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How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors

Fancy yet functional, LED bathroom mirrors are one of the most desirable fixtures creating an influencing demand in the industry. And given how delicate they can be because of the involvement of fragile materials like glass and LED lighting, dealers and wholesalers must prioritize LED bathroom mirrors quality in their business venture to satisfy their market.

How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 1

Table of Contents:

Ⅰ. Packaging Inspection

Ⅱ. Parts Check

Ⅲ. Functional Check

Ⅳ. Installation



Ⅰ. Packaging Inspection

Once the manufacturer of the LED mirror sends the ordered illuminated mirrors, the quality assessment process begins with the packaging of the parcel delivered. Before delving deeper into the glass surface of the lighted mirror, the dealer must ensure that the item, throughout the duration that it was sealed, was handled properly while in transit.

How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 2

Dealers of LED bathroom mirror units must be conscious of the condition by the packaging material use. They must scan the storage used and ensure that they are free from any holes or cracks. Otherwise, this can be an indication that the parcels containing the LED lighted mirrors delivered may have faced turbulence along the way and may affect their quality.

If peculiar observations have been made, dealers of LED bathroom mirror units must coordinate with the manufacturer of LED lighted mirrors and ask for a reconfirmation about the status and condition of the product and its packaging.


Ⅱ. Parts Check

Once the LED lighted mirrors have been asserted to have been safely delivered by the manufacturer by means of its packaging, the next step to offering the best LED bathroom mirror to your market is by being hands on in checking the individual components that make up the said fixture.

  1. Glass

    Primarily, the dealer of lighted mirror products must be vigilant in terms of the glass surface's condition. Huge cracks is a definite deal breaker, but so do tiny and visible ones. If any damage like this has been observed into the surface of the bathroom mirror with light emitting diodes, the attention of the manufacturer must be called for at once.

    Also, if the surface of the bathroom mirror with LED light has a smooth surface yet black spots are visible, it may indicate that the item is corroded. If this is the case, the wholesaler of the LED mirror must report it immediately back to the merchant so that the item can be reassessed and replaced if necessary.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 3
  2. Frame

    Since the glass surface of lighted mirrors come with rounded corners, most bathroom mirror units come with frames to provide an additional layer of protection for the product. Thus, a dealer of any LED mirror product must ensure that the item does not come with any crack or deformation which may put harm to its end users.

    Also, since backlit mirrors are often positioned inside shower rooms to put up a modern bathroom design, it is important for the frames of the lighted mirror to be free from rust since it will be prone to water droplets once used by the end users. Otherwise, the rust may worsen and destroy the frame of the LED mirror.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 4
  3. Cable

    Since smart mirrors like a bathroom mirror come with a LED light, another consideration that dealers must make is the finish of the cable. If there are cracks in any of the wires connected to the electric component of the LED bathroom mirror, it may be an indication that the wiring is not safe once the lighted mirror has been turned on.

    It is important to note that the cable can make or break the quality of backlit mirrors. As a significant component of the item's modern look, a single issue with the cable of the LED mirror can lead to the malfunctioning of the power source and the product itself.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 5

Ⅲ. Functional Check

After the dealer of LED mirror is done with inspecting the completeness of the product's individual components, each of the said elements must be checked to know which ones function accordingly and which do not. This can help the wholesalers of lighted mirrors to easily contact the manufacturer for the replacement of specific parts of the product if any.

Generally, the user guide provides the basic guidelines in testing the functionality of the individual components of the LED mirror unit. After turning the power on of the following components, the dealers can easily assess if the product is ready for installation already or not.

General Check

The first thing to do is to run a general check, which involves inspecting the functionality of the general elements that make up a vanity mirror with LED lights. Mainly, it aims to determine if the brightness and illumination brought about by the product is working for the advantage of its end users.

  • Touch switch

    LED mirror units often come with a touch switch to allow end users to conveniently turn the power on or off. To check this part, the responsiveness of the touch sensor in place must be observed.

    Specifically, dealers of lighted mirrors must ensure that the illumination will immediately turn on or off once the switch is pressed. This modern component of the product helps make it an energy efficient and cost effective fixture, so any issue encountered in manipulating the switch must be directed to the manufacturer of the product.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 6
  • Light up

    To adjust the brightness of the LED mirror, a light up button is also designed within its surface. To check if it is working, the dealers of lighted mirrors must check if intensity of the illumination provided by the LED lights will correspond accordingly.

