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How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors

As one of the leading market outputs that drive economic opportunities, dealers and wholesalers can gain and leverage on a glass shower door. And relevantly, shower doors quality must be front and center in the discourse since these fixtures, which enclose the bathroom space and are often made out of glass panels, are delicate and susceptible to damage.

How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 1

Table of Contents:

Ⅰ. Packaging Inspection

Ⅱ. Parts Check

Ⅲ. Installation

Ⅳ. Functional Check



Ⅰ. Packaging Inspection

Once the dealer or wholesaler receives the shower doors, may they be in the form of a sliding shower door or frameless shower door, the first thing that they must be cautious of is assessing the manner of how the product was packed by the supplier or manufacturer.

To prevent breakage, they must ensure that the components of a frameless sliding door and its surface are both wrapped with packaging materials that are resistant to any form of pressure or hazard pending delivery. The best shower door is one which has been sealed properly and has been received completely due to the safe handling of the manufacturer involved.

If in any case the packaging used was bent or shows some sign of dents, dealers and wholesalers must reach out to the other party and make amends so as to not put the quality of the sliding shower doors in a compromising position.

How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 2


Ⅱ. Parts Check

Once the dealer of shower doors has checked the condition of the packaging itself is free from any damage, he or she must proceed with the inspection of the individual parts that make up the frameless shower door that was purchased.

Also, dealers must take note that the components of a sliding door differs from that of a swing frameless shower door. Thus, some of the following items may not be applicable for the style of the products they ordered. Nonetheless, this is the ultimate guide that wholesalers must be aware of as far as any shower door made out of tempered glass is concerned.

  1. Glass

    May it be for frameless shower doors or a sliding door, the thick tempered glass surface is the most crucial of all the components. They form the main structure of shower doors, which allows the nature of an enclosure for the bathroom to be built. Having said this, checking if the surface has cracks or not is a must for dealers of it.

    Moreover, talking about shower doors in general, there can be multiple variations as to its color and style. So if there is a particular attribute that must be present for a frameless shower door like a shade or laminated pattern, the same must be checked so as to provide what the end users really prefer.

    Talking about glass, there are various types of it that can be used to create shower doors. But, dealers must note that an ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) must be applied in between thick tempered glass surfaces when the material to be used is laminated glass.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 3
  2. Frame

    From the term itself, the frame of a shower door which is mainly made out of stainless steel protects the tempered glass from outward pressure which can dilapidate the quality of the fixture. Thus, ensuring that this element is present in the package and is intact with the glass surface is another consideration that dealers must remember.

    Aside from its presence, the frame must also be inspected to ensure that it is free from any bent or rust. Otherwise, it can be an indication that the stainless steel used to produce the same has a substandard quality which, in turn, can affect the shower door once assembled as a single unit.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 4
  3. Pull Rod

    Since frameless shower doors do not have the main support for the glass surface, the pull rod is necessary to protect it from breakage or cracks by having it installed at the upper part of the fixture. So if the dealers are offering a frameless shower door of any kind, this piece is elemental to the satisfaction of the end users.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 5
  4. Handle

    To make the shower door functional, handle is important as it serves as the main grip of the fixture. May it be a sliding door, a swing frameless shower door, or a fold shower door, dealers must ensure that the stainless steel handle is included in the package sent to them by the manufacturers so that the installation of it will be smooth-sailing.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 6
  5. Rollers

    For the benefit of shower door dealers who are offering sliding door to consumers, they must inspect the availability of rollers. This is an important hardware part for a shower door that acts like one stationary panel since it helps the sliding motion to be easier when it is being opened or closed by the end user.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 7
  6. Hinge

    Specifically perfect for a swing shower door, a hinge is significant to provide further assistance to the end user when using the said fixture. Moreover, in the case of frameless shower doors, this is an important element that must not go missing for it can help stabilize such bathroom enclosure that does not have any metal frame in its perimeters.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 8
  7. Pivot

    Pivot is a hinge that deviates from the conventional ones as it is often installed at the upper and lower parts of the door. This can give an unusual yet convenient look for any frameless shower door that can be opened in a swing motion.

    This is not just a hardware part that gives a different style for frameless shower doors, since it can be instrumental in avoiding water accumulation on the fixture's sideways. Thus, dealers must be alert in checking this piece out once reviewing the completeness of the order delivered by the manufacturer.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 9
  8. Base

    The shower base, which is often made out of stone or other rigid material from mineral deposits, gives an elevation point for either a framed or frameless shower door to ensure that it will not be submerged to water that has been accumulating from time to time once the bathroom is in use.

