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Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening

On March 31, the "Empowering Symbiosis, Increasing and Winning Together" 2022 SHKL Online Brand Strategy Summit and Foshan Flagship Store Opening Ceremony was launched with a lot of excitement and guests.

Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 1

China Building Materials Circulation Association Executive Committee Vice President Li Zuoqi, Guangdong Province, Secretary General of the Sanitary Ware Chamber of Commerce Zhang Shuru, Foshan Sanitary Ware Industry Association Secretary General Liu Wengui and other industry leaders and Foshan Design Association, Zhanjiang Design Power heavy guests attended the opening ceremony, the scene also invited senior brand design consultant He Guohui, general manager of Nanhai Leining sanitary equipment Zhong Risheng, founder of Meituo brand design Xiao Quan, Yan Shougang, director of operation and maintenance of Sina Home, as well as Sina Home, Sohu Home, Netease Home, Tencent Home, Kitchen and Bathroom Information, China Clean, Qijia, Sanitary headlines network and many other industry media, witnessed the grand take-off of the flagship store in Foshan.

Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 2

SHKL Chairman Zhang Aimin said in his speech that SHKL has been established for 18 years and is in its prime.

"We have a small showroom in our production base in Jiujiang, Nanhai, where consumers near Nanhai choose to go to buy SHKL products, but we are caught in conditions that make it difficult to provide more accurate service." Zhang Aimin said so. He said that today, the opening of SHKL Foshan flagship store will be able to provide more quality services to local consumers in Foshan and bring a more different full bathroom custom design space.

Li Zuoqi, vice chairman of the executive committee of the China Building Materials Circulation Association and chairman of the Ceramic and Sanitary Ware Dealers Committee, said that at a time when the industry is difficult and the market is tough, SHKL, as the head of the sanitary ware enterprise, should go to lead and create the future of the industry. He was happy to see SHKL developing against the trend, extending its product line and broadening its market coverage.

Li Zuoqi believes that although the current industry situation is severe, but in the future, the market space is still large, consumer demand still exists, and the market demand in 2022 will not be worse than in 2021. He believes that confidence is more important than gold! Sanitary industry entrepreneurs, dealers must have confidence. He said that in the way of the national epidemic repeatedly, SHKL layout of the flagship store in Foshan, but also for the national SHKL stores to set a benchmark.

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Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 4
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 5
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 6
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 7
Waking Lion To Welcome Wealth And Prosperous Business

General manager of Foshan flagship store Feng Jingjing expressed his sincere gratitude to the company & mall leaders, guests, media friends, side by side partners and family members and said that Foshan Yimeijia flagship store will take action to prove, deepen the market, provide quality full bathroom customization services and grow together with SHKL in another track.

A lion dance feast integrating martial arts, dance and music brought the opening event to a climax. In traditional Chinese culture, the lion is considered to be an auspicious object to ward off evil and avoid harm, and the lion dance has been passed down from generation to generation. The eye-dotting woke up the sleeping lion and gave vitality to the lion, signifying the prosperity of the store and the prosperity of the store.

Industry guests, media leaders, design leaders, mall leaders, as well as Zhang Aimin, chairman of the board, Feng Jingjing manager together to participate in the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The ribbons fell and the cannons sounded, SHKL Foshan flagship store was officially opened.

New Image, New Products, New Strategy

SHKL Foshan flagship store is located in Foshan Yimeijia Sanitary Ceramics World, the showroom area of nearly 1,000 square meters, a blend of modern design and contemporary trend elements, adhering to the consistent minimalist and elegant design style, the leisure, interaction, sales space integration but separated, forming a relaxed, comfortable, high-end, new, fun, experience, simplicity in one, from the light and shadow, materials, color, collocation, design and other aspects of the brush, to create a sense of overall store atmosphere and experience.

Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 8

The open image of the prologue area in the door of the first visual, to catch the eye; simple custom experience area will be different lifestyles one by one in the space; comfortable negotiation area will be a clever blend of work and life; minimalist shower area with a combination of transparent glass plus art color background and gamma aesthetics; style of the bath cabinet area to ensure independence at the same time as possible to improve the permeability between the series of products; quality hardware area can make the hardware basin accessories area is like a jewelry display box exquisite and orderly at a glance.

Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 9

The overall color palette of the flagship store is based on soft gray tones, embellished with lemon yellow, Hermes orange and Moqing, highlighting the advanced application of international aesthetics. The generous and spacious layout, with interchangeable light and borderless style, resembles the shape lines running through the space after the ink drops are dispersed, outlining a complete painting through the combination of products and space.

Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 10

The flagship store in Foshan has sampled the new R&D products for 2022. Zhao Xiaocong, manager of SHKL's R&D department, shared the concept of new product development and took the lead in unveiling the mystery of the new products for 2022. The new products use warm colors with new texture embossed panels, combined with Zen Oriental elements, presenting a very oriental lifestyle.

In the ceremony, SHKL marketing director Bao Guofeng released a new brand strategy in 2022, covering product layout, marketing, new media matrix, advertising and many other aspects, in a difficult market at the moment to dealers gamma injected a great deal of confidence.

Together With The Wind And Rain, Create Brilliant

"At the 2022 SHKL Online Brand Strategy Summit, Mr. Bao announced the winners of the 2021 Outstanding Distributors. In the difficult market environment, SHKL people gathered together to create extraordinary performance against the trend.

At the end of the ceremony, SHKL Vice President Gao Heng delivered a generous speech. In 2022, SHKL headquarters will continue to empower dealers and work together with all SHKL people to overcome difficulties and create more brilliant results.

SHKL Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening
A New Voyage, A New Experience
Looking Forward To Your Visit!

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Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 12
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 13
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 14
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 15
Foshan Thousand Square Flagship Store Grand Opening 16

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