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Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door

Showers are what anyone else would long for before a tiring day starts. A quick shower in lukewarm water can give you a sudden rush in your senses, boosting your energy to help you remain productive.

But to enjoy your time in the bathroom, you have to make sure that it gives you comfort–and shower doors can guarantee you that.

Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 1

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Shower doors, which vary in style, come in handy in building an ideal bathroom that anyone else would love to have in their respective homes. These barriers are primarily used to draw the line between wet and dry surfaces.

These glass shower doors also help maintain a higher temperature within the space compared to the other parts of the house where cold air circulates. 

Thus, choosing the best shower enclosure for your house is a must since it adds value to its overall appeal.

However, it is a crucial task to fulfill–one has to consider a lot of things before they can successfully choose the best product for their home.


Ⅰ. How To Find Shower Door Manufacturers? What Are The Ways?

Global shower enclosures manufacturers are continuously serving the general public with their quality products. With this, you must try to connect with companies worldwide that are producing shower doors if you are interested in upgrading your overall experience in the bathroom.

Analysis of shower door manufacturers by country

Without any room for error, an exporter of shower doors ensures that from their point of origin, their products are brought to their clients and have them installed in their respective homes.

But from a wide range of available companies to contact, you can consider looking at the most competitive countries with promising import-export relations in the said industry.

  • China

    China is known as a country that produces quality shower enclosures that make buyers satisfied. Manufactured in the provinces of Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang, these shower enclosures outstand their respective competitors worldwide.

    China puts ample focus on capital-intensive industries such as manufacturing firms, which buyers must take note of.

    Out of the three provinces in China, Guangdong appears to be the most active producer of the said product based on trade data. However, in the entire country, you will never run out of choices on which glass door to buy which makes your bathroom a covered and comfortable space.

    A company from China that specializes in shower enclosures made of glass is one that you should consider trusting and buying from since the country is known for its wide array of quality products with a cheap price range available in the market.

    However, you must take note that a door shower from the country can be delivered on a further date since there is often a large demand for this product, which may affect a company in managing the shipment and delivery of the same to the buyers.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 2


  • United States

    USA import data on glass provides that the country has a fair share of shower doors manufactured at par with global standards. Glass door makes a huge demand from the Americans in the same way that it does from the rest of the world.

    The findings of the USA import data on glass do not lie--and so does the quality of the said products--which makes a US company dependable in this industry.

    USA import reveals how the country is eager to respond to the demands of their buyers of having safe, covered shower rooms. Buying one piece from them at a competitive price is a smart choice, considering the overwhelming remarks indicated by the trade data of the country.

    Buying a glass door from a US company, however, can give you a bit of a problem if there has been an issue upon the actual purchase. Since a large demand is continuously being met by the country from the USA import of necessary materials, shower doors can be delivered at a longer time than expected in some situations.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 3


  • Australia

    Australia is another country offering promising shower doors. Specifically, frameless glass doors are one of the top hits in the country that is greatly admired by buyers worldwide.

    Its slick design makes the shower doors that are visually appealing yet comforting in the eyes of the buyers. With the rising interest of the country in its manufacturing industry, Australian companies are urged to keep up with the global standards to entice more buyers to support their outputs.

    In a room full of prototypes of shower doors, buyers will never go the wrong way by selecting the one made in Australia. With a comparatively lower price than a door import made from leading first-world countries such as China and USA, the country is a great choice after all.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 4


  • United Kingdom

    Representative of the regional industry of shower enclosures in Europe, the United Kingdom is another promising country that produces quality door showers.

    With just a few clicks on a company website, a buyer can reach out to an exporter from the country through the site's landing page and seal the deal.

    A shower enclosure that a buyer can find in the UK is said to be at par with that sold by prominent countries such as China and USA.

    Moreover, going with this choice is a wise move, considering how its price is determined in consideration of consumer preferences.

    The quantity of shower enclosures produced by the UK, according to trade data, is progressive in recent years. This shows that just like USA and China, the country is capable of getting the confidence of any buyer who is looking forward to building a covered shower base.

    And like the commercial giants such as China and USA for instance, the UK is also using innovation to its advantage. A buyer interested to purchase a shower enclosure can easily access a company's site and start the transaction by signing in with the use of his data.