    Dealers must not disregard this piece since it can increase the stability of frameless doors. Unlike when it will be installed directly in the floor, having a stone base is a commendable option for the fixture to withstand the force being applied as it is used such as that for swing open doors.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 10
  9. Bracket

    Bracket is one of the accessories that provide additional support for both framed and frameless shower doors since they hold metal pieces to be attached from the glass surface to the wall in cases where end users plan on installing partitions in the bathroom area using a shower curtain.

    Having said this, dealers of frameless shower doors must not leave this component out since partitions like a shower curtain can only be made possible once the metal bar is held intact by the bracket.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 11
  10. Shower Tray

    By its function, a shower tray is used to catch the water being used by one in the bathroom area and directing it to the drainage. This is an efficient way to help conserve water and avoid getting the floor outside the shower room wet.

    But in the context of a shower door, this is another significant part of the fixture since it can protect any metal framing from getting rust because of water that has accumulated in the floor. Thus, dealers must never leave this one behind in the list of items to be checked before installing any style of shower door.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 12


Ⅲ. Installation

After assuring that there are no missing parts for the frameless shower door ordered, dealers and wholesalers must proceed with the installation proper. With the user manual being handy for an easy installation, this is a crucial phase since a single error in trying to put the components together can make the end users dissatisfied with the door's overall quality.

How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 13

Aside from the glass panel of the glass door, the hardware parts must be habitually inspected to ensure if there is a need to purchase additional elements. And since the nature of framed shower doors for instance is fragile, the manufacturer often arranges the shipment of the shower door through flat packaging.

Flat packaging by definition refers to a packaging arrangement of a product wherein the parts are disintegrated from each other, giving purchasers the chance to assemble the components back themselves.

For the end of dealers and wholesalers, a critical inspection on the completeness of the shower door elements must be made. After so, they can proceed already with the installation process of the glass shower door by following the procedural guide given by the manufacturer.

Depending on the specific style of the shower door, dealers and manufacturers must be wary of how the positioning of each hardware part must be. The stationary panel must always be secured by oil rubbed bronze support in the case of framed shower doors, while semi frameless or frameless shower doors must be handled carefully as well.

If accessories like a towel bar made out of stainless steel or brushed nickel must be added to the single unit, dealers must also security the right height for the placement of the same so that they can reassure the convenience and safety of the end user.

Only when the installation is deemed complete can the dealers say that frameless doors they ordered from the manufacturer belongs to one of the best frameless shower doors around with outstanding quality.


Ⅳ. Functional Check

Once the installation process is deemed complete, the final test for the quality of shower doors comes through--the functional check. From the term itself, dealers and wholesalers must ensure that the components the door includes work together smoothly for the benefit of its end users who opt to position it in small or large bathrooms.

The functional check varies depending on the style of the bathroom shower door involved. Guaranteeing the quality of a semi frameless design varies from that of a framed shower door, so dealers and manufacturers must take note of the aspects that they need to look out for to secure the condition of most shower doors, if not all of them, that they offer to the market.

  • Sliding Shower Door

    In the case of sliding shower doors installed in the shower space, the crucial component for this style is the roller. Sliding doors can be conveniently used by the end user as a shower opening if their roller has a brushed nickel finish and repels water in big or small bathrooms where the moisture content is high.

    Coming with either a framed or frameless design, a professional installation is also crucial to avoid the glass panel and metal framing, if any, from being shattered once in contact with carefully chosen tiles.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 14
  • Swing Shower Door

    Like most hinged doors, swing shower doors make use of certified tempered glass and can come off with either a semi frameless or a frameless design. As one of the best shower doors commended by the market, dealers must reassure the quality and strength of the glass panel used as the material of the said fixture.

    Unlike sliding doors that make use of rollers, a glass shower door makes use of aluminum framing like other fixtures to check if the room they protect will be leak free. Thus, trying to swing open the door and make an open outward motion to check how it feels firsthand is vital prior to the actual release of products.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 15
  • Fold Shower Door

    Perfect for any shower stall, fold shower doors is a good fit for a bathing area with a small space. When doing the final inspection for this shower door style, the stainless steel used for the fixture must be inspection alongside the manner of how its reversible installation has been made.

    If the hardware parts are of good quality and have been placed properly. then a professional installation can be deemed to have been performed. And for this door, the sliding motion of the glass door is important to ensure that the end user can make the most out of the best frameless shower doors like this design.

    How To Check Quality of Your Shower Doors 16

    Source: TOOLKISS


Given the fact that the global market continues to demand and rally for fancy fixtures for the bathroom like frameless, semi frameless, and framed shower doors, dealers and wholesalers are obliged to secure the quality of their products prior to sealing the deal with the end users to avoid any conflict from ensuing as the transaction comes to a close.

Thus, the condition of the shower doors as a whole and its parts must be given proper attention. The design can be one of the several factors the market may consider in choosing their next purchase, but a commendable quality is one of the best features merchants can have to leverage and make the most out of their momentum economically.


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