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2019 Annual Review | TOP 10 Events In

“SHKL 15 years, building dreams together”

15 years of storms together, 15 years of struggle side by side

SHKL in these 15 years to explore more than, beyond more than

2019, is the 15th anniversary of the establishment of SHKL

In this year, it is the year of SHKL full bathroom customization to intelligent upgrade

In this year, also a year of continuous counter-trend growth



Design intelligent manufacturing integration to achieve digital upgrade.

In order to realize the development of efficient and accurate full bathroom customization in the industry, SHKL has launched the DesignSmart Integration Project in 2019, jointly with three top strategic partners in the industry, namely Cooler, Digitalf ERP and TopSolid.

Realize the design, intelligent production of the integration of the front and back end of the opening landing, empowering the terminal at the same time, but also carried out a factory open day for the industry to contribute to the industry, help and promote the development of the industry's full bathroom custom to digital upgrade.



Create an innovative development platform to encourage design to change lives.

SHKL has been leading the industry with innovation, and in this year, to let creativity find the market, encourage cultural heritage and design innovation, and let design change lives!

SHKL held the second full bathroom custom design competition and intelligent toilet shake competition to provide a platform for the development of creativity inside and outside the industry, not only to allow more people to benefit from full bathroom customization, but also to mark the entire bathroom industry will officially enter the era of full bathroom customization, allowing more consumers to enjoy the new life experience brought by full bathroom customization.



Empowering terminals, the national linkage hit a new high of 300% performance.

In this year, SHKL held national elite store manager training camp and installation training, etc. to empower the terminal, with a strong team of lecturers to create a superior terminal team, and the national linkage target to achieve a new high of over 300% performance to realize the brand terminal super power development.



Cross-border collision to create an innovative upgrade of marketing channels.

This year, SHKL held a strategic initiative to seize users and capture traffic with an innovative marketing model. Not only in August in the star signing will achieve the same day sales blast amounted to 1.2 million, but also in October in the film cross-border marketing, in the 2 billion movie box office to let the brand shine, to promote the creation of the new national tide bathroom heart sea gamma blue. This is also a comprehensive layout of the terminal market, to promote the terminal development of important initiatives.



Innovative design products, leading the industry trend.

SHKL as the industry's first brand of solid wood bathroom cabinets and the industry's full bathroom customization pioneer, the 2019 launch of more than 30 series of new bathroom cabinets, design not only from the user's pain points, but also to join more personalized, intelligent design, interpretation of the industry bathroom cabinet development of the new wind direction.



On the domestic and international arena, interpretation of the charm of intelligent bathroom.

In 2019, SHKL not only won the title of the best booth on the stage of KBIS Kitchen & Bath Show in the United States, but also shone in Shanghai Exhibition, Guangzhou Exhibition, Foshan Construction Expo and Guangzhou Design Week, etc. With the new intelligent full bathroom custom design, SHKL competed with domestic and foreign brands on the same stage and became the focus of attention of major booths and earned a lot of eyeballs.



Gathering win-win, arrange omni-channel.

In 2019, SHKL and "Juranzhijia" and "Huameliya" formally reached a strategic cooperation, but also with the Red Star Macalline Group and other major stores around the investment channels, development mode and other comprehensive cooperation matters to carry out in-depth exchanges, talk about the future development of a win-win road.



Benchmark brand, carry the reputation forward.

At a time when digital and intelligent technologies are advancing by leaps and bounds, SHKL has always insisted on independent research and development of products, and always insisted on integrating innovative technology and humanized design into the development of products.

In this year, innovative technology has not only won the "2019 Cotton Tree China Design Award", "2019 China Building Materials and Home Industry Science and Technology Award" and "full bathroom customization promotion unit", but also won the "2019 Boiling Cup Quality Excellence Award" and "benchmark environmental protection bathroom cabinet" with the hard strength of the product, opening up a new trend for the development of the bathroom industry intelligence.



Fifth Cultural Journey, Lean Exploration.

From October 30-November 4, 2019, SHKL launched the fifth cultural tour-"Constant in the Way-Sophisticated in the Craft". Garan people combined with visits and exchanges, visiting famous Japanese enterprises, visiting famous tourist attractions, experiencing Japanese characteristics and culture, so that their own spiritual realm and values have been completely upgraded.


TOP 10

Lean practices, SHKL is always in action.

In 2019, SHKL will not only focus on the establishment of the production system, but also on the growth and improvement of employees' ability. Through the "Cost Reduction and Efficiency Conference" and "Outdoor Development Activities", all SHKL employees will participate in the conference to promote the spirit of lean management and improve the competitiveness of the company.


SHKL achieves digital industrial upgrading and development
SHKL will open a new era of intelligent marketing
To create the first brand of full bathroom customization continue to move forward!

Innovative Technology, Strength Witness | SHKL won the "2019 China Building Materials and Household
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