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Eliminate Accident Hazards And Build A Solid Safety Line Of Defense

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In order to implement the instructions of Jiujiang Town Safety Administration on enterprise safety production, further improve the awareness of all employees on dust explosion safety, solidify the foundation of safety production and effectively prevent the occurrence of dust explosion and fire accidents, SHKL successfully conducted a dust explosion emergency drill in the factory workshop on July 31 with the theme of "eliminating accident hazards and building a firm safety line of defense".

It is reported that the exercise activities sponsored by the Jiujiang Town Safety Production Committee, Jiujiang Town Safety Production Supervision and Management Bureau, Foshan SHKL Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd, Guangdong Zhongjing Environmental Monitoring Co., Jiujiang Town Fire Squadron, Jiujiang Town Traffic Police Squadron, Jiujiang Town Environmental Protection Office, Jiujiang Hospital and other units, the scene also invited nearly 50 enterprises in charge of safety in Jiujiang Town to watch the exercise on site.

The exercise in the safety supervision Li Quan Hung, director of the command of the official curtain, with an explosion sounded, gamma company in charge of each workshop in accordance with the fastest reaction speed in accordance with the site command dispatch, stop all machine operations, cut off all power switches, in the organization of personnel to put out the fire at the same time, notify the site and the nearby gamma people to evacuate the scene of the accident, and immediately report the situation to the leadership.

The site also immediately activated the company's emergency command center, rescue team, evacuation team, medical rescue team, etc. All standby, there are also Jiujiang Fire Rescue Center personnel on the scene of the accident involving dust fire and explosion accident for emergency disposal.

Each workshop of the gamma people in the command of the evacuation command, in order to evacuate safely in accordance with the prescribed route, the scene is like a real dust explosion, each SHKL people are bent over, covering the mouth and nose efforts to escape to the outside, but also give full play to the team spirit of unity and mutual assistance, the fastest speed and discipline to reach a safe place to gather, so that the exercise was a complete success.


Jiujiang Township Exercise General Director of Safety Supervision Li Quan Hung

After the drill, Jiujiang town drill director Li Quan Hung, director of safety supervision, gave SHKL a high evaluation of this dust explosion-proof emergency drill activity, and called on the heads of other enterprises present should strictly do a good job of workshop safety production protection work, improve the level of safety warning disposal and emergency handling capabilities.

Guangdong Zhongying Environmental Monitoring Company Limited Tian Gong

Ltd. Tian Gong also trained all SHKL people from the legal knowledge, risk identification and preventive measures to further enhance the awareness of workshop safety production, so that the people of Gaza really master the knowledge of accident emergency treatment, enhance the ability to save themselves and promote the development of SHKL safety production.


Through this dust explosion-proof emergency drill, all SHKL employees not only fully understand the knowledge of dust explosion-proof, but also improve the rapid response ability and solidarity spirit to deal with emergencies, laying the foundation for future safety work, in the future, SHKL will also seriously implement the spirit of safety production, always put safety production in the first place!


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