    This gives the business office a signal to create and save a new record for the customer. From hereon, the exporter can reach out to the buyer on any subject about the sale.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 5


Once you know the market that you are to enter, here are 3 tips for you!

  1. Go to the local market, which is the most original and costly yet most practical way.

    International trade procurement in earlier years occurred in the local market by paying a visit to the manufacturer's base. This is deemed to be the best way to know more about your suppliers.

    Furthermore, it will be more favourable to seal the deal through a face-to-face exchange. From a pool of import data by a port toward your area on glass shower fixtures and shower enclosure, for instance, you can make great slashes in the price of the items if you go see it yourself.

    If you want to purchase in bulk, you can even request a specific quantity of products that you are willing to buy from the local market nearest to you.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 6


  2. Attend local trade shows.

    Moreover, bathroom furniture trade shows are being conducted worldwide to engage individuals in buying pieces such as a shower enclosure made up of glass and metal.

    Just like a parade of market offers of the fashion industry, these exhibits are made to show the services that people can avail of from companies who are offering these types of products.

    Having said this, shower enclosures are one of the main highlights of these programs. A door built with glass is just as important as other elements found in a bathroom--you can enjoy having great showers with their presence.

    Below are the details and other relevant information about the said trade shows.

    • KBIS

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 7

      Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) is one of the most prestigious trade shows in North America that features products that make up an ideal kitchen and bathroom design.

      With the participation of the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), American glassware such as quality shower enclosures is highlighted for the world to see.

      By giving some of your time to attend KBIS, you can further appreciate the profound skills of US companies that match that of the businesses from China by witnessing a demo of how things work.

      If you are looking forward to buying a glass door shower, this event is right for you.

      • Exhibit Scale: KBIS invites over 60,000 kitchen and bathroom designers, dealers, and architects to convene in a venue where the potential buyer is enticed in buying a glass door shower or any other rightful shower enclosure that he finds perfect in his shower base.

      • Time Period: KBIS is a three-day trade show. If you hope to attend the said program and watch a live demo of a quality shower enclosure and other designs of a glass door shower, you have to save the date by habitually visiting their website.

      • Located: Being a US-based show, KBIS is located within the North American region. Last February 2022, the program was conducted at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) in Orlando, Florida. In 2023, it is set to take place in Las Vegas.


    • BIG5

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 8

      BIG5 is a Dubai-based trade show that offers a spectacular program for any interested buyer or group of importers who are looking for the best shower enclosure.

      Given the rising import-export relationship of the Middle East in glassware, it is also one of the most promising countries that produce quality glass shower doors. Just like China, Dubai is headed to make history in manufacturing top-notch shower enclosures that people from around the world will adore

      • Exhibit Scale: BIG5 is a Middle East-based event that features 2,586 exhibitors coming from different parts of the globe. May it be construction tools, building materials, or magnificent shower enclosures, this program is an avenue that allows importers to find products that are the right fit for them.

      • Time Period: Regarding the date, BIG5 is an annual event that runs in the span of 3 days. You can find relevant data about this matter on its official site.

      • Located: BIG5 is hosted by Dubai World Trade Centre.


    • ISH

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 9

      If you are looking for a shower enclosure with fine details, you can consider attending ISH Frankfurt. Focusing on responsible energy and water management, this is deemed the best trade fair around.

      Coordinators of this program highlight a door fitted for a glass shower that is highly demanded by people worldwide.

      Door import, according to import data from the port of various countries, is one of the product lines with the highest shipment volume in recent years.

      The reason behind a large number of orders for a door suited for a glass shower is because of its functionality as an element of bathrooms.

      • Exhibit Scale: There are 2,523 exhibitor companies that have participated in the ISH Frankfurt who is showcasing their own version of shower enclosure made to help buyers in their analysis of the rightful product to buy to match their ideal glass shower doors.

      • Time Period: About its date, the next edition of ISH Frankfurt is set to take place in March 2023. Other events underneath this trade fair can be seen on its official site.

      • Located: ISH Frankfurt is conducted at the Frankfurt Fair in Germany. You can consider looking up its address online.


    • Canton Fair

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 10

      Canton Fair is one of the highlights of the glassware industry by China. Being known as a country that excels in any form of manufactured product, China is a dependable market for producing a large quantity of glass shower doors built in perfection.

      China, in a broader scope, is a country that aspires to reach the top of the market competition among all niches and maintain its victorious place.

