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Fighting The Epidemic And Helping To Resume Work

In the early 2020, the COVID-19 virus broke out globally, causing a major shock to the global economy. But because China made a major breakthrough in the fight against the outbreak, many Chinese companies quickly resumed production.

March 2, SHKL ushered in the urban town of the relevant leaders "to promote the resumption of production leading group (industrial group) the first phase of on-site research work", and said it will help the company firm confidence, strict prevention and control, and actively resume production, to overcome the difficulties, to crack the enterprise problems, and effectively promote the enterprise to do a good job to resume production work.

Under the research of Wan Jiexian, deputy director of Foshan City Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Minghui, head of discipline inspection team, Hu Zhongrong, director of Small and Medium Enterprise Service Center, Xiao Junzhuang of Radio Identification Section, Sun Pixiang, head of discipline inspection team of Nanhai District Economic Promotion Bureau, Guan Wenfang, head of Foreign Investment Section and Li Fengping, deputy head of Section, as well as Wang Dongmei, Party Committee of Jiujiang Town and Zhong Zhenying, deputy director of Economic Promotion Bureau and other leaders, a symposium was held on SHKL's resumption of work and production.

At the symposium, Wan Jiexian, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, expressed high affirmation for SHKL's positive response to the national policy to do a good job of epidemic prevention and protection for the resumption of work and production, such as the arrival of personnel, isolation of field personnel upon their return to work, daily protection and epidemic prevention arrangements, staff meal arrangements, staggered commuting and other initiatives, as well as in-depth communication and understanding of the details.

At the meeting, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and his team carried out research on the work of SHKL to resume production and solve problems for the enterprises, and communicated with the enterprises on the key concerns of funding, employment and other aspects of the question and answer and the relevant response to the policy.

Song Pengxia, deputy general manager of SHKL, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, SHKL is grateful for the implementation of various national policies and the special docking guidance of town leaders to stabilize the morale of the enterprise team, and expressed the hope to receive more lenient policy assistance in financing and labor subsidies.

"Epidemic prevention and control should be grasped firmly and meticulously, and the staff should be strengthened to promote, and the management of personnel should be extended beyond 8 hours, so that the efforts of all people will not be lost due to negligence outside 8 hours." 

Wang Minghui, head of the discipline inspection group of the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, as said, after the epidemic, from the central to provincial and municipal governments at all levels are very concerned about the development of the Ministry of prevention and control of enterprises, in order to protect enterprises to resume work and production, the government set up a special group to provide discipline protection for the majority of enterprises, so that the prevention and control of epidemic work to each enterprise each employee; at the same time, the town docking business leaders must do a good job of policy interpretation to enterprises, so that enterprises fully benefit from the subsidies policy!

The visit of the relevant leaders of the urban town to SHKL not only brings the government's care for the enterprise and guarantees the smooth resumption of work on the basis of safety, but also SHKL will continue to do a good job in preventing and controlling the epidemic, grasp the production so that society can resume economic order as soon as possible and be a responsible enterprise! I believe that under the leadership of the party and the state, we will definitely overcome the epidemic, ushering in the spring flowers!

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