuit which makes the entire led lighting work.


Ⅱ. Choose A Suitable Led Mirror Manufacturer To Do Customized Services For You

After the primary components of lighted mirrors are determined, identifying the driving factors in choosing the worthy custom led mirror manufacturer is the next big task for dealers and wholesalers.

How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 4

  1. Enterprise Strength

    A manufacturer of custom lighted mirrors must have a proven, decent financial performance since it indicates that the quality of the fixtures being produced are trusted by end users in the market, being reflected by the sales of the said party.

  2. R & D Capabilities

    Given how crucial the electrical component of the lighted mirror's led lighting is, the manufacturer's R&D capabilities must be efficient to ensure that the product will be working fine for the benefit of the end users while achieving variation in terms of style of the mirrors.

    • R&D Team

      The R&D team of the manufacturer should possess professionalism and awareness of the recent trends of led mirrors to continuously attend to the demands of end users. This will be pivotal in making the most out of the shifting demands of the market.

    • R&D System

      Also, the system of the manufacturer's R&D team must be organized to ensure that the preferred design of custom led mirror of the end users can be achieved effortlessly by the staff in charge for production.

    • Launching of New Products

      A manufacturer who is capable of releasing a fresh design of custom led mirror frequently is one which is adaptable to the changing preferences of the market. This proves that the R&D team of the company has a fast approach in responding to what the end users want in terms of the style of the product.

  3. Completeness of Customization Process

    An ideal manufacturer is one which is capable of inserting enticing features for every custom led mirror launched. This means that the customization must be a major one, instead of variation only reflected on the product's color, shape, and the like.

  4. Reputation

    Also, the manufacturer must have a good social image from end users since it is directly reflective of their overall performance in the market. This may imply that the led lighting of their mirrors are working fine and the overall functionality of the fixture is proven to be effective when used in the long run.


Ⅲ. Led Mirror Customization Guide

Now that the selection process for the custom led mirror manufacturer is complete, the technicalities of the customization procedure must be given focus. It will help dealers and wholesalers to ensure that they can satisfy the demands and preferences of the market.

  1. Choose Design & Dimensions

    The first thing to consider is the design and dimension of the lighted mirror. Dealers must consider the possible positions of the mirror in the home such as in the bathroom, bed room, or living room and ensure that the attachment of the led light will be effective enough to illuminate the mirror's perimeters.

    How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 5
  2. Choose Functions You Need

    As the dimensions and the design of the mirror are finalized, the next thing to assemble is the set of functions that will be enforced on the product being designed. In this phase, the functionality and practicality for the end users must be equitably given the same attention to achieve a sense of balance for the final output.

    1. Switch Type

      The switch type for the backlit mirror must be determined to envision how the unit will be put into use by people. There are two primary choices for this part, including:

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 6
      • Touch Switch

        The touch switch offers the conventional design for power ignition of mirrors with a lighting component. This works by pressing the switch to turn the led lights off/on and adjust the brightness level of the leds.

      • Motion Sensor Switch

        From the name itself, a motion sensor switch works by detecting movement from the sensor switch. This is a more convenient option for end users since they do not need to make an effort to press anything on the surface of the mirror.

    2. Defogger System

      A defogger system works in the form of a self-adhesive sheet on the surface of the lighted mirror which prevents fog from accumulating within the glass material. It is an essential feature for led mirrors since they can be used conveniently even in an area with low temperatures and high moisture like the bedroom or bathroom.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 7
    3. Dimmable/CCT Adjusting

      The dimmable or correlated color temperature function for led mirrors is another commendable addition for the technical specifications of the product since it offers the illuminating effect of the led strips in different brightness levels. Also, it can help bring an energy-saving feature for the benefit of conservative users of a lighted mirror.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 8
    4. RGBW Light

      An RGBW light is a specific color combination which is supplemental when the end user wants to express a specific atmosphere. Since it has a broader range of the lighting component's colors, any type of preferred ambiance can be achieved easily with just a few clicks on the fixture's switch.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 9
    5. Magnifier

      A magnifier is handy when self-grooming is a concern for end users. Perfect for salons where shaving facial hair and applying makeup are done, this is a great feature for a lighted mirror since it helps one to view the surface of the face with clarity on a nearer viewpoint.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 10
    6. TV Smart Display

      A TV smart display feature creates the illusion of watching any show within the surface of the mirror. The trick works by installing the tv unit beneath the mirror which can be seen when powered on and hidden when it is turned off.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 11
    7. LED Digital Clock

      Dealers can bring a whole new level of comfort for end users of a led mirror if they include a LED digital clock in their product, which assures the sense of time of people who are always on the go when preparing.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 12
    8. Bluetooth System

      With the help of a bluetooth system installed in a lighted mirror, certain activities that can be done on a phone device can be performed on a larger screen. Activating other functions like the defogger and TV smart display can also be made with ease when this system is in place.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 13
    9. USB and Outlet

      Also, a USB and outlet feature can be a smart choice for dealers if they want to give their lighted mirror product an elevated digital touch for end users to perform more activities within the glass surface of the mirror.

      How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 14
  3. Choose Led Strip Type

    After considering the innovative functions to be incorporated on the lighted mirror unit, the distinct type of led strip to be used for the lighting component of the product must be decided on as well.

    How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 15
    1. Chip Type

      The chip type of the led strip to be used will affect the power level of the brightness brought by the led emitters, which must be paired effectively with the dimensions of the mirror itself.