      And with its large workforce, the creation of these doors and shower enclosures is key to their success with this ambition.

      Having said this, attending the Canton Fair which is based in China is a smart move if you aspire to have access to a top-notch shower enclosure with fine details.

      • Exhibit Scale: More than 25,000 exhibitors are invited to partake in this event in China.

      • Time Period: About its date, Canton Fair has been held in China during the spring and autumn seasons of the year.

      • Located: Canton Fair is annually held at the China Import and Export Complex in Canton, China.


    • KBC - Kitchen and Bath China, Shanghai

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 11

      Looking for doors perfect as shower enclosures? The Kitchen and Bath China, Shanghai (KBC) is a great place to be! As a dominant country in the manufacturing industry, China is making huge strides in its efforts to be the global benchmark in producing any material in large quantities.

      With this, KBC is one of the most relevant events conducted by the country to allow further exposure to shower enclosures made by the people of China.

      This boosts the potential incidence of door imports that, in turn, has a positive effect on the economic ambitions of China.

      • Exhibit Scale: With more than 5,000 exhibitors, KBC is a perfect avenue to display different models of shower enclosures that will captivate the attention of buyers.

      • Time Period: About its date, KBC is a three-day program held during the summer and autumn seasons of the year.

      • Located: KBC is conducted at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC) which is situated in Shanghai, China.


  3. Browse the internet.

    Regardless of the origin, the internet gives people the power to know what is happening around the world. On any given date, it permits you to have access to valuable data of your choice such as importers' feedback on a certain item, current conditions of import-export relations of a specific industry, and details about your favourite glass shower from a distinct brand.

    But ever since the COVID-19 pandemic occurred, there has been a massive shift in entering into transactions. Mobile devices are now considered to be the main pathway toward commercial exchanges.

    In the same way, the internet has played its biggest role yet in the lives of people.

    With the help of it, here are some of the search engines and B2B platforms that provide import data as per the port in a certain area and other pertinent details about brands.


    Search Engines

    • Google

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 12

      Known globally for its promising performance, Google is a dependable search engine that can provide you with everything that you need. Finding the right shower enclosures to match your needs? Importing data from the port is just a few clicks away!

      Valuable data on a door import from China, for instance, can be offered by the Google search engine automatically. Its algorithm is designed to know as much information as possible about a particular query.

      Having said this, a company address or the maximum quantity that it can produce for a certain period, as long as it is available for public access, can be discovered with the help of this search engine.


    • Bing

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 13

      Bing is another enticing search engine that provides data on almost any type of query. Shipment details of a data import from China to your home? Brands offering quality shower enclosures?

      Import data from the port and contact details of specific businesses. All of which can be provided by Bing in a matter of seconds.

      A distinct feature of Bing is its wide variety of categories where query results are shown. If you are looking for data about a specific product, you can have an image, video, or news about it once you submit keywords. This provides the utmost benefits to searchers.


    • Baidu

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 14

      Baidu is one of the largest search engines in China, yet it shares various similarities with the ones used by the rest of the world.

      Product window and brief details are shown whenever the query corresponds to a commercially available item. Attached to it is the web address where it is uploaded.

      Using a mobile device, you can easily find whatever it is that you are looking for. May it be the total bill that you have to pay for a product, a code applicable for vouchers in e-commerce platforms, or the complete address of a certain business that offers shower enclosures?

      You can submit a search request by encoding relevant keywords related to the query such as in the case of a shower enclosure--just like other search engines, Baidu is one of the most dependable of its kind.


    • Yahoo

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 15

      For starters, Yahoo is one of the most suggested search engines. With a simplistic user interface and fast email composing, you can make things done and enter into arrangements instantly.

      With Yahoo, you can never go the wrong way since there is an adequate and easy-to-understand sign for everything.

      This makes things more convenient when you request a search result on the import data of a shower enclosure offered by a specific brand, the contact details and other pertinent data about a specific vendor, or the shipment and import data from the port on the order that you have placed such as a shower enclosure on an e-commerce platform.

      And just like the other search engines, a brand's site address is automatically programmed with the help of Yahoo's algorithm. That is why after clicking the link, it directs the user to valuable data about a door import from a specific brand.


