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How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity

Dealers and wholesalers can benefit economically upon investing into bathroom vanity units, since these products are gaining the momentum for the global market at the moment. Thus, delving deeper into the quality of bathroom vanities can be a strategic move to seal the deal with end users of such furniture and avoid any commotion from arising.

How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 1


Table of Contents: 

Ⅰ. Packaging Inspection

Ⅱ. Parts Check

    1. Main Cabinet
    2. Side Cabinet
    3. Countertop & Sink Check (If Included)
    4. Shelf (If Included)
    5. Mirror/Mirror Cabinet (If Included)
    6. Accessories
    7. Faucet (If Included)
    8. Sink Stopper (If Included)

Ⅲ. Installation

Ⅳ. Functional Check



Ⅰ. Packaging Inspection

Upon receipt of the bathroom vanity unit from the manufacturer, the initial quality assessment is attributed towards the packaging of the order. If the storage space of the packaging material used has extra space or enough room to enclose the components of the bathroom vanity, then rest assured that there are no damages for the product.

Should there be visible dents or holes on the packaging material used, the attention of the manufacturer must be called for to come up with a resolution whether a replacement bathroom vanity unit will be sent or any other considerable options.

How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 2


Ⅱ. Parts Check

After ensuring that the packaging of the bathroom vanity unit is free from any damage, its individual components must be inspected.

  1. Main Cabinet

    The main cabinet space serves as the centerpiece of master bathroom vanities, since it provides ample storage space for the end user to store his or her bathroom essentials like toilet paper. That is why checking the condition thereof is fundamental in assessing the entire quality of the product.

    1. Check the Cabinet Door

      The cabinet door must be checked to ensure that it is part of the parcel delivered by the manufacturer. This is because a freestanding vanity or a wall mounted vanity will not be functional if it does not have this component to complete and enclose the furniture's storage space.

      Moreover, the quality of the cabinet door's hinge must be inspected. It must be free from any rust or crack to ensure that it can smoothen the swinging motion of the said component as the end user gets his or her hands into the said bathroom vanity unit with two doors.

      How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 3
    2. Check the Drawer

      After ensuring that the cabinet door is intact, the compartment for the drawer must also be checked. Like that of the former, the drawer plays a significant role in terms of the extra storage features of a single bathroom vanity set with at least one drawer.

      Upon doing so, dealers and wholesalers must also check the quality of the drawer's guide rail. This is a pivotal element for bathroom vanities with six drawers, for instance, since they provide convenience for end users when storing cleaning supplies and the like on the drawers of the vanity cabinet.

      How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 4
    3. Check the Materials Used

      Since bathroom vanities make use of different materials for the surface of the fixture, it is imperative for dealers and wholesalers to check the condition of the said material. But since not everyone is expert in this matter, it is highly suggested for you to outsource components at a reputable manufacturer.

      How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 5
      • Solid Wood

        When the bathroom vanity makes use of solid wood as its material, it is suggested for dealers to look at the finish of the surface. Also, leaning on the solid wood to check its stability is another great way to ensure that it is a durable component for bathroom decor like vanity drawers or storage.

      • Plywood

        If plywood is the main material used for a vanity cabinet unit, checking for bumps on its surface is a great way of assessing its condition. Also, taking into account the clean lines and normal thickness of plywood, which ranges from 4mm to 25 mm, is great to ensure that the material is of good quality.

      • MDF

        Medium density fiberboard is known for its flawless texture, which is just what the material should appeal to the senses. But since it involves the use of formaldehyde in the production, ensuring the quality assurance seal from the merchant is a smarter way to confirm that it is a reputable material.

      • Particle Board

        To check the quality of the particle board, dealers may expose it to small bathrooms or areas with high moistures. Since it is known to have low resistance against moisture, seeing discoloration on its surface implies that the material for the bathroom vanities is authentic.

    4. Make a Visual Check

      Lastly, checking the quality of the main cabinet entails a general visual check. After verifying the authenticity of the materials and components used for this furniture, dealers must check if they look appealing once combined together as a bathroom vanity unit.

      How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 6
  2. Side Cabinet

    Especially if the new bathroom vanity is exquisite such as that with side functional drawers, dealers must ensure that the condition of its individual components are great. Like that of the main cabinet, they must inspect the hinges used for the two cabinet doors and the material used for the said fixture.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 7
  3. Countertop & Sink Check (If Included)

    In the case of an integrated sink, single sink vanity, or other models that involve countertops, making sure that the quality of the materials used is commendable is a must. For instance, identifying the durability of the solid wood used for the countertop is essential to secure the stability of the bathroom vanity once handed over to the end user.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 8
  4. Shelf (If Included)

    If your single sink vanity or integrated sink has some shelves included into it, you also have to inspect that quality materials are used for it. Aside from considering the personal taste of end users, ensuring that its small spaces are water resistant and that its layout still give off a clean look for the furniture are points to ponder upon as well.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 9
  5. Mirror/Mirror Cabinet (If Included)

