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Seeking Craftsmanship - Practicing The Original Heart - SHKL Returned From The Sixth Cultural Tour Q

October 12-16, 2020, SHKL launched the sixth cultural journey - to find the heart of craftsmanship - practice the original heart.

37 SHKL members from all over the country completed the 130km ride on the Qinghai Lake plateau at an altitude of 3200m, overcoming various adverse conditions such as snow, ice, wind and physical discomfort with the belief of "not giving up, not falling behind, and definitely arriving at the finish line together with everyone else"!

One Ride, One Practice
The Pain And Suffering Along The Way Is Transformed Into Spiritual Sublimation

If Tibet is an earthly sanctuary in people's spirit and Shangri-La is an earthly paradise in people's dream, then Qinghai Lake is a tai-chu pure land where man, God and nature coexist at the source.

SHKL chose to ride around Qinghai Lake for this cultural tour. 4 teams of 37 SHKL people arrived at the finish line after three days, enduring physical discomfort and harsh environment, but also being infected by the scenery along the way and encouraged by each other by their teammates, they insisted on riding all the way, feeling a long journey of the soul and a baptism of the mind.

The end of a section of the road and the beginning of a section of the road, the ride for the gamelan people's buttocks and lower limbs, is a test, they experienced the despair in the uphill, and sound at the top of the slope; there will be teammates want to give up countless times, and continue to ride forward; there will be someone running in front, there will be a person riding alone for a long distance. It is with the belief of persevering with the team in mind that we finally completed the 130km plateau ride, challenging ourselves and surpassing ourselves while chasing the most beautiful scenery.

One Participation, One Realization
Step Into The History, Feel The Momentous Years

SHKL people in this cultural tour, but also into the "Qinghai Atomic City National Patriotic Education Base", from a precious historical photos and objects, a paragraph of precious restoration scenes, so that the Galan people inwardly shocked by the selfless dedication of those heroes and the previous and subsequent, is their loyalty and wisdom, youth and blood, creating one miracle after another.

The historical retrospective allows SHKL people to feel the glorious years of hard struggle of the revolutionary predecessors and at the same time, they also received a patriotic education, so that the ideology and awareness of the further sublimation.

SHKL's sixth cultural trip has been successfully concluded. I believe that the Qinghai Lake riding trip is a process of challenging oneself, refining one's will and enriching one's life for every SHKL person, not only harvesting the scenery along the way, but also gaining spiritual sublimation. We expect you to gain more in practice and SHKL will continue to move forward in the spirit of inheriting traditional culture and pursuing innovation!

Seeking Craftsmanship - Practicing The Original Heart - SHKL Returned From The Sixth Cultural Tour Q 1

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