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Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out!

On June 12, SHKL Qingyuan base 6#7# plant topping out ceremony was successfully held! Hundreds of days and nights of hard work are turned into the joy of the moment of topping out, Qingyuan base main structure officially topped out, the area expanded by more than 30,000 square feet, production capacity, brand development accelerated into the fast lane.

Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 1

The continued recurrence of the epidemic, the downturn in sales, a deep blow to the confidence of the bathroom industry people. SHKL Chairman Zhang Aimin said in the live broadcast that the spring of the sanitary industry will only be late, but will not fail to come. From the Chinese people's attachment to the home to the frequency of use to the exact day, and then to people's aspirations for a better life, the bathroom market always has a lot of room for consumption.

Since the end of 2021, Qingyuan base to start the 6 # 7 # plant expansion project. 6 months of starry night, the construction of the total responsible for the construction team led by Mr. He outstanding and quality and quantity to complete the construction task.

On June 12, SHKL Supervisor Yang Fuye, Vice President Gao Heng, Vice President Chen Songbing, Assistant to Chairman Tan Jie, General Manager Wu Li, Qingyuan General Manager He Longli, E-Commerce General Manager Cai Yong, Sanitary General Manager Lin Guodong and other important leaders came to the topping-out ceremony.

Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 2

The topping-out ceremony began with an opening speech by SHKL Supervisor Yang Fuye, expressing his expectations and wishes for the Qingyuan base.

Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 3

He Longli, General Manager of Qingyuan SHKL, delivered a speech, "We thank the construction team for overcoming all the difficulties to complete the project on time, and our follow-up work will start one after another, and the Qingyuan base will help the brand develop at a high speed with greater capacity".

The topping-out ceremony was celebrated with the distribution of red envelopes by the leaders, and the site was filled with the sound of cannons, with shovels in the hands of SHKL's senior leaders and cement falling in pieces, signifying that the topping-out of the plant will add more bricks and tiles, and SHKL will prosper and achieve a new stage of victory with the joint efforts of the people.

Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 4
Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 5
Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 6


SHKL after eighteen years, always focus on bathroom cabinets, full bathroom customization field, has won the "national high-tech enterprises", "full bathroom customization to promote action to launch units", "2022 Chinese consumers trust the top ten home furnishing brands (bathroom)" and many other honors, outstanding achievements behind SHKL adhere to the development of intelligent manufacturing, product innovation, continuous expansion of production capacity and lean services.

Qingyuan Base 6#7# Plant Fully Topped Out! 7

The completion of the expansion of the Qingyuan base plant will significantly increase production capacity, promote the improvement of the delivery period and optimize the consumer service experience; SHKL will maintain technological innovation and product service upgrades in the future to provide consumers with a professional one-stop full bathroom customization service experience.

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