    To check if the light up button of the LED mirrors is working properly, it is recommended to run the test in a dark space to easily notice the changes in the intensity of the lighting once the button is being pressed.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 7
  • Dimmable

    End users of LED mirrors want a true classic product which can work fine from day to night. And with this, the dimmable adjusting button plays an important role. And like the two previous components mentioned, its functionality can be tested by means of observing how fast changes occur once the button is pressed.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 8
  • CCT

    As far as the color temperature of the light emitted by LED mirrors is concerned, it can be adjusted with the help of the dimmable feature of the product. And just like the other buttons, the way to determine its functionality is by assessing how instant the changes are in terms of the brightness emitted by the LED lights once the button is pressed.

    About the adjustments in color temperature, it can be observed even in broad daylight so dealers of LED mirrors can test it easily. Note that this is crucial especially for end users who may use the item in applying makeup in the face while in the bathroom.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 9
  • Antifog

    The anti fog feature of LED mirrors help clear out the excess fog accumulating from the surface of the vanity mirror due to moisture. To check if this is functional, an actual simulation of fog must be made. By subjecting the LED mirrors in a space such as the bathroom with high moisture, the effectiveness of this component can be determined.

    This feature, which can be helpful in either applying makeup or simply seeing one's reflection clearly especially after a hot shower, is important for backlit mirrors of different designs so it is important for dealers to not leave this component behind when doing a full functionality check of the item.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 10

Special function

After doing the inspection on the functionality of the general components that make up most LED mirrors, dealers of backlit mirrors must also consider checking the effectiveness of accessory or special elements of vanity mirror products with LED lights to accommodate the special preferences of other end users.

  • Bluetooth function

    To check the bluetooth function of the backlit mirrors, a troubleshooting must be launched with the help of a separate device. If the bluetooth module of the vanity mirror is detectable, then the next step is to run a command and let the output device of the product to perform.

    For instance, playing music and adjusting the volume of the bluetooth speakers can be a great way to check if the bluetooth function is responsive to the preferences of the end user.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 11
  • TV

    A TV is a luxurious addition to LED mirrors since at an affordable price, they give chance for end users to enjoy a pleasurable viewing experience. To check how if this works, a pilot testing must be done for the said output device.

    Since most LED mirrors are installed in bathrooms where water droplets are everywhere, the dealers of the product must assure that the TV can project shows vividly before assembling the item as a single unit so as to not get bad reviews from the end users.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 12
  • Motion sensor switch

    Motion sensor switch is becoming the next big thing, being a modern component of glass mirrors which help end users to easily power on or off the LED lights. Before they try to install the mirror in its final position, this modern element must be checked to ensure that it will add convenience for the product.

    Hovering the palm over the sensor is a commendable way to check the functionality of this component. Once the motion sensor switch has been deemed to be free from errors, it is safe to say that end users can use the mirror even if they will install it in the bathroom wall.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 13
  • Digital clock

    Lastly, digital clocks are also beneficial for backlit mirrors. To check it, dealers of the product must ensure that it can be adjusted on the preference of a user (i.e. used as a timer or stopwatch) and that it operates in the same way other clocks do so that it can provide accurate details on the date and time of the day.

    How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 14


Ⅳ. Installation

Once the dealer of a bathroom mirror with LED light has successfully inspected the completeness of the product's elements, the crucial step comes forward: the installation procedure. Since lighted mirrors offer night light to any modern bathroom with the same amount like that of natural light, positioning of the mirror is pivotal for its functionality.

For an easy installation to be possible, the hardware components must be complete and in good condition. Especially if the dealer orders LED mirror units of various sizes, it is necessary to assure that all the pieces needed to safely install the backlit mirrors in the bathrooms or the walls of the house must come accordingly with the package.

When it comes to installing mirrors with LED light, measuring the distance between the clamps where the fixture will be hang is important. Depending on the size of the product itself, it is important for dealers and wholesalers to note further instructions necessary for the ease of installation by the end users.

Since the user guide can only do so much, dealers and wholesalers must provide all the supplemental instructions needed to be communicated for their market to be aware of how they can safely place the product in any of the four walls of their home. Otherwise, the quality of the LED mirror can be compromised and least likely to be appreciated.

If the dealer has been successful in trying to assemble the LED mirror into a single unit with utmost steadiness in the space where it is positioned, then the installation process for the vanity mirror with an illumination feature can be deemed to have been complete.

How To Check Quality of LED Bathroom Mirrors 15



With bathroom mirrors creating money and other economic opportunities for dealers and wholesalers, they must be aware on how quality assessment must be done as far as a LED lighted mirror is concerned. This can save their name and that of their business for end users who want nothing but to make the wisest purchases.

Through this ultimate guide for evaluating the overall quality of lighted bathroom mirrors, a merchant may know how to safely procure any illuminated mirror with a LED lighting to anyone worldwide. And once this has been systematized by the entity, any dealer can seize all the corporate opportunities that LED backlit mirrors can offer and be financially outstanding.

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