    B2B Platforms

    • Alibaba

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 16

      Alibaba is one of the booming B2-B platforms to date. Primarily, it uses HS code to arrange the products by type, price, and other categorical arrangements.

      The current data on a product's shipment status is displayed with the use of a tracking number. The address of holding points such as a port, if any, is indicated as well.

      Another reason why Alibaba is a hit is because of its universality. Available in over 18 languages, quantity, the total amount of the bill, and shipment details on a certain order such as a shower enclosure can be provided to users.

      But to do so, you have to sign in your personal data and set up a strong password to get passed through the login page easily.


    • Made in China

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 17

      With a user-friendly interface, Made in China is a B2B platform made with an HS code algorithm that assists buyers in tracking the placed quantity, delivery address, shipment details, and transaction amount included in the bill associated with a product such as a shower enclosure.

      By providing complete basic and other necessary information such as personal contact details, and preferred password, login can be made easier within the platform.

      With the use of HS code, vendors can also make their product listings more organized. The use of this code comes in handy since a complete post attracts more potential consumers.


    • IndiaMART

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 18

      IndiaMART is another famous B2B platform because of its features. In particular, you can set up an account on this site that uses HS code with the help of a strong password and encode your personal data like your contact details, address, and other relevant information such as shipment information.

      As mentioned, products are also arranged using an HS code. The platform's algorithm, which uses this code, arranges any item like a shower enclosure to be more appealing to searchers.

      Since contact details of clients are entered into the system, conflict resolution is made easier. Moreover, shipment data is no longer intimidating for vendors since IndiaMART presents it to them in a complete and user-friendly manner.


    • Rakuten

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 19

      Developed by Japan, Rakuten is a B2B platform that appears to have a complete set of features that comprises a dependable portal for buyers who may be looking for specific products such as a shower enclosure.

      One unique attribute of this platform to maximize HS code is that it allows users to sort search results on products depending on their preferred category. With the help of a complete keyword or code, a transaction can be entered into easily.

      Additionally, a buyer who is looking into purchasing a specific item such as a shower enclosure can find it secure to do so with the help of Rakuten. By signing up, you can save your preferred delivery address for shipment purposes and provide other data such as contact details.

      Just like any other B2B platform, the data collected from consumers is protected from theft. This makes you feel safe as you monitor complete information about your order quantity and contact information of the vendor if provided.


    • Tradekey

      Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 20

      If you are looking for the best shower enclosure around, might as well try looking online with the help of Tradekey.

      With the help of HS code, product listings are made more organized and can help buyers navigate their preferred item with just a keyword or code.

      Just like others of its kind, you can easily set up an account with Tradekey. After submitting your personal information such as contact details, you can start shopping for your favourite shower enclosure and other fixtures for your bathroom.

      Another outstanding feature of this B2B platform is the online trade show that it features.

      Exhibitors from around the world are invited by Tradekey to showcase their own version of shower enclosure which may entice importers to buy either in small or large quantities.


Ⅱ. Once You Have Shower Door Suppliers, How Do You Identify the Good and Bad?

When you have a shower door manufacturer's list, how to distinguish good or bad? How to choose the right one? Here are 9 tips for you.

  1. Analyzing Enterprise Strength

    When choosing a rightful shower enclosure supplier, you have to consider its performance as a company. Are they profitable and reputable enough to be trusted? This is one of the most crucial questions to answer when deliberating.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 21
    • Production Capacity

      One of the most important factors to consider in choosing a supplier is its maximum capacity to provide quality outputs to you. And to determine this, you have to dig deeper into the internal structure of the business.

      • Number Of Employees

        Are there enough employees to produce the desired quantity of shower enclosures and meet any possible deadline?

      • Production Equipment

        Is there an adequate number of production equipment to manufacture a shower enclosure that meets a specific set of quality?

      • Complete Production System

        Does the production system of the company run in a smooth-sailing manner? Are there issues or bottlenecks immediately recognizable?

      • Complete Industrial Chain

        Does the supplier's industrial chain involve various partners globally that are one contact away in case the import data shows that the quantity of door import to be produced must be changed?

    • Size of Manufacturer Base

      A manufacturer base with inadequate space for the production system can result in code red situations in the long run. That is why it is necessary to include this when choosing the good company that sells a shower enclosure to you.

    • Complete Enterprise Certificate (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.)