    To maximize the counter space and make up space for a powder room section, some bathroom vanity models like wall mounted vanity and single sink vanity come off with mirror cabinets. Considering how fragile this component can be, inspecting the sturdiness of the glass and its frame is a must-do when running an inspection of the unit.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 10
  6. Accessories

    Accessories further advance the appeal of bathroom vanities. Hence, depending on the type of the bathroom vanity model, certain accessories can be used to improve the aesthetic value of the said piece.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 11
    • A. Floor Mounted Bathroom Vanity

      For floor mounted bathroom vanity models, the main hardware accessories include the handles and legs of the furniture. Checking the sturdiness of these two quality materials is crucial since they can make or break the entire condition of the fixture once handed over to the end user.

    • B. Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity

      For wall mounted bathroom vanities, quality materials for hinges and screws should be the top priority to be inspected by the dealers. Ensuring that they give way for soft close doors while achieving a clean, contemporary look is another important consideration to take note of.

  7. Faucet (If Included)

    For bathroom vanities that involve a double sink, vessel sink, ceramic sink, or sink basin, checking the brushed nickel finish faucet is important as well. This is because the water supply can make or break the quality construction involved in producing the cabinets and drawers of the vanity unit.

    Thus, the plumbing is another area of concern for faucets or sinks. This is because the most affected part of bathroom vanities that include sinks and faucets are the storage spaces which are normally positioned at the bottom. Despite the countertop using quality materials like white marble, securing a good plumbing for the unit is still necessary.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 12
  8. Sink Stopper (If Included)

    Relevant to the plumbing condition, installing a sink stopper for bathroom vanities that involve ceramic sink or vessel sink is crucial in securing that the faucet hole with a brushed nickel finish will not cause any commotion for the end user when the tap is left turned in case he or she decides to take a half bath.

    Even if the sink vanity includes a white marble top, a clean yet contemporary look will only be achieved once the countertop is free from any puddle. Also, this guarantees that the cabinets will not have their quality degraded due to water supply.

    How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 13


Ⅲ. Installation

After confirming that the condition of the materials and pieces of a single bathroom vanity set is stable, dealers and wholesalers must ensure that the product can be assembled into one piece. This takes into account the packaging made by the manufacturer in shipping the single bathroom vanity, which can be any of the following:

How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 14

  • A. Pre Assembled Pack

    • A pre-assembled pack means that the single bathroom vanity set has been shipped in one piece at its finished form. Meaning, the installation is rendered complete by the manufacturer and that quality construction has already been ensured.

      Dealers must be keen to the placement of the individual components of the product. They must ensure that the accessories, for instance, can be adjusted and loosened if necessary. The completeness of the hardware materials used in assembling the product must be inspected too.

  • B. Flat Pack

    • In terms of a flat pack, the single bathroom vanity set has been sent disassembled, which gives the dealers and wholesalers to check the possibility of the product to be assembled.

      To further ensure the quality construction poured on the single bathroom vanity set, the completeness and durability of each component must be front and center in the inspection process. Afterwards, the procedural installation of materials used in the product must be done to check if it can be built and use as a single unit.

      When completing the assembly process, the standard height of the cabinets and positioning of the drawers must be taken into consideration. Aside from aspiring for a furniture with a modern finish, the functionality and storage space for the same must not be compromised.

Either way, once the single bathroom vanity set has been assembled, that is the time that the quality construction can be asserted to have been rendered by the manufacturer. Once the installation is complete, the sink vanity, for instance, can be judged to have a satisfactory quality as a whole.


Ⅳ. Functional Check

Upon completing the installation of the vanity unit, the next thing to do is the final assessment of the product design.

One must ensure that the cabinets and its doors, alongside the small spaces for storage, are as accurate as their initial measurements to avoid complications when the functionality of the bathroom vanity is put into a test.

Afterwards, dealers and manufacturers must conduct a walkthrough of all the features of the bathroom vanity concerned. Checking the swinging motion of the doors of the cabinets is one thing, while testing the stability of the marbale top and storage spaces is another way to make the final assessments about the quality of said furniture.

In case the storage vanity unit is installed against the wall of the bathroom, consider keeping supplies and items in its storage space and see if the bearings used can support the anticipated functionality of the vanity unit.

How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 15

How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 16

How To Check Quality of Your Bathroom Vanity 17



As dealers and wholesalers of bathroom vanities attempt to help end users improve the wall or comfort room of their homes with a contemporary touch of these furniture, it is vital to ensure its utmost functionality before shipping it toward the receiving party to avoid any problem from arising.

More than the design style of the bathroom vanity, dealers and wholesalers must ensure that the quality of the product is always front and center to ensure positive feedback from their target market. That is why if they want to seal the sale from the end users, going beyond due diligence is key to a successful economic career in the long run.

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