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2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL

It is reported that the 2023 Guangzhou International Sanitary Ware Expo (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Sanitary Ware Expo) first exhibition reopened, and China Construction Expo (Guangzhou) was held at the same time, the two exhibitions of one planning a pass. Guangzhou Sanitary Ware Expo has a line of sanitary ware production area centralized advantage, with the grand influence of China Construction Expo, aims to build the top professional sanitary ware exposition in South China and play a leading role in the industry's new trends.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 1


The first Guangzhou Sanitary Fair to "full bathroom customization, design leadership" as the theme, and the heart of the sea Gamelan design to create a better life at the depth of the original heart. On the first day of the exhibition, the Heart of the Sea with the moon phase master of high luxury life aesthetics stunning debut, with a unique charm of the booth design and several new high-definition products to attract a large number of media, industry professionals and exhibitors, the booth site crowded, the atmosphere is warm.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 2


Trace the beauty of the moon phases and witness the passage of time.

The first Guangzhou Health Expo SHKL to the moon phase master as the theme, for exhibitors to bring cosmic stars and rivers of the romantic quality of the beauty of the journey. The moon phase rotates back and forth, and the tide rises and falls. In the process of carving and sculpting, it creates works of artisanship; in the rotation of time, it traces the marks of life.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 3


The booth design is based on the moon phase, the mirror, and the moon, supplemented by metal, meteorite, mechanical, interstellar, and other elements; the new high-definition products and the perfect integration of the booth design make the scene's atmosphere full of sense. The tides and the moon phase gravity (usually the full moon will cause a big wave) in-depth fit the heart of the sea of Galangalan's ocean and water-like culture. Carved and crafted masterpiece, the SHKL new moon phase master high definition series of new products aimed at personalized, high taste, high pursuit of consumers to provide tailor-made bathroom life.

Unveiling the Moonphase Master High-Definition Aesthetic

SHKL, in the booth site to unveil a variety of moon phase master high definition series of new products, is committed to breaking through the traditional bathroom restrictions to create a new bathroom layout and definition. Add hotel-style checkroom, arc cabinet (arc countertop), and other high-definition elements to increase more possibilities of the bathroom; into the design of no leading light, translucent marble, lifting function accessories, etc., the bathroom atmosphere will be the ultimate rendering. In addition to the intelligent mirror networking, you can quickly get the time and daily weather conditions, play music, video, FM, and other voice content, and headset content into the bathroom.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 4


The new Moonphase Master Series utilizes mortise and tenon structure, preserving the oriental artistic flavor of handcrafted splicing, polishing, and renewing the meaning of the unique Chinese style. The meticulous craftsmanship, innovative breakthroughs in spatial patterns, changes in light and shadow and form, and the introduction of metal and other technological factors speak of the chic luxury of the Moonphase Masters.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 5


Industry media and design gurus competed for the first report

SHKL moon phase master theme pavilion attracted a lot of industry media, designers' curiosity, bathroom professionals, and quality testing experts. Li Yecheng appeared in the booth to reveal the bathroom cabinet to buy strategy and design curiosity. Shao Weiyan on-site review of SHKL high-definition products, jitterbugs old Xing visited the exhibition of planting grass goodies.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 6


Sina home furnishing, Yan bath circle, the Chinese bathroom network, the new bathroom network, the Pacific home furnishing network, and many other industry media platforms on the heart of the SHKL chairman Zhang Aimin and senior leadership interviews. Zhang Dong said: we are constantly breaking through the traditional bathroom layout and sense of experience to create a beautiful design of the original intention that will never change.

2023 GuangZhou International Bathroom Expo - SHKL 7


2023 Guangzhou Health Expo Heart of the SHKL re-launched the moon phase master high-definition series of products, opened the prelude to the high definition of the artisanal work, and deepened the brand to create a beautiful design of the new connotation for the strong demand for individuality, the pursuit of a unique sense of visual enjoyment and spatial experience of the consumers to provide tailor-made more possibilities.

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