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Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City

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As the dawn broke on April 18th, a momentous occasion was set to take place - the launch ceremony of the 2023 China Ceramic and Bathroom New Product Release Conference, replete with the theme of "Dual-line Release, Phenomenal Update", and the grand opening ceremony of a group. And where else but in the hallowed halls of China Ceramics City, where the Ceramic Bathroom Industry Association and media guests had gathered to bear witness to the spectacle.

Behold, with bated breath, the unveiling of the new products, showcased in all their splendor at the new showroom of SHKL, as they pave the way towards a new era of comfortable living. Let us be awed by the wondrous sights that lay before us, and marvel at the innovative spirit that has brought us to this point. For truly, this day shall go down in history as a triumph of human ingenuity and excellence.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 1

A New Group Of Brands Opened With Great Momentum
Association Media And Foreign Guests Of The Chamber Of Commerce Witnessed Together


As the sun set on the horizon, three great luminaries - Gong Wei, the Secretary-General of the China Building Sanitary Ceramics Association; Wu Yueshen, the Executive Director of the China Ceramic Industry Association; and Yu Min, the President of Foshan Zhongtao City Group - graced the new group opening ceremony with their presence and delivered speeches that kindled the flames of hope and promise for the fledgling brand.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 2

With bated breath, the assembled throngs gazed upon their radiant figures, as they bestowed their blessings upon the new brand, and lent their strength to its cause. And in that moment, a sense of camaraderie and fellowship prevailed over all who were present, as they bore witness to the release of new products and the unveiling of the new image. Truly, this was a moment of unparalleled majesty and grandeur, the likes of which shall be remembered for all time.

Behold, dear reader, the grandeur of the new group opening ceremony, as the air was filled with the sounds of jubilation and mirth, and the gathered multitudes brimmed with excitement and anticipation. Here, within the hallowed halls of the showroom, lay the promise of a new dawn, as the leading lights of the ceramic sanitary ware industry came together to bear witness to the birth of a new era.

In this auspicious moment, more than ten brands, including SHKL, SSWW Bathroom, and FSTCB Ceramics, took their place among the stars, basking in the glow of the limelight and seizing the opportunity to showcase their wares to the world. And among them was Rita Luo, the General Manager of Aisu Export (a subsidiary corporation below SHKL), who graced the event with her presence and lent her considerable talents to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking the opening of the new showroom in grand style. Truly, this was a sight to behold, a moment that shall forever be etched in the annals of history, a testament to the indomitable spirit of human enterprise and innovation.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 3

The opening ceremony was a sight to behold, dear reader, a veritable maelstrom of energy and enthusiasm, as the throngs of people surged and swayed in a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. Here, among the luminaries of the industry, the media, and the business world, stood the very soul of innovation and progress, embodied in the glittering array of new products and technologies that graced the showroom floor.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 4

And as the leaders of the industry association, the media guests, the business titans, and the distinguished foreign guests from the consulate made their way through the exhibition halls, they beheld a vision of splendor and wonder, a testament to the creative spirit of human endeavor. For here, in this sacred space, lay the very essence of excellence and achievement, a glimpse into the future of ceramic sanitary ware and a celebration of the very best that humanity has to offer. Truly, this was a moment to remember, a moment that shall forever be etched in the annals of history, a moment of unbridled joy and triumph.

The New Image And Upgrade Have Set A New Trend For Comfortable Living.


Lo, behold the flagship store of SHKL, situated amidst the sprawling expanse of China Ceramic City, a veritable palace of porcelain and stone, wherein lies the very heart and soul of luxurious living and unmatched sophistication.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 5

Spanning a vast expanse of more than 300 square meters, it stands as a testament to the boundless potential of the human spirit, a true marvel of modern design and engineering. Here, amidst the gentle hues of light cream and the soothing tones of nature, the very essence of beauty and elegance is captured in every detail and nuance of this exquisite abode.

A true oasis of refinement and taste, it offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a haven of tranquility and relaxation. And within its hallowed halls lie the most advanced technologies and the finest products from both near and far, a true treasure trove of porcelain and stone.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 6

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 7

The new store has been completely upgraded with a more user-friendly design, clearer traffic flow, and more reasonable product zoning. The store's natural and fresh atmosphere is divided into several major areas, including a domestic bathroom cabinet zone, an overseas bathroom cabinet zone, a laminated glass shower room zone, a sample room, and an office area for discussion. The new products are neatly displayed, and the lively and fresh design is ideal for the younger generation's pursuit of comfortable living.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 8

The design of the SHKL exhibition hall has been completely upgraded, aiming to build an interactive platform with customers. Through scene-based and immersive brand experiences, the exhibition hall creates a relaxed and enjoyable consumption environment for customers, enabling them to truly feel the Heart Sea Jialan brand image, superior product quality, design, and service capabilities, as well as a perfect after-sales system, satisfying consumers' imagination of a beautiful home environment.

Group new opening|SHKL is strongly located in China Ceramic City 9

China Ceramics City was established in 2002, with years of brand accumulation and industry channel resources. SHKL has been deeply involved in the sanitary ware industry and has significant advantages in product research and development and full-bathroom customization. With this entry, both sides will work together, give full play to their respective strengths, and achieve mutual success, bringing high-quality bathroom space experience and services to consumers.

SHKL Foshan China Ceramic City Flagship Store

New Store Launch - Invite You to Discuss

Leading The New Trend Of Life

Store Address: China Ceramic City, Chancheng District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, B106/B108, 1st floor.

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