      • 2835

        Producing 350 to 720 lumen of light, a 2835 led strip has a smaller size compared to other chip types which makes it compatible for mirrors with smaller frame sizes. This can create an accentuated effect on the end user's face, for instance, when they stare on the surface of the mirror.

      • 5050

        A 5050 led strip can produce at least 1,000 lumen of light and comes on a larger size, making it a suitable attachment for lighted mirrors with big dimensions and measurements.

    2. Number of LED chips

      The number of led chips per strip can also be a material factor in the resulting brightness level brought by the lighted mirror unit. The common range of led chips can go from 30 pieces to 120 pieces per meter, with the latter being the most commendable since it can emit a stronger portion of light.

    3. CRI

      The color rendering index (CRI) in a backlit mirror is an indicator that can measure the degree of rendering of different colors under an artificial light source compared to when a natural light is used. The basic logic in this function is that the higher the figure, the more enhanced the colors will be reflected by the mirror.

    4. Lighting of The Led Strip

      Penultimately, the lighting of the led strip to be used must be determined. This can be a make-or-break factor when designing any backlit mirror since it should match the preference of the end users.

      1. Single color

        The most typical option, a single color led strip releases a single color temperature and is a great fit for those who need a standard tone of illumination when using the lighted mirror like those applying makeup often.

      2. Double color

        A double color led strip can create a CCT adjusting feature since it can emit two color temperatures. This can be great for end users who want the daily use of the backlit mirror inside the bedroom.

      3. Tricolor

        A tricolor led strip can emit more than two color temperatures of light, which produces a greater illumination on any space where the mirror will be installed. This often comes at the highest price because of the number of led chips involved to make this work.

    5. Running light

      A running light function makes the illusion of a dynamic lighting system, which works by means of a pre-designated pattern of light ignition for the led strips. This can be a great addition for the backlit mirror if the mood of the space wants to be uplifted with a touch of fashion.

  4. Choose Driver

    After dealing with the led strip, the led driver must be given a priority as well. Coming off either waterproof or not, several brands of led drivers offer to transform and enhance the brightness of the lighting mechanism attached to the custom led mirror.

    How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 16
    • Philips Xitanium LED Driver

      Philips Xitanium LED Driver is a commendable brand for led drivers since it has been known to withstand moisture, corrosion, and high temperature. Hence, this brand is compatible for any led mirror positioned in the bathroom where water moisture level is high.

    • Osram LED Driver

      With over a lifetime of 10,000 hours, Osram LED driver is another dependable brans of power regulator when it comes to led lighting. It makes use of a low ripple design which allows for an energy efficient and better quality for the lights which subsequently lead to more elegant styles of led mirrors.

    • Lutron LED Driver

      Lutron LED Driver can support up to 25 watts of power which makes it compatible to most led lighting mechanisms for mirrors. Also, it has a dimming design that allows the led emitter to be powered on from 1% to 100%, making it another suggested brand for it can bring an energy efficient choice for dealers.

    • Texas Instruments LED Driver

      Texas Instruments LED Driver offers a thermal management design which promotes the safety of use of the led mirror and any other appliance using it. Powered by automotive batteries, this led driver can help backlit mirrors to improve the mood of the room where the fixture is installed.

    • Inventronics LED Driver

      The collection of led drivers from Inventronics allows the usage of fewer SKUs without imposing an increase of price for dealers. This is made possible by designing led drivers that can support higher watts.

    • Meanwell LED Driver

      With a flicker-free design, the Meanwell LED driver can help add luxury and beauty to one's bathroom by regulating the led lighting of the backlit mirror positioned either in the bedroom or bathroom.

  5. Confirm the Structure

    Since the custom led mirror is almost complete, the next things to consider is the structure of the fixture to make sure that the glass structure of the mirror is safe from breakage.

    How To Custom LED Mirrors - Ultimate Guide 17
    • Screw hole

      The screw hole is a significant part of the custom led mirror since it is where the screw will be attached. Found at the back of the aluminum frame, this allows the product to be installed against the wall with ease.

    • Hook

      A substitute element for the screw hole, hook makes the custom led mirror attached to the wall of the place where it will be positioned. But unlike the former, this is easier to use since it clings directly against the mirror's aluminum frame to keep the product sturdy and in place.

    • Hanger Strip

      The hanger strip further improves the stability of the custom led mirror as it is hung against the wall. When one of its parts is attached along the mirror's aluminum frame and the other one of the wall, the product remains suspended in the air in a sturdy manner once installed.

  6. Plug or Hardwire

    Lastly, the plug must be installed so that the entire lighting system will operate. For this part, there are 2-pin and 3-pin plugs available for use. 3-pin plugs can manage the electric current of circuits better than the traditional 2-pin plugs, but its cost can be greater than that of the latter.


Final Thoughts

Custom led mirrors are gaining popularity in the global market, but dealers and wholesalers must understand that there's so much to consider when trying to offer products like this to end users. Especially given the sensitive nature of lighted mirrors, it is significant to be keen on the elements to be used so that functionality will not be compromised.

A competitive manufacturer of vanity mirror with led lights, alongside the specific features of the product, are key to a successful bargain with users of illuminated mirrors. So make the most out of this ultimate guide in developing custom backlit mirrors and achieve the superior quality of market offer for your valued market!

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