      Are there enough authoritative bodies who can attest to the performance shown by the company in manufacturing a shower enclosure? The more enterprise certificates a business has, the more credible its claims become.


  2. Brand Awareness

    Another important concern is the amount of exposure your supplier has to its target market. If it is a visible brand on social networking sites, or the people close to you have an idea about its presence, it goes to show that the company has been in the service of providing shower enclosure for quite some time and it has sustained the momentum for a reason.

    You have to ask yourself: are they (your shower door supplier) also supplying some large supermarkets? For example Houzz, The Home Depot, Ikea, Lowe's, Overstock, Walmart, Costco, and Target. (How to find out if these suppliers are supplying these large supermarkets? We won't go into details here, but we'll write a more detailed article next time.)

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 22


  3. Credibility

    Another factor to consider is the reputation of the company itself. You may consider people who have bought a shower door already to them to know more about how they have performed in the past.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 23


  4. Market Experience

    As your supplier, they must have professional enough in handling bigger markets such as that of Europe and North America. Otherwise, they may not fit your needs, especially if you are looking forward to buying items in bulk.

    Moreover, different markets require different experiences. An American buyer may have a different taste from a European. That is why a supplier must have a huge amount of exposure to different markets; it makes them adaptable to different preferences.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 24


  5. Product Certification

    If the manufacturer can present certifications from standard-setting bodies, it is an indication that it has proven its capacity to bring a quality shower door to the market.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 25


  6. R&D And Customization Capabilities

    A supplier has an internal research and development team is one which pursues excellence in discovering the latest trends in shower doors. They make sure that the desired quantity of outputs that they produce will be produced with utmost customization.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 26


  7. Product Line

    What about the shower door product line? Does it meet your market needs? What about the price? How about cost performance? Do they offer multiple styles and materials that you can choose from? Do they launch a new product each cycle?

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 27


  8. Delivery And Capacity

    The supplier must be capable of delivering the desired quantity of items to your doorsteps right before you need them.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 28


  9. Response

    After the delivery of the product is done, a great supplier must be responsive enough to answer the demands of its clients. This makes the company responsible for all the outputs that it produced.

    Ultimate Guide - How To Import Shower Door 29


Ⅲ. When Do You Decide To Cooperate With These Shower Door Manufacturers, What Should Be Noted?

Once you finalized who among the list of shower door manufacturers is the right fit for you, you may consider doing these steps to come up with a successful exchange with them.

  1. Confirm The Quality Of Sample And Prenatal Sample.

    You definitely need a sample or pre-production sample to confirm the quality before production of your order, there is good for both parties.

  2. Customer Support

    If your first deal with them, does the shower door supplier have new customer support? For example, lower MOQ?

    When the order reaches a certain volume, do they offer other value-added services?

  3. Production Process

    Ask the supplier to offer a production report, such as the progress of production, and does every production process are good as expected. Ask for photos of semi-finished products, etc., and require them to send you a report timely.

  4. Inspection

    Please go to a factory and do the inspection yourself if you can, if not, you still have an option that hiring a third party to do the inspection for you, but it is necessary to hire a professional team, because not all third-party know shower door products well, if so, it will cost money and time, and delays the progress of the order.

    However, generally qualified shower door manufacturers have their own quality control.


Ⅳ. Order Delivery

Just ensure export customs clearance on the right way, following up on import clearance. If, unfortunately, something happens, don't be afraid, confirm liability according to trade terms. If you are a first-time import shower door product, I suggest you learn more from your predecessors.


Ⅴ. Keep a Good Relationship With Your Shower Door Suppliers

After completing a successful sales transaction with them, you may consider protecting your relationship with your chosen suppliers. This helps you to contact and reach out to them easily in case any issue arises in the future.


  • How to respond to a product issue?

    1. Firstly, make sure that the product is covered by a warranty.

    2. Analyze the timing of the issue: did it happen before or after the delivery? Or did it occur during installation? If so, is it because of the structure or other factors? There is a need for a concrete analysis of the situation.

      If neither party is willing to accept the blame for the issue, please try to negotiate and solve the problem.



Importing shower doors is not an easy task. There are several considerations that you must think of before you can successfully buy a shower enclosure for your home. The number of available suppliers around is huge, but you have to make sure that you select the best one of them all. So, take time to browse on SHKL and reach out to us! Together, we can help you find the perfect product for you.

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